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European Public Safety Communication Research Challenges. PSCE SRI. PowerPoint Presentation
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European Public Safety Communication Research Challenges. PSCE SRI.

European Public Safety Communication Research Challenges. PSCE SRI.

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European Public Safety Communication Research Challenges. PSCE SRI.

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:European Public Safety Communication Research Challenges. PSCE SRI. HNPS and FT PSC projects.

    Celtic Call 6 Information Day 26 February 2008 Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsinki, Finland

    Slide 2:PSCE. Research Initiative (SRI)

    PSCE - Public Safety Communication Forum Europe ( SRI is engaged in aggregating and benchmarking research projects results of different research projects and initiatives into one cohesive vision for the European research roadmap and development strategy platforms addressing safety, emergency and crisis management. This initiative will be the voice and space of the safety researchers to come to disseminate and cross-network with peers to define future first responders requirements, evolution of standards, evolution of Safety technologies

    Slide 3:SRI motivation

    Diversity of multidisciplinary research efforts in the area of PSC Lack of clearly defined evolutional roadmap in R&D There is no established European targeted international research program or research agenda that will be focused on public safety communication There is lack of research toward the use and optimization of existing technologies that will take into account private public safety user requirements The common European user requirements and scenarios to be considered in R&D and has not been developed yet

    Slide 4:SRI objectives

    To develop Vision of Future Public Safety Communication (PSC) in Europe and in the World. To define the evolutionary path (Roadmap) in PSC technology development. To identify the key element and milestones in PSC Technology Development Road Map. To facilitate and establish new R&D projects To develop a research agenda for PSC and establish a dialog and consultations with national and international research programs on its implementation (FP, EURECA/Celtic, Security research programme, National R&D agencies) To establish a permanent SRI WG within the PSCE To organize workshops , conferences , educational and coordination activities

    Slide 5:CELTIC Programme & PSC

    Integrated Communication Systems Solutions Security Services and Application Infrastructures Pan European Laboratory are the very important research areas for PSC R&D

    Slide 6:Key PSC research interests areas

    PSC from system perspective NGN and PSC (Heterogeneous networks incl. public, private and ad hoc networks) Federated test bed for European PSC Interoperability at network and information levels Information centric PSC Integration of CIIP and PSC systems Improvements /modifications of existing systems

    Slide 7:SRI research coordination

    To facilitate exchange of information between relevant research projects and activities To establish a number of strategic research projects and long term initiatives in PSC To establish dialog with international and national research programmes To involve PSC user communities and standardization organizations

    Slide 8:Heterogeneous Network for European Public Safety (HNPS)

    Call 5 CELTIC Labeled Project

    Slide 9:HNPS objectives

    Develop heterogeneous network system for public safety communication Develop evolutional approach in heterogeneous network architectures (protocols interoperability > ambient network architecture) Test bed To map results of relevant IST and CELTIC projects into system design and test bed. Constellation of projects. User involvement in development process To define necessary harmonization efforts and road map for standardization activities. Dissemination.

    Slide 10:Heterogeneous PS Network

    Slide 11:Project Concept

    Heterogeneous network that will integrate and dynamically control different available networks for the needs of public safety Approach identification of PS user needs, mapping of available technologies identifying missing elements Applied focus on improvements of existing networks (incl. public and PMR) and integration of deployable networks Network control, re-configurability, adaptivity

    Slide 12:FT PSC partners

    Slide 13:Open project. Federated Test bed for Public Safety Communications FT- PSC

    CELTIC Call 6 project proposal

    Slide 14:Project information

    FT- PSC is an open project Established jointly by PanLab ( and SRI PSCE ( The FT-PSC project is building federated European test bed for interoperability testing of public safety communication and information systems. The FT PSC is going to use and coordinate activities of several projects that will be using different instruments and funding possibilities provided by FP, CELTIC, Interreg, National and industrial research programmes.

    Slide 15:Project objectives

    FT PSC will make possible to test large scale heterogeneous communication systems including GPRS, UMTS, WLAN, WiMax, PMR (TETRA, TETRPOL, P25). Cooperation with PanLab, PlugTest initiative of ETSI and Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) Will establish an administrative and legal framework for permanent entity for interoperability and conformance testing in Europe for public safety. Project will develop evolutional road map for further development, field trails and conformance testing for European public safety. FT- PSC project field trials will involve international participation of public safety user organisations

    Slide 16:FT-PSC open project consortia

    Slide 17:Project structure

    WP0 Project management WP1 General Federation Framework WP2 Test bed connectivity and protocols. Security WP3 Field trials and link with user communities WP4 Software integration WP5 Dissemination

    Slide 18:FT PSC project

    is open and welcome participation of new partners including partners outside the European Union. More information is available at: