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Ayurvedic Remedies For Kidney Stone Removal Without Surgery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about ayurvedic remedies for kidney stone removal without surgery.

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Ayurvedic Remedies For Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a hard crystalline material formed inside

kidneys or urinary tract when salts, calcium and uric acid are

excess in blood. When this organ is unable to filter large

amount of such substances from blood, they get deposited

inside kidneys and stick together to form stones. Stones small

in size easily pass out with urine but large sized stones get

stuck in urinary tract. This is a life threatening condition stops

one from passing waste fluid out of the body.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Kidney Stone

This can lead to infection in kidneys and urinary tract. Those

who drink less water have greater chances of forming stones.

There are different types of stones like calcium stone, uric acid

stone and other types of rare stones. One feels intense pain

and observes bleeding while urinating also. One must seek

immediate treatment for kidney stone to avoid reaching to life

threatening conditions. With natural treatments, one can get rid

of urinary calculi without surgery.

Kid Clear Capsules

One can use Kid Clear capsules which provide the best

ayurvedic remedies for kidney stone removal. These

capsules are ideal for removing all types of kidney stones.

Small particles of stone easily pass through urinary tract

along with urine without causing any blockage. Herbal

ingredients of these capsules enhance kidney functions

which then filter more amounts of salt and minerals from


Kid Clear Capsules

Kid Clear capsules also increase amount of substances

that help to prevent further sticking of crystalline particles

inside kidneys. This improvement also keeps this organ

clean from toxins and harmful particles. This process of

expelling waste fluid increases which enhances overall

health of an individual naturally.

Kid Clear Capsules

Kid Clear capsules are also ideal for treating infections

which happen when stones get stuck inside urinary tract

and stop uninterrupted flow of urine. Toxins and harmful

particles present in blood are treated effectively to avoid

chances of infections. Powerful ingredients of these

capsules relieve pain and give one relief from burning

sensation during urination also.

Kid Clear Capsules

Even when one is short on fluid level in blood, these

capsules prevent further formation of stones inside

kidneys. Kid Clear capsules provide the best way for

kidney stone removal without surgery. These ayurvedic

remedies for kidney stone contain Barna, Taj, Bastimida,

Kaknaj, Alubalu, Gokshuru, Kulthi, Huabair, Ambahaldi,

Patherchur, Pashanbhed, Karamkalla, Elaychibadi,

Makoy, Kakadi, Javakhar, Javatea and Kali Musli.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Kidney Stone

These herbs together break down kidney stone into small

particles and then dissolve these particles with waste fluid

which is then expelled from body in the form of urine. Also,

powerful blend of these herbs prevents sticking of material

which gives rise to stones. These herbs help in healing wounds

or cuts caused by the movement of solid stones also.

Kid Clear Capsules

One can get rid of pain and bleeding that one

experiences during urination due to urinary calculus.

These herbs also improve health of kidneys and urinary

tract. It is recommended to use Kid Clear capsules for 3

to 4 months. Also, it is suggested to drink plenty of water

to keep body hydrated.

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