Yearbook 1965
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Yearbook 1965. By: Olivia Fife. Ponyboy Curtis.

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Yearbook 1965

Yearbook 1965

By: Olivia Fife

Ponyboy curtis
Ponyboy Curtis

  • Ponyboy Curtis is a shy 14 year old who lives in Tuscany Oklahoma, with his two brothers named Sodapop (Soda) and Darry. He enjoys reading Books, running track at School, and Watching the Set down below the Horizon. He also loves Watching Movies and he really likes that Social Girl named Cherry Valance But, about 2 to 3 months ago, Ponyboys Parents died in a Car Accident and left Darry the oldest to pine for all of them. He also has a Favorite Poem from Robert Frost. “Nothing gold can stay.” He recited that poem when Johnny and him were hiding in the Abandoned Church up on Jay’s Mountian…

  • Ponyboy always sticks up for himself or at least tries too. He is scared of Dally and Darry, and dose not know what to say when either of them are yelling at him.

  • His Weakness is being Yelled at.

  • His Strength’s are he will always stick for Johnny because they are best friends.

Sodapop soda curtis
Sodapop(Soda) Curtis

  • Sodapop (Soda) Curtis is a outgoing 16 year old that lives with his two brothers, Ponyboy and Darry. About 2 to 3 months ago their Parents died in a Car Accident. And left Darry the oldest to pine for all of them.. Sodapop gets called Handsome all the time even by the Social’s Girls, He loves riding Horses. His favorite Horse was named Mickey Mouse but he got hauled off the Farm because he was the Oldest and the Meanest of them all . He also works at the Gas Station down the road. Where the Socials torment him. But he said its all worth it in the end because he is saving up to Marry the Girl of his Dreams Sandy. Until everything went down hill until and she got Pregnant and had a choice to Marry him or move back home to Flordiawith her Parents.

  • “I m gonna marry Sandy” Sandy ended up choosing to move back to Florida with her parents because she was not ready to have a Husband yet.

  • Sodapop loves Riding Horses sometimes that the only thing that keeps him whole. Soda always sticks up for his little brother Ponyboy because Darry the oldest of them all is always yelling at them. But Soda doesn't care. He loves his baby brother and would do anything for him.

  • Strength’s are that he isn't afraid to stand up fro Ponyboy when Darry yells at him.

  • Wekness’s are fighting he hates fighting.

  • Lessons learned- Family will always be there for you when no one is.

Darrell darry curtis
Darrell (Darry) Curtis

  • Darry is a 20 year old who has two younger brothers named Sodapop he is 16, and Ponyboy is 14. Who are called Greasers. His Personality is like a Rock he hardly ever cracks a smile. He turned hard when their Parents died in that car crash. Darry was a lot like his Dad. Ponyboy was telling us that when Dad was alive they used to Laugh a lot together and there was Hardly a time when Darry could stay mad around his Dad.

  • His Strength is that he will fight for his family no matter what kind of trouble he could get into for doing that.

  • His Weakness is that he cant stand to see his Family hurt. Even though he acts all hard on the outside we all know that he is a real Softie on the inside.

  • The quote I picked was: “Do you know what time is is!? Its 2 in the Morning!!!” Because this was one of the things that started the main conflict between Ponyboy and Darry that was the first tome that Darry had really gotten physical with Ponyboy.

Two bit mathews
Two- Bit Mathews

  • Two- Bit is a Quick, Sly man . He is known for swiping Convenient Store’s clean with out the owner noticing until everything is gone. His Personality is Outgoing but Laid back like Soda. I wouldn’t necessarily call him Lazy, its just that he doesn't feel like doing anything. He is Tall with Long sideburns that go down the whole entire sides of his face. Ponyboy and Johnny call him Tuff like the Mustangs.

  • His Quote from the book is “ Nice cut. Makes you look tuff.

  • His Weakness’s are that he dose not want to go back to jail but he cant stop robbing places clean.

  • His Strength's are that he is a Big guy and nobody really messes with him unless its Business

Sodapop soda curtis1
Sodapop (Soda) Curtis-

Darrell darry curtis1
Darrell (Darry) Curtis-