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offshore staffing services, we enable our customers to reduce the cost by around 60 to 70% of actual cost. At Offshore Process, we help customers hire remote staff at many countries where it is cost effective. Our offshore staffing solutions help to fill both temporary or permanent positions and long term or short-term contract positions.

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Offshore Process

Outsourcing business needs


2nd Main,Electronic City,

Bangalore-560068, India.

+91-80 40948205


About Us:

  • OffshoreProcess is a division of ES2I and offers matchless services to customers who want to outsource business functions to India. When you work with us, you can expect excellent quality business process outsourcing solutions, fast turnaround time, significant cost savings, increase in business profits, saving hundreds of hours and enhanced business productivity.
  • Services that we offer are:
  • Data entry services
  • Scanning services
  • CAD services
  • Rendering services
  • Image editing services
  • Printing services
  • Offshore staffing services
  • We offer wide range of services and our customers are from different industries such as:

Power and Energy

Publishing and Printing

Material Handling

Photo studio



Architectural and Civil



Oil and gas



Health care


Power Generating


Heavy Equipment

Consumer Products

Process Industry

AD agency


Data entry services

We offer a wide range of data entry solutions for various business needs. These services include data extraction, data manipulation, data processing, data conversion and much more services. We maintain high efficiency and accuracy in the data entry services that we offer. We offer end to end services in complete data entry process. We offer affordable price for different data entry services. There are mainly two types in data entry process:

1. Online data entry services:

2. Offline data entry services :

Services that we offer under Data Entry segment are:

Data Entry

Data Conversion

Data Processing

Data manipulation

Data forms processing

Offshore process has capability to handle large volume works on regular basis and outsourcing data entry services to offshore process will be the right decision to increase your business profitability.


Scanning Services:

  • Offshore process offer a wide range of solutions in document scanning and data maintenance services. Our scanning services help to convert manual data into digitised data. We offer scanning services to cater to needs of customers who want fast and accurate conversion of hardcopy data to soft copy data. Scanning documents are important for any business that involves large amounts of paper. Scanning refers to the procedure of creating an electronic document version or an electronic image of a paper-based document Range Of Scanning Services We Offer :
  • Document digitisation
  • Periodicals and news paper Scanning
  • Photo and image digitisation
  • Drawing Scanning
  • Microfiche Scanning
  • Film digitisation
  • Medical Record Scanning
  • Aperture Card Scanning
  • Microfilm Scanning
  • Data archival services
  • Data indexing services
  • Document digitisation is nothing but converting manual hardcopy data into digital format by scanning. We offer flexibility in the formats of documents that we digitise. We also provide data archival and indexing services.
  • Get in touch if you need top-notch scanning services or need to outsource scanning services in India. We will digitize your documents or content and help you manage large volumes of paper. Another factor which needs to be mulled over is the sensitivity of data. By choosing us to outsource scanning services, you will never regret as we take care of all important aspects. Rest assured your data will never be misused.
  • Whenever you think of outsourcing scanning services fee free to reach experts from offshore process to know which process will be cost effective in scanning.

CAD Services

  • At Offshore Process, we specialise in engineering as well as architectural CAD services. In engineering CAD services, we offer CAD services related to mechanical drawings, automobiles drawings, engineering graphical drawings and many other services related to engineering. We also specialise in varied architectural CAD services. We offer services like floor plans - planning and creation, plan drawings, structural drawings, elevation planning and drawings, house plans – creations and drawings and many other varied services. Some of the services that we offer in engineering sector are listed below.
  • Services that we offer in architectural sector are as given below.
    • House Plans
    • 3D Visualisation
    • Elevations
    • Floor Plan Conversions
    • Floor planner plans
    • Architectural design detailing
    • Interior decoration illustrations
    • Exterior visualizations
  • We are continuously working with our customers to ensure they are satisfied by outsourcing services to offshore process. We allocate fulltime CAD engineers or CAD team according to client need on “Build Transfer and Operate [BTO]” outsourcing model that helps our clients to manage regular work process in easy way. We have dedicated quality checking team so every output will be passed through it before we deliver the files to customer. Outsourcing to offshore process will be great advantage for long term partnering.
  • 2D Shop Drawings
  • 3D Modelling
  • Working CAD drawings
  • Hand sketch /Paper to CAD
  • 3D Furniture Visualisation
  • Fire Protection Plans
  • Electrical and electronics CAD
  • HVAC Isometrics and Layout
  • Structural Drawings
  • Piping layout
  • Structural Steel Detailing Plans
  • Electrical wiring Diagrams

