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APM Customer Support Technical Training PowerPoint Presentation
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APM Customer Support Technical Training

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APM Customer Support Technical Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APM Customer Support Technical Training
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  1. APM Customer Support Technical Training

  2. Introduction

  3. Company Profile Privately held APMAutomation Solutions Ltd.specializes in developingtechnologically innovative,effective and economicalnon-contact 3D levelmeasurement instrumentsfor a range of industrial applications. APM's headquarters and state-of-the-artR&D and manufacturing facilities arelocated in Israel. Sales and support are provided by a network of resellersand distributors in the US and over 20 countries across Europe.

  4. What is the 3DLevelScanner? • The APM 3DLevelScanner™is the only device presently available that delivers accurate measurement of bulk solids and powders – regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, type and size of storage silo, bin or container, and harshness of the storage environment. It incorporates APM's unique dust-penetrating technology to achieve an unrivalled degree of process measurement and inventory control. Click on image forVision of 3D Measurement video.

  5. APM Technology

  6. Mapping and Echo Detection Traditional sensors with single transducer are only capable of measuring a single point on the contents surface. APM implements a circular array of three transducers for beam forming both at reception and transmission.

  7. APM TechnologyHow does it work • By collecting all echoes bounced from the surface area, the patented algorithm of the 3DLevelScanner™ is able to detect: • The distance to the material (time of flight for each echo) • The location of every returning echo at the surface area (by calculating the arriving angle of the echo using the time difference between the received echo at each antenna). • The echoes are being converted to mapping points and constructs the 3D image of the surface area using APM 3DLevelManager™ software.

  8. APM TechnologyHow does it work - General Concepts • SNR – The Signal to Noise Ratio that determines the ability of the 3DLevelScanner to measure the contents of the vessel. • Volume – The volume [%] of the material in the vessel. • Mass – The volume multiplied by the product’s bulk density. • R distance –“R distance” is the absolute diagonal distance measured from the flange level at the mounting position of the 3DLevelScanner. • Mapping Points – are the X, Y and Z coordinates of every measured echo, the 0,0,0 coordinate is at the top center of the silo. • {(X-X0)² +(Y-Y0) ²+(Z-Z0)^2}^½ = R • X0,Y0,Z0 are the coordinates of the 3DLelvelScanner’s location. • Full & Empty Calibration – Distance to 100% and 0% from the flange level of the 3DLevelScanner. R Distance (26) Z Distance (17.3)

  9. APM Technology How does it work – Cont.

  10. APM Technology How does it work – Cont. • 3 db loss is loss of 50% of signals energy

  11. APM Technology How does it work – Cont. • At 3-4 KHz signal looses only 2-3 dB

  12. Self Cleaning Exmple

  13. Accuracy3DLevelScannerMV Vs. Single Point Device 10 20 • A comparison of the volume (%) accuracy of the 3DLevelScanner MV Vs. Single Point Device • The silo dimensions are: Width=10m, Height=20m. • The material is cone sloped with 45 deg. • 3DLevelScanner accuracy = 1.55% • Laser volume accuracy = 16%

  14. Measurement Characteristics • Frequency: 2.6- 7 KHz • Beam angle: 30-70 degrees • Accuracy (vertical): 15 mm (0.6”) • Measuring range: 0.5-70 m (1.6’-230’) • Dead zone: 50 cm (20”) from flange • Temperature Accuracy: 0.5°C (0.5 °F)

  15. Environment and Certifications • Process temperature: -40° – 85°C (-40 – 185 °F) • Process pressure: -0.2 – 3 bar • Protection: IP 67 • ATEX II 1/2D, 2G (Head-zone 21, Antenna-zone 20) • FM CL I,II Div I GP CDEFG • CE EMC EN 61326 • CE Safety IEC EN 61010-1 • FCC 47CFR part 15 subpart B • ISO 9001 2000

  16. Interfaces Power supply: 20-36 VDC Interface: 4…20 mA, HART RS485 Modbus GSM (CSD), GPRS (via RS485) TCP IP (via GUI)

  17. Products

  18. Product Line • 3DLevelScanner S • Similar performance to presentlyavailable top-of-the-line products • 3DLevelScanner M • Mapping capabilities • 3DLevelScanner MV • Visualization capabilities • 3DLevelScanner MVL • 2 scanners in 1 silo integrated (via PC) to work as one unit. • 3DLinkPro • Accessories • Modems, displays, etc. • All models have the same hardware but different embedded software (remotely upgradeable)

  19. Device types S/M/MV3DLevelScanner S • 30 º opening beam angle – covers more area than other traditional level measurement devices • Low frequency – dust penetrating • Fast response – suitable for small silosor fast-changing process silos requiring fast tracking • Provide average Distance/Level • Provides Average Volume (4..20 mA) • Linear mode enabled (for non standard and segmented silos)

  20. Device types S/M/MV3DLevelScanner M • 70º opening beam angle - covers wide surface area • Low frequency – dust penetrating • Suitable for big silos that require high accuracy and inventory control • Provides minimum/maximum and average distance • Provides average volume at 4..20 mA output. • 3D Mapping – detects mapping points of the surface area • Visualization disabled.

