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Topic 2: Output

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Topic 2: Output - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topic 2: Output Robiatun Adawiah PCA0025 2010/2011 Objectives Identify the different types of output devices Describe various ways to print Summarise the characteristics of LCDs, LCD screens and plasma monitors Differentiate between a non impact printers and an impact printers

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Topic 2: Output

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topic 2 output

Topic 2: Output





Identify the different types of output devices

Describe various ways to print

Summarise the characteristics of LCDs, LCD screens and plasma monitors

Differentiate between a non impact printers and an impact printers

Describe the characteristics of a CRT monitor and factors that affect its quality

Describe the uses of speakers, headphones and earphones

Topic 2 - Output

  • Data that has been processed into a useful form
  • Categories of output

Topic 2 - Output

  • Two kinds of output


printed output


data that are kept in

any storage media

Topic 2 - Output

Output devices

Any hardware component that conveys information to one or more users


Display device



Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology


Flat-panel display

Computer Display Technology
  • Output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information
    • Information on display device sometimes called soft copy
  • Two types:
    • CRT
    • Flat-panel displays

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology7
Computer Display Technology
  • CRT monitor
    • Contains cathode-ray tube (CRT)
    • Screen coated with tiny dots of phosphor material
      • Phosphors are chemicals  emit light when exited by a stream of electron
    • Each dot consists of a red, blue, and green phosphor
    • These groups of phosphor dots make up a single pixel





Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology8
Computer Display Technology
  • Disadvantages
    • Generates more heat
    • Uses more power
  • Advantages
    • Less expensive

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology9

600 vertical pixels

Computer Display Technology
  • Quality of a CRT Monitor
    • Resolution
      • Number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device
      • Higher resolution makes image sharper, displays more text on screen, makes some elements smaller
      • E.g. 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768

800 horizontal pixels

Total of 480,000 pixels on screen

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology10
Computer Display Technology
  • Refresh rate
    • Measured in Hertz (Hz)
    • Represents the number of frames displayed on the screen per second
    • Used to control flicker

Example :

If your CRT monitor has a refresh rate of 72 Hz, then it cycles through all the pixels from top to bottom 72 times per second.

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology11
Computer Display Technology
  • Dot pitch
    • Distance between two nearest-neighbor phosphor dots of the same color
    • The centre-to-centre distance between two nearest phosphors dots of the same color
    • The smaller the distance, the finer and better the display will be

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology12
Computer Display Technology
  • Flat-panel display
    • Lightweight display device  flat screen
    • Used by
      • LCD monitors and screen
      • Plasma monitor

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology13
Computer Display Technology
  • LCD monitor
    • Uses liquid crystal display
    • Images  sharp and flicker-free
    • Contain fluorescent tubes that emit light wave to the liquid crystal cells

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology14
Computer Display Technology
  • Produce color using
    • Active-matrix display (TFT-Thin Film Transistor)
      • A type of flat-panel display in which the screen is refreshed more frequently
      • Produce brighter, easy-to-read display, less expensive, require less power

Topic 2 - Output

computer display technology15
Computer Display Technology
  • Plasma monitor
    • Uses gas plasma technology
    • When voltage is applied  gas releases UV light causes the pixels to glow and form images
    • Advantages:
      • Offers larger screen sizes
      • high-quality display

Topic 2 - Output

  • Output device that produces text and graphics on a physical medium
  • Result is hard copy, or printout
  • Printer resolution is measured by number of dots per inch (dpi).

Topic 2 - Output


300 dpi

600 dpi

1,200 dpi

Topic 2 - Output

  • Types of printers
    • Impact printer
      • Forms characters by striking mechanism against inked ribbon that contacts paper
      • Two types:
        • Dot matrix printer
        • Line printer

Topic 2 - Output

impact printers
Impact Printers
  • Dot-matrix printer
    • Impact printer that produces printed images when tiny wire pins strike ribbon
    • Low quality carbon copy printing
    • Handle continuous - form paper and cheap

Topic 2 - Output

impact printers20
Impact Printers
  • Line printer
    • High-speed impact printer that prints entire line at a time
    • Speed measured in lines per minute (lpm)

Topic 2 - Output

  • Nonimpact printer
    • Forms characters and graphics without striking paper

Topic 2 - Output

nonimpact printer
Nonimpact Printer
  • Ink-jet printer
    • Sprays tiny drops of liquid ink onto paper

Topic 2 - Output

nonimpact printer23
Nonimpact Printer
  • Laser printer
    • High-speed, high-quality nonimpact printer
    • Uses laser beam and powdered ink (toner)
    • Prints text and graphics in high-quality resolution, ranging from 1,200 to 2,400 dpi
    • Typically costs more than ink-jet printer, but is much faster

Topic 2 - Output

nonimpact printer24
Nonimpact Printer
  • Photo printer
    • Color printer that produces photo-lab-quality pictures
    • Uses ink-jet technology
  • Thermal printer
    • Generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against heat-sensitive paper
    • Low print quality
    • Images tend to fade over time

Topic 2 - Output

nonimpact printer25
Nonimpact Printer
  • Plotter
    • Sophisticated printer used to produce high-quality drawings
      • Prints maps, circuit diagrams, blueprints, signs, posters

Topic 2 - Output

nonimpact printer26
Nonimpact Printer
  • Mobile printer
    • Small, lightweight, battery-powered printer that allows mobile user to print from notebook computer, Tablet PC, PDA, or smart phone while traveling
    • Uses ink-jet and thermal technology

Topic 2 - Output

audio output device
Audio Output Device
  • Computer component that produces music, speech, or other sounds
  • Speakers, headphones, and earphones

Topic 2 - Output

other output devices
Other Output Devices
  • Facsimile (fax) machine
    • Device that transmits and receives documents over telephone lines
  • Fax modem
    • Modem that allows you to send and receive electronic documents as faxes

Topic 2 - Output

other output devices29
Other Output Devices
  • Multifunction peripheral
    • Provides functionality of printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax machine

Topic 2 - Output

other output devices30
Other Output Devices
  • Data projector
    • Device that takes text and images from computer screen and projects them onto larger screen

Topic 2 - Output