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Distance Learning Workshop (March 9, 2011) PowerPoint Presentation
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Distance Learning Workshop (March 9, 2011)

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Distance Learning Workshop (March 9, 2011) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Distance Learning Workshop (March 9, 2011). AGENDA. What is “Distance Learning”?. Distance is Irrelevant. Gartner: Facebook is the 3 rd most populated country after China and India Technological Revolution Has Empowered the Learners Alternative Mode of Education

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distance is irrelevant
Distance is Irrelevant
  • Gartner: Facebook is the 3rd most populated country after China and India
  • Technological Revolution Has Empowered the Learners
  • Alternative Mode of Education
    • People learn in different ways
  • Learners will – if not already - assume the availability of choices, and varieties of teaching methods
delivery modes
Delivery Modes
  • Asynchronous : Independent of Time
    • Text based (readings, discussion board, text-based interaction)
    • Multi-media based (video, podcast, PowerPoint with audio, discussion board)
  • Synchronous: Time Dependent
    • Webinar-style delivery (e.g., WebEx, GoToMeeting, Adobe)
    • Webcasting (e.g., Cornell-Queens partnership)
  • Pure online versus hybrid-online
delivery modes1
Delivery Modes
  • The most effective mode and model have to be designed and developed according to the pedagogical goals
  • No One Size Fit All
faculty myths about distance learning
Faculty Myths aboutDistance Learning
  • Distance learning = University of Phoenix !!
  • The educational outcomes of distance learning are inferior to face-to-face teaching
  • Faculty effort is significantly greater in delivering distance learning courses
  • Distance learning is not heavily used by business schools
  • Distance learning can be achieved at little or no incremental cost
student myths about distance learning
Student Myths about Distance Learning
  • Distance learning is less demanding than face-to-face classes
  • Everyone gets an A in an online course
  • Distance education relies primarily on chat-room style teaching
  • I may learn less in a distance learning environment
current state fordham gba gsb
Current State: Fordham (GBA/GSB)
  • Of the 100+ course sections offered each term, no more than 5 are distance learning courses.
  • “Online” education is communicated to prospective students as part of our promotional collateral
  • Benchmarks at Fordham:
    • Graduate School of Religion and Religious Studies offers a completely online master’s program
    • Dept. of Psychology heavily utilizes Echo-360 for online broadcasting of class sessions.
    • Online courses offered in other fields: Education, Psychology, Physics, etc.
    • Graduate School of Social Service is launching MSW on-line in Fall 2011
current state at other business schools
Current State at Other Business Schools
  • Babson  Online MBA program for executives
  • Cornell  Joint distance learning program with Queens (Canada) active since the late 90’s
  • Drexel  Online courses integrated into the MBA and undergraduate programs
  • Duke  Fully online Executive MBA degree (priced at $100,000)
  • Hofstra  Active online programs at the MBA and undergraduate levels
  • NYU  Adjunct faculty trained on distance education tools; Online learning integrated into non-degree programs.
  • SUNY schools  Distance learning courses are offered in most business school disciplines across the various SUNY campuses
opportunities for fordham through distance learning initiatives
Opportunities for Fordham through Distance Learning Initiatives
  • GBA
    • Part-time students benefit from the flexibility of online courses
    • New York location allows “hybrid” access to professionals from around the world
    • Student surveys and online course registration logs show strong student demand for online courses
    • “Just-in-time training” for experiential learning
  • GSB
    • Travel abroad programs more easily administered (Fordham would also retain the credit revenues)
    • “Just-in-time training” for experiential learning