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Island Shipwreck

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Island Shipwreck
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Island Shipwreck

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  1. IslandShipwreck Marhea Unverdorben Library 6-2March 28, 2012 Book Report

  2. Island Shipwreck is about six kids that go on a ship and keep on getting in trouble.

  3. Ian Ian spends to much time on the computer. He is actually starting to not be able to tell real life from fantasy.

  4. Sharla Sharla pretty much does all the sports. One day she got up and couldn’t move, her dad sent her to CNC to take a break.

  5. Luke Someone framed Luke, by putting a gun in his locker. He got sent here, because the judge said, you have choice to go to jail or CNC.

  6. JJ aka Richy Rich JJ is really rich. He drove cars into buildings, and did a whole bunch of other things that caused him to be on CNC.

  7. Lyssa Lyssa is Will’s sister. She has been sent on CNC for one main reason: Her and her brother are about to kill each other!!!!!

  8. Will Will is Lyssa’s brother. They were both put on CNC, because they want to basically kill each other.

  9. The Captain dies!!!! JJ was trying to raise the sail after the captain told him not to. The sail swung down with JJ on it, and JJ hit Captain Cascadon and he fell into the water.

  10. Radford leaves!!!! Radford is the first mate. He leaves the ship because, the ship is sinking.

  11. The Ship sinks!!!!!! The kids were trying to fix the ship, but they tried to start the engine which caused a fire. JJ and Lyssa got separated from the each other..

  12. The Great Plan The plan was called Sharkbait because, someone has to push a piece of wood with the others on it.

  13. The Dolphin Suddenly Luke felt a nudge against his leg, and thought it was a shark. IT WAS A DOLPHIN!! It pushed the kids into land.