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Glasgow City Suicide Prevention in Glasgow City “Many hands make life work” PowerPoint Presentation
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Glasgow City Suicide Prevention in Glasgow City “Many hands make life work”

Glasgow City Suicide Prevention in Glasgow City “Many hands make life work”

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Glasgow City Suicide Prevention in Glasgow City “Many hands make life work”

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  1. Glasgow City Council Glasgow City Suicide Prevention in Glasgow City “Many hands make life work” Pauline Toner, Glasgow City Choose Life Coordinator February, 2013

  2. Glasgow City Council Background Scottish Government (Autumn 2010,) launch a refreshed national strategy for suicide prevention Six key priorities for multi agency action as follows: Identify and intervene to reduce suicidal behaviour in high risk groups Develop and implement a coordinated approach to reduce suicidal behaviour Ensure interventions to reduce suicidal behaviour are informed by evidence from research and evaluated appropriately Provide support to those affected by suicidal behaviour Provide education and training about suicidal behaviour and promote awareness about the help available Reduce availability and lethality of methods used in suicidal behaviour

  3. Glasgow City Council Glasgow City Choose Life Group was re-established in September 2011, to respond to the refreshed national strategy and objectives Members include: • Social Work Mental Health Services • Addiction Services • Social Work Children and Families • Social Care Providers Forum (SCIF) • GGCNHS • Education Services • Glasgow City Council Chief Exec’s • Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service • Strathclyde Police • Homelessness Services • Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership • Glasgow City Financial Inclusion Services

  4. Glasgow City Council Awareness Programme • NE Suicide Prevention Forum, Lifelink, Breathing Space, SAMH, COPE, Samaritans and PETAL input to strategy group • Meeting between Prof Steve Platt and SWS leadership team about research findings to inform suicide prevention work in Glasgow Multi-agency Training Sub Group • Agreed priorities are: children & families residential staff and homelessness case workers & residential staff • SafeTALK training is now underway targeted at children and families residential staff, with ASIST starting spring, 2013 • Trainers’ Development and Support Network established, first meeting held in Oct 2012

  5. Glasgow City Council Communication/Publicity • Web page on GCC internet now launched • Distribution of Choose Life publicity materials • World Suicide Prevention Day multi-agency “meet up” held, Sep, 2012 Many make WORK! hands LIFE

  6. Glasgow City Council

  7. Glasgow City Council

  8. Glasgow City Council Action Plan Highlights: • Social Work Services – Suicide prevention training underway for residential care staff (LAAC) • Education - All 47 Educational Psychologists ASIST trained, SafeTALK offered to all schools • Homelessness - Training for homelessness case workers • GGCNHS - Multi-agency group established April, Community Prevention Sub Group, established Jan, 2013, SH and young people • Addictions – SSA incorporates enquiries about suicidal ideation and self harm • Social Care Ideas Factory – Organised successful multi-agency “Meet up” event, scoping training needs of social care providers

  9. Glasgow City Council Action Plan Highlights (cont): • Strathclyde Police - Suicide Prevention Monitoring Group, December good practice guidance • Strathclyde Fire and Rescue - ASIST and SafeTALK training for staff • GVAWP- Promote ASIST training across partner agencies, focus on suicide prevention for asylum and refugee groups • Chief Exec's - Joint working with GGCNHS, Public Health to promote good mental health (With Inclusion in Mind) • Financial Advice - Linking local suicide prevention work to financial advice services • Scottish Government consultation on new Choose Life and Self Harm Strategy

  10. Glasgow City Council Issues • Impact of recession • Welfare benefit reforms • Local feedback – recent increase in numbers of people feeling suicidal? • How to improve joint working at the front line? • Performance/ outcomes framework • Community Awareness & Community Prevention • National strategy engagement

  11. Glasgow City Council Thank you Questions?