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D EFINING T HE F UZZY F RONT E ND Connie L. Luthy Product Architect Medical Product Innovation

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D EFINING T HE F UZZY F RONT E ND Connie L. Luthy Product Architect Medical Product Innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D EFINING T HE F UZZY F RONT E ND Connie L. Luthy Product Architect Medical Product Innovation. Medical Product Innovation. What does a Strategist do?. Asks questions Today’s Format: Ask questions Examples from my experience. Medical Product Innovation. MPI Scope: Industry Clusters.

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Connie L. Luthy

Product Architect

Medical Product Innovation

Medical Product Innovation

what does a strategist do

What does a Strategist do?

Asks questions

Today’s Format:

Ask questions

Examples from my experience

Medical Product Innovation

mpi scope industry clusters

MPI Scope:Industry Clusters

Medical Devices



Suppliers to those industries

Medical Product Innovation

mpi product experience
MPIProduct Experience

Indicationsanti-proliferation, anti-tumor, bone marrow ablation, wound healing, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, systemic fungal infection, minimizing surgical trauma, IOP control, contact lens disinfection

Therapeutic Agentsanti-neoplastic, radionuclides, platinum, anti-glaucoma (anti-hypertensive), anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, hormones, anti-oxidant, glutathione precursors, angiostatic steroids, growth factors

Medical Devicesviscoelastic agents, collagen corneal shield, corneal storage media, absorbable sutures, implants, surgical instruments

Diagnostic Agentsfluoroimmunoassays, imaging contrast agents, radiodiagnostic agents

Medical Product Innovation

mpi product experience cont d
MPIProduct Experience Cont’d

Dosage Formstopical--sterile preserved solution, suspension, ointment, gel, fiber, liposomeinjectible-- wet/wet two-part, wet/dry two-part, solution, liposome, microparticleimplantable--devices, gels, suturesdiagnostic--microspheres, surface modified liposomes

Biomaterialshyaluronate, chondroitin, heparin, dermatan, collagen, modified collagens, alginate, fibrin clotting system, lysozyme, lactoferrin, enzymatic hypoiodite-generating system, enzymatic peroxide-generating system, monoclonal antibodies, phospholipids, lecithin, biotin, avidin, peptide tethers

Synthetic Polymershigh MW polyamines, HPMC, PVA, modified hydrogels, carbopol films, modified PMMA, cyanoacrylates, modified nylons

Research Productsgenome chip

Medical Product Innovation

invention is not innovation

Invention IS NOT Innovation!

“Innovation has occurred when a useful new-to-the-world product or process is available to the customer.

Innovation is the result of a successful new product development process.”

Medical Product Innovation

mpi s three keys to entrepreneurial success

MPI’s Three Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Management Team

Management Team

Management Team

“Get the people; get the money.”

Guy KawasakiCEO, Garage Technology VenturesRules for Revolutionaries

Medical Product Innovation

business scope

Business Scope

Are you developing:

A Product

A Technology


discovering the Laws of Nature?

Medical Product Innovation

conclusion don t try this at home
Conclusion:Don’t Try This at Home!
  • Product Development IS NOT taught in school.
  • The only place it is effectively and efficiently taught is inside PROFITABLE companies in the SAME industry.
  • If you are not able to attract employees with appropriate experience, OUTSOURCE!

Medical Product Innovation

complete picture for mpd

Product Strategy

Registration Strategy

Management Team

Complete Picture for MPD


Well-designed products get funded, developed, approved and change lives!

Medical Product Innovation

please visit
Please Visit

Product Development & Management Association

Medical Product Innovation