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Online Cab Services in Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Cab Services in Delhi

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Online Cab Services in Delhi
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Online Cab Services in Delhi

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  1. Online Cab Services in Delhi

  2. Booking cab in Delhi and NCR is now just a click away. It’s a new and modern world with every day advancement seen on the technology front. So, why not have the option at your finger-tips with a mobile application for Taxi and Auto booking. Booking a cab in Delhi and NCR We, the daily commuters including children and women, are looking out for quicker, safer and cheaper options for making our daily travel as comfortable as possible. Stepping out of our house should not sound like a nightmare. Keeping our audiences in mind, the Techies of today have made an effort to bring together the cab-services and auto-services to our doorstep at just a click. This CabShare or Rideshare concept is also designed to be able to provide us these services without digging deep into our pockets. We can choose, accept and reject our co-passenger. This helps share the ride at low cost with known people.

  3. This online service eliminates the anxiety factor of, whether we will get a cab or not and the availability of the same at the required time. With this online Taxi Booking application, we can have this booked at our time and convenience. The confirmation is also sent in immediately with the approximate calculated cost. Mobile Application Service This service helps us to profile our co-passengers and the driver in detail. Thus, we can be sure of the people we are travelling with. It adds the safety bit to our travel. Till now the cab service providers prefer to take bookings for longer distances, or charge very high amounts for shorter commutes. The CabShare online booking or mobile application service helps you get the convenience for shorter distances and at much cheaper rates.

  4. We are living in a global age, where most of the youngsters are living away from their families for earning a living for themselves. The parents are at their homes, on their own. This service will be a boon for the senior citizens and parents of ours, who cannot drive. Also, many can afford a car but because of limited movement and safety issues, do not want a permanent driver stranded on their heads. They need to have an easy access to such travel service. Help for Senior Citizens Our Senior Citizens can now have the ease and mental peace of travelling for petty issues or marketing etc. at their convenience. Thus, they can avoid some, not too safe, travel modes like cycle- rickshaws. This will help reduce their dependency and help add to their confidence and motivate them to live happily with freedom.

  5. children, women, senior citizens The online CabShare service will give the convenience to the parents of school going children to help organise car-pools. They will not have to go knocking doors and can plan their kids travel with known people and in properly equipped and verified, registered radio-cabs. These Online Taxi Booking services in Delhi and NCR, definitely bring to us the best in travel at our convenience, with an extra bit for the environment, health and safety. It brings happiness and peace to all of us; the daily commuters, children, women, senior citizens, and the World altogether. These online taxi services are here to add a Smile and that Smart touch to our personality.

  6. Thank you