the samurai s tale l.
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The Samurai’s Tale

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The Samurai’s Tale. Author: Erik Christian Haugaard Presentation by Matthew Outcalt. Main characters. The main characters of The Samurai’s Tale are Taro/Murakami Harutomo which is Taro’s given samurai name, Lord Akiyama, Taro’s master, and Yoshitoki .

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The Samurai’s Tale

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the samurai s tale

The Samurai’s Tale

Author: Erik Christian Haugaard

Presentation by Matthew Outcalt

main characters
Main characters
  • The main characters of The Samurai’s Tale are Taro/Murakami Harutomo which is Taro’s given samurai name, Lord Akiyama, Taro’s master, and Yoshitoki.
  • When Lord Takeda’s soldiers invade a small town they spare the boy Taro’s life and take him to Kofuchu where Iwamura castle sits. Taro is raised as a stable boy and becomes a samurai who is noble and loyal to Lord Akiyama.
  • Lord Akiyama is a noble and trusted ruler of Iwamura castle. He fights many great battles and spares the boy Taro’s life and takes him under his wing to raise Taro to great power.
  • Yoshitoki is Murakami Harutomo’s most trusted friend. One day Yoshitoki goes off to a battle where if the army wins they will take over the enemy’s castle. If the battle is lost then all is lost. The battle is lost and Yoshitoki is shot and killed.
  • Lord Takeda Shingen was the ruler of all who served Lord Akiyama, Lord Katsuyoyi, who was his son, Lord Zakoji, and others too (He also ruled all those lords too.)
  • He wanted to rule all of Japan.
  • But he had enemies on the north, south ,east, and west sides of him who wanted him dead.
  • Taro also asked his friend Yoshitoki if he should beg for a new name.
  • Taro got a name when he was called to Lord Akiyama’s chamber and he gave him the name Murakami Harutomo.
plot cont
Plot (cont.)
  • Later after Harutomo got his name he was assigned a strict teacher named Wada Kansuke, but learned to befriend him.
  • Harutomo, Wada Kansuke, and many other men went on a journey to Iida castle.
  • The night they got there, a thief stole some of the rice. Harutomo caught him the next night, and found out it is one of their men!
  • They left Iida and he was severely punished by Lord Akiyama.
  • On the way back Harutomo came across a friend of Wada Kansuke’s but an enemy of Lord Takeda. Harutomo fought him and put a big bloody gash on his shoulder and he offered to fix his shoulder but he wanted to die.
  • Harutomo took his armor and Wada gave Harutomo his head.
  • Akiyama realized that Iwamura will be attacked so he set up a trap. The plan was that Harutomo will lead a band of retreaters and he will run them right into all of Lord Akiyama’s men who will destroy them.
  • Lord Akiyama got married to Lady Toyoma because Lord Toyoma died.
plot cont6
Plot (cont.)
  • Harutomo eventually comes across Aki-Hime and they wrote poems back and forth to each other and fell in love.
  • Harutomo met Lord Takeda Shingen for the second time in his life, a great honor.
  • Wada Kansuke had a fatality, he goes on a hunting party (to fight) and is killed. So Harutomo has his position and his room.
  • Lord Zakoji is Aki-Hime’s father. He knew he would die soon so he became a priest to pray to Bhudda before he entered the after life.
  • Lord Takeda has died and then his son Katsuyori is left in charge.
  • The siege of Iwamura begins. Harutomo was sent to another city to deliver some letters and you will have to read the book to find out what happens when he returns.
setting conflict themes
Setting, Conflict & Themes
  • The Samurai’s Tale takes place in the provinces of Kai, Shinano, and Mino in Japan during the 16th century.
  • The conflict of the story is that Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, and Tokugawa Ieyasu wanted Lord Takeda dead, so there are many battles in the story.
  • The theme of this book is that you never give up if you win or lose.
erik christian haugard
Erik Christian Haugard
  • Born April 23rd, 1923 in Denmark.
  • He fled to the United States in the 1940’s because the natzis invaded his homeland.
  • He served in the Canadian air force during World War II.
  • His book Hakon of Rogen’s Saga received the ALA Notable book award and another one of his books received the Boston Horn Globe Book award.
  • Erik is still alive today.
lord akiyama nobutomo
Lord Akiyama Nobutomo
  • Captured Iwamura castle for Lord Takeda Shingen in 1572, holding it for three years.
  • After winning the castle he kept the spoils of the battle such as Lady Toyoma and Oda Nobunaga’s youngest son Katsunaga. He fought Lord Toyoma who died of illness before battle.
  • Three years later the siege of Iwamura followed and OdaNobutada (Oda Nobunaga eldest son) brought Iwamura down.
  • He crucified Lord Akiyama and Akiyama Katsuhisa (Lord Akiyama’s son) got his body.
the siege of iwamura
The siege of Iwamura
  • Happened in 1575.
  • Iwamura castle was ruled by Lord Akiyama Nobutomo when the siege took place.
  • OdaNobutada had lost a small siege at Iwamura earlier in the year and he finally brought Iwamura castle down.
  • OdaNobutada crucified Akiyama after the battle as a sign of victory.
  • The castle was demolished in 1871.
  • The ruins of Iwamura castle were found on September 22, 2009.
Sources where I found out about Akiyama Nobutomo where I found out about the siege of Iwamura

The Samurai’s tale by Erik Christian Haugaard: where I got info for plot and main characters