Product Rendering and Animation services

  • At Offshore Process, we provide diverse rendering solutions to our customers to meet their specific needs. We specialise in various fields of rendering services. We offer solutions in 3D rendering services, product rendering services, architectural rendering services, interior rendering services, exterior rendering services, mechanical rendering services, product animation and Photorealistic rendering services. We have a team of diverse and highly skilled technical people who are able to provide solutions in quick time and solutions are also cost-effective with high-quality. We also work on mechanical product rendering services where we develop photorealistic 3D model for clients based on their drawings/concept/views/sketches or through reference images. Once we also have the capability to do the product animation based on 3D models. Rendered output can be used in:
  • 1. Brochure
  • 2. Website
  • 3. Presentation
  • 4. Product demo video
  • 5. Training materials
  • 3D rendering services are helpful in visualising the output that are going to be built. We also apply 3D rendering services to
  • Mechanical components
  • Assembly model
  • Visualization of end product
  • Exploded views
  • Residential Buildings
  •    Commercial Buildings
  •    Industrial Buildings
  • Exterior view
  • Interior view
  • And many more areas where it will be appropriate to demonstrate the product. We work on latest rendering technology so you can expect high quality output moreover photorealistic images.
  • You can feel free to send your input files so based on that we develop high quality renderings or animation.

Image editing services and Photo shoot services

  • We specialise in the area of image editing and Photo shoot services. Image editing services are used in processing photographs and images. Outsourcing images to offshore process will be great advantage because you get high quality outputs at competitive prices. We handle bulk images in regular process with quick turnaround. We also engage in different delivery model of outsourcing so we can meet customer requirement in every project. We work in different time zones to meet delivery schedules since our regular customers are from different parts of the globe. We also offer Graphic Art Services. Various services we provide under image editing are:
    • Image background removal services
    • Image clipping path services
    • Photo shoot services
    • Image retouching services
    • Image raster to vector conversion services
    • Image resizing services
    • Image extraction services
    • Image processing services
  •  There are many industries who are daily outsourcing images to india are:
  • Offshore Process offers both commercial and private photo shoot services and takes pride in the fact that we have a number of esteemed clients. We undertake product photography projects as part of our photo shoot services as well.
  • Photo editing is done in various ways. Offshore process follow best standards in industry while working on your images so whenever you outsource images you can expect world-class output with quick turnaround at affordable priceWe can set up ongoing regular process team with variable time zone to meet your deadline also we will provide quick communication to make outsourcing process smoother. Offshore process has capability to handle your workload ongoing basis by allocating full time dedicated team on your project.



AD Agency




Health care


Apparel and clothing

Retail sector


Printing services :

  • We are one of the leading printing services based in Bangalore, India with years of rich experience in this field. Right from the initial design to printing the final product, our professionals are adept at creating powerful concepts and ensure high quality printing job at affordable prices. During the printing process, we work in close interaction with your company representative to ensure there is no miscommunication and you get just what you expected.
  • The range of commercial printing services we offer include –
  • Printing books
  • Journal and Magazines Printing Services
  • Printing
  • Printing Posters
  • Printing Calendars –
  • Tags and Labels –
  • MorePrinting Services: Letter Head Printing, Menu Card Printing, Newsletter Printing, Variable Data Printing, Paper Bags Printing, Labels Cards Printing, Business Cards Printing, etc.
  • Our philosophy is to offer high quality printing service at cost effective rates and deliver on time always. Our well equipped facility and our highly trained, talented staffs help us in this endeavor. Please contact our printing experts by sending your requirements

Offshore Staffing Services

  • By providing offshore staffing services, we enable our customers to reduce the cost by around 60 to 70% of actual cost. At Offshore Process, we help customers hire remote staff at many countries where it is cost effective. Our offshore staffing solutions help to fill both temporary or permanent positions and long term or short-term contract positions. We provide the following solutions for offshore staffing:
    • Offshore staffing solution
    • Outsource offshore staffing services
    • Virtual staffing services
    • Remote staffing services
    • Set up an offshore team
    • Set up an offshore company
    • Virtual office services
    • Set up an offshore development team
  • We can also make necessary arrangements like resources, Infrastructure, Training and managing in case of offshore development centre [ODC].Once the offshore team is setup we will be managing entire business by working with you remotely. We can build the offshore team with skill you required for staffs which will vary from Data entry services to software development services. The team which we set up it will be exclusively working on your projects on daily basis. We provide data security and client confidentiality in each project on project need.

Thank you


2nd Main,Electronic City,

Bangalore-560068, India.

+91-80 40948205