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Commodity Food Distribution Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Commodity Food Distribution Orientation

Commodity Food Distribution Orientation

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Commodity Food Distribution Orientation

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  1. Commodity Food Distribution Orientation For Schools and Child Care Food Programs

  2. The USDA Foods Program is administered by the Alaska State Department of Education and Early Development, Child Nutrition Programs Tony Warren Sue Lampert Education Program Assistant Program Coordinator 465-3629 465-8710 Background

  3. Background • State Agency Responsibilities • Recipient Agency Responsibilities • Complaints • Disasters • Nutrition Overview

  4. RA – Recipient Agencies – YOU! • DA or SDA – State Distributing Agency - US! • CNP – Child Nutrition Programs – also us! • USDA – United States Department of Agriculture • CACFP – Child and Adult Care Food Program • RCCI – Residential Child Care Institution • SFSP – Summer Food Service Programs Acronyms Used

  5. Entitlement – the amount each RA may “spend” on USDA commodities • Allocation – the commodities and cash-value each RA is receiving • USDA Foods- also known as commodities are foods donated or available for donation by USDA Definitions

  6. National School Lunch Program including Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCIs) • Child and Adult Care Food Program • Summer Food Service Program Eligible Programs

  7. USDA Foods provide approximately 15-20% of the food offered in school meals • Low costs, the value of commodities is 50%-66% lower then through commercial purchasing • Provides a variety of healthy food choices including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, & grains Quick Facts

  8. CNP advises RAs of food items USDA has available & individual entitlement • RAs order food through CNPweb • Food is delivered • RAs receive food on CNPweb • CNP generates invoice in CNPweb for received food • RAs pay CNP the administrative program fee In a Nutshell

  9. Year (or more!)-at-a-Glance

  10. Entitlement rate changes annually • Commodity rate for school year 2014 is $0.2325 for each lunch served in school • Cash-in-lieu rate for lunch and suppers in Child Care Centers is $0.2325 • Bonus products do not reduce entitlement, but must pay the administrative program fee • Additional entitlement distributed as not all schools participate Entitlement

  11. On an equitable basis “fair share” • i.e. each school’s entitlement is a percentage of the lunches served by the school district against the total lunches served in the state of Alaska Ordering & Allocating

  12. In the food types and forms most commonly used • Obtain and use commodity acceptability info when ordering • Advisory council • Prior history • Actual requests from RAs Ordering & Allocating

  13. All order direct shipped to RAs from Seattle, WA • Non-processed commodity food items must be ordered in full truck or split with another state • All commodity food items ordered must be allocated to RAs upon order • Adjustments are made to orders to accommodate ordering restrictions Allocating, not Warehousing

  14. USDA Direct Commodities • “brown box” or “unprocessed” • Orders go directly from SDA to USDA • Commodities shipped to one of the 13 prepaid destinations (or Seattle) • Processed Commodities • Orders go from SDA to USDA to Processor • RA may be required to have agreement with Processor • Commodities shipped directly to RA • RA pays Processor fee-for-service USDA Direct vs. Processed

  15. RA must pay the processor fee-for-service • the price by pound or by case representing a processor’s cost of ingredients (other than the donated food), labor, packaging, overhead, and other costs incurred in the conversion of the donated food into the specified end product • JTM Beef Meatballs • Case Value (entitlement) $55.61 • Fee-For-Service $55.61 – paid directly to processor • An invoice from the processor will be sent • A contract may be required by the processor Processed Commodities

  16. List of foods available on USDA website • _Available_List_Enhanced.pdf • The Advisory Council • Made up from representatives of schools in Alaska • Always accept recommendations What’s Available?

  17. State must balance orders by shipment requirements • USDA direct commodities full truck orders • If not possible to split truckload with other states • Processed commodities may also have minimum order requirements • USDA may also cancel and/or delay orders • Check CNPWeb for information on orders under Allocation or Inventory Changes in Orders

  18. Information on delivery of allocated commodities can be found: • On the delivery schedule which is sent monthly with the program bulletin • On the CNPWeb under Allocation • All delivery dates are estimates When is it coming?

