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Colorado HOSA Newsletter

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Colorado HOSA Newsletter. Written by: Kirsten DeKoster. May 2011. 2010-2011 National Theme "HOSA: The Hearts that Believe and the Hands that Achieve!" - Submitted by Illinois HOSA. HOSA Mission

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Colorado HOSA Newsletter

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colorado hosa newsletter

Colorado HOSA Newsletter

Written by: Kirsten DeKoster

May 2011

2010-2011 National Theme "HOSA: The Hearts that Believe and the Hands that Achieve!"- Submitted by Illinois HOSA

HOSA Mission

“The mission on HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.”

2011 2012 goals
2011-2012 Goals

Increase Membership in Colorado HOSA

Membership for Colorado HOSA will reach 1,000 members.

Officers will conduct 20 School Presentations.

Increase Number of Actively Involved Members

Increased numbers at Fall Leadership Conference, State Leadership Conference and Competitive Event Participants.

Increase Awareness of HOSA

Co-Host a Southwest Colorado HEALTH Day.

Increase social networking numbers (friends and followers).

Publish 5 newsletters.

Spotlight one HOSA school per school week.

Increased Team Bonding

State Officers will participate in social activities throughout the year.

2011 2012 colorado state officers
2011-2012 Colorado State Officers

Leo Chacon

Jennifer Hicks

Heather Stacy


Laura Bloom

Leticia Rosales

Kirsten DeKoster

Jesse Leazenby



Vice President Awareness

Vice President Communication

Vice President Events

Vice President Membership

Vice President Publicity

Vice President Service

leo chacon
Leo Chacon

Hey all,I'm Leo Chacon. I am your 2011-2012 Colorado State President. I enjoy a variety of things in life but my two favorite hobbies are all-star cheerleading and art projects. I cheer with the best all-star gym in Colorado and one of the best in the country, Cheer Central. I also love doing my own art projects, most people don't know this. I have made sculptures, instruments, and paintings. My personality, for a lack of a better word, is very "everywhere." I guess you can say I'm pretty outgoing. My accomplishments will not mentioned in this bio because HOSA is not about what I have done; It's about what I can do and what we as an organization will do this 2011-2012 year. My future is not on the front line of Health Care. Although HOSA is primarily a health student organization, there are careers that are still circa involved with health. I want to go into Emergency Management. Someday, I hope to work for FEMA. HOSA provided opportunity I got to see an Emergency Preparedness Drill in Denver. Most people think Emergency Management is boring; I think it looks exciting. Emergency Management teams call almost all the shots that are played in a real life emergency like a tornado, an epidemic or pandemic, and even terrorist attacks.

This year I would like our HOSA members to enjoy it to its full potential. All members should have something good to take away from HOSA and share with their home school, friends, and family. The question for y'all is what can Colorado HOSA further do to further enhance this HOSA year? What kind of health career opportunities do y'all want to see and what do you want at your Leadership Conferences. Feel free to e-mail me or facebook me with answers. or

jennifer hicks
Jennifer Hicks

My name is Jennifer Hicks, and I am the new Colorado HOSA president-elect. I am excited that I have the chance to work with all the other state officers this year to make Colorado HOSA great. This is my second year in HOSA through WCCC where I am currently the local president. We have a great group at WCCC and always make sure that we have a ton of fun in whatever activity we may be doing. I hope that I can take that energy and take it to the state level as well. I decided to go into HOSA because, I knew that I wanted to join the health field one day and HOSA seemed like the best head start.

HOSA is just part of who I am. The most important thing to me is my family. I am the oldest of four extremely athletic children, so my house is always on the move. My little brother, Jeff is the typical youngest child who can do no wrong, and is an all-star in everything he does. Although he is the youngest, he keeps me in line more than anyone else I know. He won’t let me speed or skip out on any of my work ever. My little sister, Jamie, is my hero. She lost all of her motor abilities when she was six because of a sudden illness and was able to recover to the point where no one can tell she was ever sick. Jamie is attitude in a bottle, but she has a super soft heart. And then there is Jessie. Jessie and I spend most of our time as best friends, or fighting, but no matter what we have each other’s back. If you ever see me at a HOSA event, it is likely Jessie is standing right next to me, and we look a lot alike so don’t worry if you call me Jessie or her Jenny, it happens a lot. My parents have played a big role in how I see things as well. In middle school they were really strict, and then throughout high school they let me hold myself to the high standards they had set in place, it has been a little strange but, its worked.

