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Powered by. “Seattle Post-Intelligencer to Stop Printing Newspapers” March 16, 2009. These are difficult times for newspapers. “The beginning of 2009 saw the greatest decline in newspaper profitability in U.S. history” August, 2009. “News Corp announces 97% drop in newspaper profits”

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“Seattle Post-Intelligencer to Stop Printing Newspapers”

March 16, 2009

These are difficult times for newspapers

“The beginning of 2009 saw the greatest decline in newspaper profitability in U.S. history”

August, 2009

“News Corp announces 97% drop in newspaper profits”

May 7, 2009

“Boston Globe Not Viable With Current Losses, Publisher Says”

June 3, 2009

“Newspapers run the risk of unending losses” –Warren Buffett

May 6, 2009

“U.S. newspaper industry lost $7.5B in advertising revenues in 2008”

March 29, 2009

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The collapse of print advertising and the downturn in sales has led to an urgent search for new ways to monetize the subscriber base.

These are difficult times for newspapers

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  • Threat has led to an urgent search for - Web 2.0 is killing the industry

  • Subscribers are moving away from print media

  • Advertisers are following the subscribers

  • Web 2.0 the biggest threat to traditional media companies

  • Opportunity – Harness the power of Web 2.0

  • Increase engagement with subscriber base

  • Targeted advertising increases revenues

  • Lower cost through better use of social media technology

Web 2.0 – Friend or Foe?

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  • Social Media benefits: has led to an urgent search for

  • Cost: Requires a far smaller monetary investment than traditional media usually does.

  • Interactivity: Generates ongoing conversations between multiple individuals.Marketing: Social media leverages pull marketing while traditional media relies on push marketing strategies.

  • Contents: Social media contents come directly from individual consumers.

  • Market/Audience: Reaches and influences a highly targeted or niche market.

  • Loyalty: Improve highly your audience loyalty.

Web 2.0 Can Drive Revenues

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Monetizing Your Subscriber Base By Creating An Interactive Community

Subscribers participating in an on-line community drive higher number of page views than traditional on-line newspapers.

This leads to increased profits via:

  • Sale of banner ads

  • Video advertising

  • Rich media

  • Sponsoring

  • Polls combined with the SMS voting to generate new revenue streams

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Here is where can help you Community

Our platform offers publishers a social media solution that delivers a community attached to your on-line newspaper.This generates on-line publishing content contributed by both the publisher and the readers.



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provides you with: Community

Easy integration with your newspaper website.

Parallel community website for your subscribers to submit their news, including photos and videos.

Social networking tools, such as sharing, comments and voting

Friend connectivity

Interactive tools, such as polls, discussion topics and promos 

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Benefits of Using Community

  • New areas of advertising thanks to the increase in content and pages visited as users interact with the community

  • Increased profits via the sale of targeted banner ads and promotions within those areas

  • A much higher number of page views than what an on-line newspaper normally obtains

  • Recapture revenue lost due to falling print advertising and slowing sales

  • Engage your readers on the web

  • And most of all: Recapture your readers’ loyalty through a sense of community.

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Product Features Community

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  • Integration and Registration: Community

  • Easily integrated into the Newspaper current site.

  • Can retain their current users database without requiring new registration.

  • New users can independently join or use their facebook profiles.


Login and Registration

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  • Friends Activity News Community Feed:

  • When users are logged in, a special feed is shown in the home of the newspaper.

  • The feed Brings the latest friends activity from de community.

  • Users can be up-to-date on their friends activities, within your newspaper.


Friend’s Activity Feed

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Social Network with Ireport capabilities: Community

Users can bring the news to the site

They can upload notes ,videos and photos

This way, new content is added constantly

And it generates interactions within the community


Logged-in User

Reports Categories

User’s Reports

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  • User Profile Page Community

  • Update personal information

  • Keep updated on community and friends activity.

  • Manage historical comments

  • Uploaded videos, photos and news reports



Control Panel

Friend’s Activity Feed


Friends List

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User’s comments in Newspaper: Community

User's comments in the newspaper are displayed with his

profile photo, his first and last name, number of photos, videos, reports and friends.

This Enables users to find more contents and relate with others.


User’s Comments

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Search & Browse Function: Community

Users can browse all the different contents, and

Arrange the results by newest, more popular etc.



Content to browse

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Monetizing Your Subscriber Base Community


Sponsored Videos

Advertising Space

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For more information, you can visit Communitywww.tootimes.com

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Thank You! Community