  19. Shipping • USDA Direct Commodities • No shipping costs to the USDA pre-paid destinations: • Anchorage • Bethel • Dillingham • Fairbanks • Juneau • Ketchikan • Kodiak • Kotzebue • Mt. Village • Sitka • Soldotna • Unalakleet • Wasilla/Palmer

  20. RAs located outside the pre-paid destinations must arrange and pay for pick-up and/or shipment of commodity food items. Shipping

  21. RAs are invoiced $3.05* handling fee per case for all commodities: • Processed • USDA Direct • Entitlement • Bonus * The SDA reviews the handling fee annually Handling Fees * Rate subject to change each program year

  22. Keep contact information current with State Agency • “Receive” commodity foods upon delivery • Payment of commodity fees upon receipt of invoicing • Payment of fees for processing fees • Other processor requirements (letter of credit, purchase order, etc.) Recipient Agency Responsibilities

  23. Separate inventory is not required • If needed, RA’s may contact CNP to transfer commodity food items to other schools, summer school, residential child care institutions, child care programs, or summer food service programs participating in USDA programs through Child Nutrition Programs Single Inventory

  24. Recipient Agencies must: • Date USDA commodities box upon receipt (sharpie, date stamp, etc) • Store 6 inches off the wall and 6 inches off the floor • Maintain temperatures - • Frozen 0 degrees F or colder • Dry approximately 60 degrees • Dry, well ventilated, and rodent proof Storage Requirements

  25. Complaints on USDA Commodities are submitted to the State Agency • Information needed: • Commodity food item name and code • Lot number/batch printed on case • Nature and extent of the problem • Physical location of product • Quantities involved • Contact Information • How much it still on hand Complaints

  26. Complaints may be: • Quality of product • Foreign material in product • Poor packaging • Cooking or preparation issues • Shipping problems • Over/short/damaged product upon receipt • State agency works with USDA and/or processor and/or shipper to assess complaint • Please take pictures! Complaints

  27. Whole grains • Lower fat • Lower sodium • Commodity Fact Sheets available at: Commodity Improvements

  28. USDA Foods Program Resources

  29. Updating Forms • Recipient Agency information • Delivery Location • Inventory • Allocation • Receiving • Invoicing • Ordering CNP Web

  30. Login • Contact CNP when new users begin or older users leave • Each user must have their own log-in and password • Passwords must be reset by CNP

  31. If you do not have an individual login, the User Authorization Request will be sent to you: • Contact Sue Lampert • Contact Tony Warren CNPWeb Log-in

  32. Access the CNPWeb • All CNP Programs are using the CNPWeb • Different users will have access to different pieces of the puzzle

  33. Revising Recipient Agency (RA) Info • Select the current program year

  34. Revising Recipient Agency (RA) Info • Select Revise under Recipient Agency Contract Form Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District

  35. Acme School District 1234 Snowy Lane Juneau 99801 Lunch Lady Susie Schoolworker Llady 465-8888 465-8887 Sidney Safety Mary Moneybags Safetyman 465-8884 465-8881

  36. If any errors are detected, CNPWeb will prompt you to correct the error. • If no errors are present, CNPWeb will automatically return you to the Recipient Agency Summary page. • The Contract form will be shown as “Pending Approval”. • We use the Food Distribution Program’s Primary and Alternate as contacts for monthly bulletins and other announcements. Revising Recipient Agency (RA) Info

  37. The Inventory section of the CNPWeb reflects the commodity food items each RA has or will receive this program year. Inventory

  38. Inventory • Select the Inventory tab from the Recipient Agency Summary Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District

  39. Inventory Acme School District

  40. The Inventory view shows all products allocated to the program for the current program year – regardless of received status • Alloc ID is a unique number for each allocation. Use this when referring to the USDA Foods Delivery Schedule to reference that allocation’s estimated arrival date. • Important – Unit Cost is the USDA value of the item and is not a fee. Total Value shows the amount charged against Entitlement (unless Bonus is indicated) Inventory

  41. Allocations • Select Allocations tab from Recipient Agency Summary • Allocations tab provides similar information as Inventory tab Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District Acme School District

  42. Allocations • Lists all commodities allocated for the year with estimated shipping and arrival dates • Select view for additional product information Acme School District

  43. Allocations • Processor fees x Allocated Quantity will be billed directly by the processor • Administrative fee x Allocated Quantity is billed through CNPWeb after the RA has “received” the product on the database Acme School District

  44. Receiving Orders • If you (physically) receive a commodity that is not listed as “delivered” here, contact CNP as soon as possible. Acme School District AcmeSchool District

  45. Receiving Orders • The “ship date” reflects arrival in Seattle, and is not an estimated date of delivery. • The Order Status column identifies commodities as “delivered” (shipped from Seattle) or “processed” (pending arrival in Seattle). Only commodities identified as “delivered” can be acknowledged as received. • To “receive” an order, select Edit on a product with the status of Delivered Acme School District

  46. Acme School District Acme School District Jane Smith, Food Service Manager (907)555-5555 Insert Qty received (7) Receiving Orders

  47. Receiving Orders • Confirmation page: if the amount you entered is correct, select “submit”. If not, select “prev. page” and repeat the process Acme School District Acme School District Jane Smith Food Service Manager (907)555-5555