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Macau Tower Tour Guide System

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Macau Tower Tour Guide System Sam Sze January 15, 2003 Content Introduction to Macau Tower Tour Guide System Demo Discussion Project Introduction

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Macau Tower Tour Guide System

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macau tower tour guide system

Macau TowerTour Guide System

Sam Sze

January 15, 2003

  • Introduction to Macau Tower
  • Tour Guide System Demo
  • Discussion
project introduction
Project Introduction
  • Macau Tower Management assigned University of Macau locally and AD Promotion Limited (an advertisement agent) from Hong Kong to propose and implement a tour guide system in Macau Tower.
  • AD Promotion sources systems from 6 company and university departments in Hong Kong. They selected 3 organization in their first proposal:
  • VIEW Technologies
  • A MP3 Device Maker
  • GXC權智 (The maker of Instant-Dict快譯通)
  • After the selection by the Macau Tower Management, the final candidates are:
  • VIEW Technologies – Using PDA Approach
  • Macau University – Also using PDA Approach
  • The MP3 Device Maker
what s macau tower
What’s Macau Tower
  • An integrated facilitates for:
    • Entertainment
    • Concert
    • International Conference
    • Ceremony (e.g. 2003 New Year Count Down)
    • Government Official Activities
    • Eating
    • Theatre
    • Tower Visit

…Like a new town center of Macau

owner of the tower
Owner of the Tower
  • Funded by the Macau Entertainment Limited chaired by Dr. Stanley Ho.
  • Managed by the daughter of Stanley Ho.
the building
The Building
  • Exhibition center
    • Restaurants
    • Conference rooms
  • Open area
  • Tower
the tower
The Tower
  • The Tower is 338m high at its highest point.
  • The main observation level is 223m above ground.
  • It is the 10th tallest free-standing tower in the world, 8th tallest in Asia.
  • From the highest viewing deck it is possible to see 55km away.
  • The Tower can withstand winds of up to 400km/h.
  • The steel mast on top of the Tower is 90m tall.
  • The Tower was designed principally by Gordon Moller of CCMBECA, New Zealand.
observation decks 57 58 f
Observation Decks 57-58/F

58/F Observation Lounge

As the Tower's main viewing deck, the Observation Lounge is a spacious area to relax in. Gaze out over Taipa and Coloane. Look for Macau's landmarks and historical sites. Or try to spot Hong Kong's outlying islands.

57/F Skywalk 1

Could you bear being outside the Tower with only a hand rail to cling to, a metal grid to walk on? Could you stand being in the open a harrowing 216 m above ground? Take in the Tower's awesome height with a rush of adrenaline on the thrilling Skywalk

observation decks 59 60 f
Observation Decks 59-60/F

60/F 360° Café

A great place to meet friends, celebrate an occasion or have a romantic dinner, the 360° Café boasts a vast buffet and one of the best backdrops in Macau. Admire every angle of the view as it passes by your table at the revolving restaurant.

59/F 180° Lounge

Cafe by day and bar by night, the 180° Lounge is a laid-back venue for sundowners and admiring Macau's lights. Live music complements the relaxed atmosphere making this a great alternative to Macau's other night spots.

observation decks 61 f
Observation Decks 61/F

60/F Outdoor Observation Deck & Skywalk 2

Admire the highest possible view of Macau at the Outdoor Observation Deck while enjoying snacks from the Sky Cafe. Then challenge yourself with Skywalk 2 and walk outside the Tower on the upper deck, 61 floors above ground in the open air.

glass floor
Glass Floor
  • Watch out! Sections of the lounge are fitted with glass floor letting you see the ground beneath your feet - 223m away! Step on them if you're brave enough and feel like you're walking on air.
  • Lack of scenic information.
  • The Kiosk only provide general Macau traveling information.
  • The Macau Tower management looks for a tour guide system. With key words: Handheld, Audio, Pictures, Video, Attract Tourist
solution i
Solution I
  • Upgrade the Kiosk to support more scenic information.
  • Pros: The cheapest solution.
  • Cons: Need to work with the Portuguese company that installed the Kiosk. Non-personalized.
solution ii
Solution II
  • MP3 Tour Guide System
  • The user select corresponding audio tracks to describe the scene.
  • Pros: Low Price
  • Cons: Personalized. But limited to audio only.
solution iii
Solution III
  • Handheld PDA Device Tour Guide
  • Pros: Support video and rich interactive content. Potential to support location sensitive automatic guidance.
  • Cons: Expensive!
  • Prototype:
    • Pocket PC
    • Headphone
    • 128MB SD Card
    • Leather Case
  • Cost of PDA + Peripherals.
  • Power consumption (backup and re-charging scheme). The peak time has 300 visitors.
  • Protect from incorrect usage. (How to turn a general-purpose PDA into a specific tour guide system?)
  • Limited memory to support multiple languages- Audio and picture compression.
  • Check in/out procedure.
  • Content editing.
  • Staff training.
location sensitive tour guide useful or not
Location Sensitive Tour GuideUseful or Not?
  • Location sensitive measure can be achieved by using Bluetooth to detect nearest fixed location device.
  • We expect the area can basically partitioned into 4 areas (NSWE) only.
  • There will be grey area between partitions.
  • Cannot easily create a comfortable user experience. The user is not in full attention to the tour guide system. The user action is more clear if the user has full control of the system.
  • According to AD Promotion, The Macau Tower Management is impressed by the demonstration.
  • The key factor is the tradeoff between attractiveness and cost.
  • For final decision making by the management, AD Promotion will design a Macau Tower Cartoon Image for including in the demo.