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Top 10 health insurance plans in india

Top 10 Health Insurance Plans in India

Whenever we decide on buying a health insurance policy, the first question that pops up in our mind is ‘Which is the best available health insurance plan?’ We spend a lot of time trying to look for the perfect plan that would fit the bill in terms of our requirement.

With an increase in health insurance industry in India, there are a variety of health insurance plans to choose from which makes it difficult to select the most suitable plan.

Further to this, health insurance plans are sold by agents who work for a particular insurance company.

Top 10 health insurance plans in india

So the agents first meet the clients, understand their requirements and then recommend different health insurance plans that are limited to their company offering. 

With technology growing at a rapid pace in India, almost everything is now available online at the click of a button, and health insurance is no different.

This can further complicate the selection process while choosing a plan that would suit the requirement of the customer.

Top 10 health insurance plans in india

We are seeing an increase in popularity of online health insurance plans.

So the question occurs, how different is an online health insurance plan from the traditional face to face interaction with an agent?

Does it make sense to go for an online health insurance plan rather than an offline health insurance plan? I

n order to get the answers to all these questions, we first need to understand the difference between buying an online health insurance plan against an offline health insurance plan.

So what exactly is an online health insurance plansand how is it different from an offline one?

An online health insurance plan gives the buyer flexibility in terms of viewing all the plans available in the market. 

Top 10 health insurance plans in india

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard insurance plans. :

The Bajaj Allianz Health Guard plan is another health insurance package for individuals or families.

It offers a wide range of features and is one of the first health insurance plans to offer an insured sum of Rs. 10 lakhs. It comes in 2 variants, individual and Family Floater and the sum insured ranges from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs and 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs respectively.

The minimum period of required hospitalization is 24 hours. In case of hospitalization, the medical expenses incurred 60 days prior to the hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization are covered. I

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Top 10 health insurance plans in india

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