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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Gatsby. The Character : Jordan. Jordan Baker. Grey sun-strained eyes

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the great gatsby

The Great Gatsby

The Character: Jordan

jordan baker
Jordan Baker
  • Grey sun-strainedeyes

(Her grey-strainedeyeslooked back at mewithpolitereciprocalcuriosity out of a wan, charming, discontentedface. It occured to menowthat I had seen her, or a picture of her, somewherebefore. She is a known person)

  • Cold and motionless

(Shewasextendedfulllength at her of the divan, completelymotionless, and with her chinraised a little, as ifshewerebalancingsomethingon it whichwayquitelikely to fall.)

jordan baker1
Jordan Baker
  • Small-breastedcuriouswoman.

(Shewas a slender, small-breastedgirl, with an erectcarriage, whichsheaccentuated by throwing her bodybackward at the shoulderslike a youngcadet.

  • She is participating in a tournament the nextday, so shesaysnothanks to a cocktail. It showesthatshe is seriouswith her sport.
  • There has beensomeunpleasantstoriesabout her.
jordan baker2
Jordan Baker
  • Sheonly has oneaunt in her family, who is about a thousand yearsold.
  • Sheisn’tshy of being in center of things. (Sometimes Daisy and Jordan talk at once, , unobtusively, and with a banteringinconsequencethatwas not quite chatter.)
  • Nick often look at her, and thinksshe has a pleasantface. (I enjoyedlooking at her)
  • She is wearing a white dress. ( - thatwas as cool as theirwhitedresses)