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SALSA Future PowerPoint Presentation
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SALSA Future

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SALSA Future
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SALSA Future

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Presentation Transcript

    1. SALSA Future History Some example requirements Conceptual overview The pieces

    3. Some requirements Fine grained control over software updates Version controlled shortcuts/aliases Scheduled updates (deferred) Receive automatic notification when services get updated (opt in) (not scheduled) New infrastructure available for campus use beyond Bear Access

    4. Whats in a name? Bear Access Launch Pad Project Salsa: Bear Access via Runway, Agent Harry Project Salsa + Fedora repository = Sombrero? Bear Access Software Installer & Launcher (BASIL)

    5. Conceptual overview

    6. Fedora General purpose digital object repository Name spaces are collections of objects Digital objects contain data streams Fedora is being used for Project management documents, Student Folders, will be used for much more Bear Access service = digital object

    7. Fedora

    8. Launch Pad (v3) Selectable list of services Presentation much like current Launch Pad in portal (LPNG) Presents url specifying service to be launched, or other urls Written in Cold Fusion User preferences to configure presentation dhtml for improved performance Will maintain state May make available as cf component Will also be used for Admin tab type link lists

    9. The client Control Panel/Preferences Pane Java application (same app on Windows & Mac) Writes/edits XML file containing user preferences Allows administrator to specify which services can be updated by BASIL Agent Use control panel to force re-installs BASIL Agent Runs as System service Java application with JNI Implemented as a protocol handler

    10. Future possibilities Available for application deployment for individual units Launch Pad v3 available as CF component for use internally (currently out of scope) Possibly release as open source project under JA-SIG Would require portlet implementation of Launch Pad

    11. Next steps June 2006: Final Fall Release on Runway Fall 06: BASIL released Jan 07: BASIL Launch Pad becomes default in portal (Runway still works, current Salsa Launch Pad still available) June 07: Retire Salsa server * dates assume early Fall release of BASIL into production

    12. finally Questions, suggestions Jon Atherton jca8