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Know your medical insurance plan well

Know your Medical insurance plan well…

Now that you’re aware of the growing health concerns, rising medical costs and complex treatment procedure you must have decided to buy a medical insurance policy. You call up the agent and he comes fully equipped with brochures and forms, and starts explaining the polices ranging from the simplest to more complex ones before going on to specific covers such as for surgery and diabetes.

As your mind is bombarded with information you start weighing the pluses and minuses of each policy, wondering what suits best cover for diabetes and cardiac care, maternity or cancer etc.

Know your medical insurance plan well

Your medical policy takes complete care of expenses during hospitalization in case of sudden critical illness, an accident or pre-decided surgery. Although, corporate are offering medical insurance policies to employees but these are identical ones with limited benefits.

While taking a medical policy, there are two different ways you can apply for the benefits during emergency. Either you avail cashless facility i.e these bills will be directly paid by the insurance company.

Know your medical insurance plan well

Get admitted to empanelled hospital, inform the policy number at the counter and things will be taken care of or else you can pay your bills in the hospital and get a reimbursement afterwards by submitting the same to the insurance company.

  • Buying medical plans are quite easy in this internet era. There is no need for you to engage yourself in long proceeding and tedious paper work. Just fill up the form online and get your policy instantly.

  • Mediclaim policy will not incorporate all the disease right from day one. To incorporate particular health issue you will have to go through a waiting period of around 2-3 years.

Know your medical insurance plan well

Each medical insurance policy has distinct characteristics that cater to requirements you might feel appropriate for yourself or family. You can buy special cover like ‘heartbeat’ plan for individual, couples and nuclear families, women or senior citizen oriented plan, pre and post hospitalization medical costs, costs of all day procedures, emergency ambulance costs and hospitalization expenses covered under your plans.


Know your medical insurance plan well

Follow us on that cater to requirements you might feel appropriate for yourself or family.