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State Fund Budgets

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State Fund Budgets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Fund Budgets Financial Planning & Budgets State Budget (Funds 11-xxxx) How is your initial budget determined? How is your budget modified? What happens to unspent budget at June 30? Initial Budget

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State Fund Budgets

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state fund budgets

State Fund Budgets

Financial Planning & Budgets


State Budget (Funds 11-xxxx)

  • How is your initial budget determined?
  • How is your budget modified?
  • What happens to unspent budget at June 30?
initial budget
Initial Budget
  • State Budgets allocated by Division based on previous year’s allocation plus or minus permanent changes since that time
  • Divisions handle differently from that point, but realignments between account budget pools as well as realignments between student wages and temporary wages should be made if warranted; review expenditure patterns from previous year
  • Divisions return to Financial Planning & Budgets
  • University wide budget is balanced and reconciled with the Office of State Budget & Mgt.
  • Notification sent in May or June for new year
budget modifications
Budget Modifications
  • State Budgets are typically modified due to:
    • New monies or allocations received mid-year allocated by the Chancellor based on requests received by Vice Chancellor or Provost Office
    • Cuts allocated by the Chancellor
    • Budget Transfers within or between state funds
budget transfers
Budget Transfers
  • Cannot move between funds with different “programs” (unless Budget Flexibility Revision)
    • A funds’ program can be determined by looking at the FOAP
    • The program is used for high level budgeting and reporting: Instruction, Summer Term, Student and Academic Services, etc.
budget transfers6
Within the same “program” (101, 102, 152, etc) can transfer between:



Within the same “program” can transfer between these budget pools:

201000 202000

203000 203000

204000 221000

222000 223000

230000 240000

Budget Transfers

Transfers between other accounts or programs require a Budget Flexibility transfer. See “Budget Flexibility” training materials to learn more.

budget transfers7
Budget Transfers
  • Cannot move into/out of funds where we must maintain an additional degree of accountability or where we must prepare specialized reports:
    • E&T Fee supported funds
    • Carryforward funds
budget transfers8
Budget Transfers
  • Other Resources:
    • See “On-Line Transfers” training materials to learn how to process a non-flexibility budget transfer
    • See “Budget Flexibility” training materials to learn about State Funds flexibility budget transfers
year end june 30
Year End (June 30)
  • UNCG may carryover a small percent of its appropriation budget
    • Chancellor’s new year initiatives and reserves that use most of these monies
    • Any excess is reverted to the State
    • Contact Provost or VC in the fall of the current year if you anticipate that a carryover will be required to the next year due to extraordinary circumstances
  • Unless approved by the Chancellor, unspent monies at on year end will not be re-budgeted in the new year