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HAZCOM Program. Purpose . OSHA requires that all employers provide information to their employees on the chemicals in work place Hazards & risks of exposure Protection against exposure. HAZCOM Training. HAZCOM Program Requirements. Written plan/procedures for HAZCOM

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Purpose l.jpg

OSHA requires that all employers provide information to their employees on

  • the chemicals in work place

  • Hazards & risks of exposure

  • Protection against exposure



Hazcom program requirements l.jpg
HAZCOM Program Requirements

  • Written plan/procedures for HAZCOM

  • Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

  • Maintain a list of the hazardous chemicals identified and evaluated in the workplace (HMIL)

  • Labels and other forms of warning

  • Training (communicate all information to employees)

  • Establish procedures to control, track and reduce the variety and quantity of HAZMAT in storage, stock, use, or disposal

Types of hazards l.jpg
Types of Hazards

  • Exposure: the combination of factors such as amount, type, toxicity, route of entry, and duration

    • Acute Exposure: short-term exposure of seconds, minutes, or hours (1 work shift or less)

    • Chronic Exposure: long duration or repeated exposures (more than 1 work shift)

Types of hazards cont l.jpg
Types of Hazards cont.

  • Routes of Entry: Four methods of how a hazardous substance may enter the body

    • Inhalation: breathing of fumes, vapors, mists, gas, or dusts (most common)

    • Ingestion: taken internally by eating or swallowing

    • Injection: accidental injection during a puncture wound or from pressurized fluid

    • Absorption: direct skin contact

Slide6 l.jpg

Company information

Hazardous ingredients

Health Hazard data

Physical data

Fire and explosion data

Spill and leak procedures

Special protection information

Special precautions

PPE requirements

Reactivity data


MSDS will provide:

Slide7 l.jpg

  • Employers shall provide an MSDS for every chemical used, handled or stored at the activity

    • Shall be unique to the chemical and manufacturer’s name

    • Must be readily available and accessible to employees during each work shift

    • May be kept in a central location at the primary workplace

Labels l.jpg

  • Labels shall include the

    following information

    • Name & address of chemical manufacturer or distributor

    • Identity of hazardous chemicals

    • Appropriate hazard warnings

Hazmat storage l.jpg
HAZMAT Storage

  • Flammable storage lockers will comply with 29 CFR 1910.106

  • Must be conspicuously labeled:

    • Flammable - Keep Fire Away

    • Call 911 in Case of Spill

    • No Smoking

Slide10 l.jpg

  • PPE must suit the hazard

    • Safety glasses or goggles

    • Protective gloves

    • Protective clothing

Hazmat first aid l.jpg
HAZMAT First Aid

  • Take the following first aid actions for HAZMAT emergencies:

    • Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes

    • Skin: Wash with soap and water

    • Inhalation: Move to fresh air

    • Swallowing: Get emergency medical assistance

Hazmat spill response l.jpg
HAZMAT Spill Response

  • Call 911

  • Turn off power / ignition source

  • Contain the spill

  • Evacuate the area

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Identify all HAZMAT in the workplace

  • Make available all MSDSs for material being used, handled, or stored in the workplace

  • Provide PPE

  • Store Hazmat properly

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Certificate of Training

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HazCom Online Training


Camp Pendleton, California

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