Live technicians, a Group of third party Tech support services provider presents
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Gmail help is a third party firm which provides support to the users having issues like forgot gmail password, gmail password recovery, change gmail password and so on. Our experts are available 24 hours. For more information visit

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Live technicians, a Group of third party Tech support services provider presents

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HOW TO ADD SIGNATURE TO YOUR GMAIL. services provider presents

To set up a signature automatically added to emails you compose in Gmail:

Click the Settings gear in your Gmail toolbar.

Select Settings from the menu that will have appeared.

Go to General.

Make sure the desired account is selected under Signature:.

Here, you can also disable Gmail email signatures altogether.

Type the desired signature in the text field.

It is best to keep your signature to about five lines of text.

You do not have to include the signature delimiter. Gmail inserts it automatically.

To add formatting or an image, use the formatting bar.

If you cannot see the formatting bar, start a new message using rich-text formatting.

Click Save Changes.

Move Your Gmail Signature Above Quoted Text in Replies

To have Gmail insert your signature right after your message and above the original message in replies:

Click the Settings gear icon in Gmail.

Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.

Go to the General category.

Make sure Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it is

checked for the desired signature.

Typically, add the standard signature delimiter to the signature manually.

Click Save Changes.

WAY TO ADD IMAGE TO YOUR SIGNATURE services provider presents

To add a logo, graphical signature or other images to your email signature in Gmail:

Make sure the picture you want to add to your signature is available on a public web


You can upload the image to your web host or blog, or use a graphic you found on the web

(if you can use it without violating any terms).

If you do not have a website, you can use a free image hosting service instead.

If the image is larger than some 640x60 pixels, consider shrinking it to more signature-

friendly proportions before you upload it.

Click the Settings gear in your Gmail inbox's toolbar.

Now select Settings from the menu that appears.

Go to the General tab.

Make sure the signature entry area (or the desired account) is selected under Signature:.

Compose the signature's text and formatting as you wish.

If you can enter only plain text, start a new message in Gmail using rich formatting before

returning to your signature settings.

Position the text cursor where you want the image to appear in your signature.

Click Insert Image in the signature's formatting toolbar.

If you cannot see the Insert Image button in the toolbar, make sure Inserting Images is


Enter the desired image's URI (on the web page, blog or image hosting service) under

Image URL.

Click OK.

WHAT IS GMAIL VACATION RESPONDER services provider presents

Steps to use Gmail vacation Responder

Steps to use Gmail vacation Responder

Click the Settings gear (⚙) in Gmail.

Select Settings from the menu that appears.

Make sure you are on the General tab.

Now make sure Vacation responder on is selected under Vacation responder.

Enter appropriate subject and message body text.

If you can, include approximate info on when you will be able to reply personally.

Somebody to contact alternatively or a way of getting in touch with you in your absence

(in case of emergency) might also be appropriate.

See below for having Gmail start and stop the auto-responder at pre-set dates.


Set a start date in the future under First day:.

Check Last day: and specify a time for the auto-responder to auto-stop responding.

Have Gmail send automatic replies only to people in your address book by checking Only

send a response to people in my Contacts.

Click Save Changes.

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR PRECIOUS services provider presents


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