  21. Device types S/M/MV3DLevelScanner MV • 70º opening beam angle - covers wide surface area • Low frequency – dust penetrating. • Suitable for big silos that require high accuracy and inventory control • Provides minimum/maximum and average distance • Provides average volume at 4..20 mA output • 3D Mapping – detects mapping points of the surface area • Visualization of 3DMapping is enabled

  22. Device types S/M/MV3DLevelScanner MVL • The solution for wide silos, open bins and warehouses. • Multiple 3DLevelScanners cover the entire surface area. • APM Multi Scanner Controller is (1) synchronizing and (2) merging the measurements from the MVL units. • 3D Vision software (client) enables users via a network to view real time measurement and combined 3D image of all silos in the plant. • GPRS based support via 3DLinkPro available.

  23. 3DLinkPro Remote Communication • The 3DLinkPro is used for remote assistance and tracking the measurements. • SIM card with SMS (Text) and GPRS enabled is required. • Automatic power reset when losing cellular signal. • Enable upgrading the 3DLevelScanner remotely to the various product types (M/MV). • Enable performing firmware updates remotely. • You may find the connection scheme at the “Connecting 3DLinkPro” file.

  24. Installation PreparationsPositioning Guidelines Always use the 3DLocator Software to finalize position. • Clear vision to material • 90° to the ground • At least 10 mm (0.4”) gap between the socket’s floor and the antenna's bottom

  25. Internal Structures to avoid

  26. Installation PreparationPositioning Guidelines (cont.) • Orientation: • The mounting direction is indicated by a tendon on the unit. • The 0º should point to the center of the vessel (including square vessels and open bins).

  27. Neck Extensions 20cm, 30cm, or 50cm 1m, 2.5m, or 10m

  28. Head-Body Separation

  29. Head-Body Separation

  30. Neck Extensions

  31. Mounting Location

  32. Shipping

  33. Shipping

  34. Mechanical & Electrical Installation It’s practically plug and play!

  35. Connection Methods To Learn more about the various connection methods available - click here

  36. Site Preparations & Requirements Wiring Diagram – Multi-Drop • Cables • RS485 Communication – Twisted, Shielded pair ONLY. • Power and 4..20 – 4 wire Shielded Cable • 24 VDC Power Supply • NOT LOOP POWERED • Wiring Diagram Multi-Drop System – Daisy Chain ONLY • Up to 64 scanners on the same bus. • 120 Ohm Resistor – every system must have 2 resistors of 120 Ohm in both ends of the chain

  37. Site Preparations & Requirements Wiring Diagram • – Single unit with a 3DLinkPro and HART

  38. Preparing the 3DLevelScanner • To view steps for preparing the device for mounting • 3DLevelScanner2 - click here. • Make sure that the following is ready on site: • Mounting location ready (200mm/8” wide). • RS485 Twisted Cable (Optional)

  39. Startup • Use the Startup Checklist to verify the installation • The technician should follow the checklist in the COI form.

  40. Recommended Tools

  41. Site Preparation & Scanner Location Location, location, location!!

  42. Installation Procedure

  43. Pre PO Procedure

  44. Installation Preparation – AAF • AAF – Application Approval Form. • Go/No Go – Simplify the approving procedure of new applications. • Provides basic understanding of customer’s expectations from the 3dlevelscanner. • Helps in deciding which product best fit the application (S/M/MV/MVL). • To better understand the application, it is recommended to request a detailed silo drawing. • To view the AAF – click here.

  45. Installation Preparation - IPF • IPF – Installation Preparation Form. • To be filled after an order has been made. • Main Objective – Maximum information before shipping & installing the 3DLevelScanner. • More information needed: • Detailed drawing of vessel is mandatory at this stage. • Drawing of 3DLevelScaner's Location – to verify that APM’s positioning guidelines are applied • To view the IPF – click here

  46. Installation PreparationScanner Locator Use the Scanner Locator For Optimal Mounting Location Selection. • Suggest a location according to this IPF

  47. Modem Wizard • Modem Wizard is your tool to check the 3DLinkPro and the connectivity to the internet via GPRS. See manual.

  48. System Calibration Do it right the first time

  49. 3DLevelManager • The 3DLevelManager software is the configuration tool developed by APM to configure the 3DLevelScanner for every application approved by APM’s customer support. • Also used to view the results by the customer on site.

  50. 3DLevelManager Main Screen – Technician Mode