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Creative Dance . Back to School Night LDW Ms. Gallart. Who is Ms. Gallart?.

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Creative dance

Creative Dance

Back to School Night


Ms. Gallart

Who is ms gallart
Who is Ms. Gallart?

This is my first year teaching within the Alexandria Township School District, but it is my third year teaching Dance in a public school. I have taught middle school for the past two years but have also directed a K-8 Summer Dance program in a private school. I have my B.A. in Dance Education from Montclair State University. I love to dance and have danced since I was four years old! I did all kinds of dance, but my specialties are in ballet and jazz dance. I love to bake, read, and watch reality TV shows…my favorite being “So You Think You Can Dance”.

What is creative dance
What is Creative Dance?

  • Creative dance is so many things! It can be a leap for joy, a series of steps set to music, a religious ritual, or a work of art.

  • People dance socially or to entertain. They also dance to communicate their deepest feeling.

  • This is the goal of Creative Dance: to communicate through movement.

What is creative dance1
What is Creative Dance?

“Children step eagerly into the world of dance. In a class, they are free to move. They experiment with energy, with time, with space. They discover the language of movement. They begin to speak through the body.”

-Mary Joyce

Elements of dance
Elements of Dance

  • Dance does not blossom full blown in an instant! Students must first become familiar with the art of dance and craft. They need to develop a language of movement.

  • During the course of the year in Creative Dance, the road begins with exploration of the elements of dance.

Elements of dance1
Elements of Dance

  • The Body (body parts, body moves, steps)

  • Space (even when not moving, the body is making a shape in space-each move has direction, size, focus, a place, and a pathway)

  • Force (all movements can be altered by changes in force)

  • Time

Importance of creative dance learning outcomes
Importance of Creative DanceLearning Outcomes

Cognitive Outcomes:

  • Dancers increase their knowledge and vocabulary through an understanding of the elements and principles of dance.

  • Dancers learn to solve movement problems that are both simple and complex, honing their problem-solving skills.

  • Dancers gain an understanding of the dance histories and cultures of the world’s peoples.

  • Dancers increase their listening skills and learn how to follow directions.

  • Dancers sharpen their skills of observation and learn how to make informed judgments regarding dance performances and choreography.

  • Dancers increase their learning in other curricular areas as dance is integrated into the curriculum.

Source: Creative Dance for All Ages, by Anne Green Gilbert

Importance of creative dance learning outcomes1
Importance of Creative DanceLearning Outcomes

Affective Outcomes:

  • Dancers express their feelings through movement, becoming more attuned to the inner self.

  • Dancers express their feelings verbally about their own and other people’s dances, helping them to put feelings and thoughts into words.

  • Dancers increase their self-esteem through self-expression and the mastery of movement concepts while being engaged in a positive and noncompetitive dance form.

  • Dancers learn self-discipline as they develop skills and create dances.

  • Dancers learn to take risks by mastering movement challenges and learn trust through activities that engage in weight-sharing, partnering, and group cooperation.

Source: Creative Dance for All Ages, by Anne Green Gilbert

Importance of creative dance learning outcomes2
Importance of Creative DanceLearning Outcomes

Physical Outcomes:

  • Dancers learn health risks through movement and exercise.

  • Dancers apply the concepts and principles of dance as they develop dance skills.

  • Dancers learn body awareness, control, balance, and coordination.

  • Dancers gain physical strength, flexibility, stamina, and agility.

  • Dancers release stress through positive physical activity.

Source: Creative Dance for All Ages, by Anne Green Gilbert

Importance of creative dance learning outcomes3
Importance of Creative DanceLearning Outcomes

Social Outcomes:

  • Dancers learn to cooperate with others through partner and group work.

  • Dancers bond with one another through positive physical contact and the sharing of ideas and space.

  • Dancers increase leadership skills through partner and group work.

  • Dancers discover the value of individual differences though creative exploration, problem-solving and the study of other dance forms and cultures.

Source: Creative Dance for All Ages, by Anne Green Gilbert

Expectations of students
Expectations of Students

  • Be prepared to dance and give it their best effort-THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG in Creative Dance!

  • Work cooperatively with others

  • Be respectful of self and others

Methods of evaluation
Methods of Evaluation

  • Evaluation of students’ understanding will take place during the lesson during the following:

    • During exploratory section

    • During the “form” section

    • During the “description” section

    • During the “good-bye dance” section

Thank you!If you have any questions, concerns, great ideas, or anything I need to be aware of, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ms. Gallart

LDW & AMS Dance

[email protected]

(908)-996-6812 ext. 302