I also love sports and I am a tomboy at heart. My favorite sport is hockey. I was the goalie on the only girls team in town until the rink closed but, I had no trouble playing against the boys. If we get ice again soon I hope that I can play for the College’s men’s team just so I can show the boys up a little. I also play lacrosse. If there is someone who can explain the game of lacrosse to me that could be great, because after three years I still don’t get half of the rules. That is just a little bit of who I am. I can’t wait to meet all of you this year at different HOSA events.

heather stacy
Heather Stacy

My name is Heather Stacy and I am finishing up my freshman year of college. Iattend Mesa State College for now and am pursuing my career choice of becoming a pediatrician. I have played the trombone in jazz bands, concert bands,select bands, marching bands, and top ensembles. I would love to continueplaying the trombone through college and maybe even play with the LondonSymphony Orchestra. I graduated high school with a class rank of 11 out ofalmost 350 students. I have always been interested in the health field becausemy mom has been a nurse since I was born and I saw how much she loved it. Iwent through the phases of wanting to become a veterinarian and massagetherapist but eventually settled upon becoming a pediatrician. Right now, myHOSA chapter and I are working toward getting everything ready for theNational Leadership Conference in Anaheim this upcoming June. My favoriteevents for HOSA so far have been the two State Leadership Conferences and oneNational Leadership Conference I've attended so far. Being at theseconferences allows each student to meet other students with similar interests.Attending the state and national conferences also allows students toexperience everything HOSA has to offer. Being a state officer, I am lookingforward to meeting lots of new people and getting more people involved withHOSA. My most memorable moment in HOSA so far was being honored with theoffice of Vice President of Awareness. I have competed in a few events at thestate and national conferences. Last year, my team competed in the PublicHealth Emergency Preparedness event and went to nationals together. This year,I placed in Medical Spelling and Job Seeking Skills and will be attendingnationals this year to compete in Job Seeking Skills.

karli shrum

My name is KarliShrum, your Vice President of Communication. I am a Junior at Mead High School/Career Development Center. I currently have been on the Varsity Dance Team for two years.

I am secretary of Student Council, Vice President of my Med Prep class and Leader of a Link program through my high school. I plan on attending UNC in the fall of 2012, the year I graduate from school. my goal is to get accepted in the Nursing program and become a Registered Nurse. I am easy going, and always have a smile on my face. I am a very positive uplifting person and am very friendly. And most of all I am honored to serve as your 2011/2012 Vice President of Communication.

laura bloom
Laura Bloom

Hi, I'm Laura Bloom. My main hobbies are sleeping, reading and spinning rifles and flags for marching band. I've done a lot in my life for being only 15, but I hope to do a lot more with it. Recently, I've been inducted to NHS and my chapter for HOSA won an award at the local college for being an outstanding organization. I hope to be a massage therapist one day, with my own practice somewhere in the world. I've always been interested in the health field, I think a lot of that is due to my mom (who is a nurse and a health instructor), but I've really focused on being a massage therapist for a few years now. Right now I'm working on a few things for leadership camps, the NLC, and the like for HOSA. I'm really looking forward to branching out in HOSA, new people and new experiences typically make me happy. So far I've taken a few awards home for HOSA, last year I went to nationals for Prepared Speaking. This year at state, I took 3rd place for Prepared speaking and 1st for Public Health Emergency Preparedness, and I'll be going to NLC for the latter. I'm really excited to see what this year brings with HOSA, and I'm super happy that two of my friends will be with me to experience it all (as they are state officers, too).

leticia rosales
Leticia Rosales

My name is TC Rosales, and I am a junior at Arvada West Senior High School. I also attend Warren Tech North. I love to have fun and enjoy the little things. I love to make new friends. This summer I plan on having fun and hanging out with my buddies. This is my first year participating in HOSA. I am the Vice President of Membership, and I am looking forward to going to Nationals this summer. I won first place in the medical reading competition, and am hoping to place at nationals as well.I am interested in becoming a Radiologist in the future, and I am hoping to get accepted to UCD. Some of my other hobbies include music, and cars. After medical school or as a summer class, I am hoping to learn automotive. I take all advanced classes in high school, and am trying to earn so college credit.

kirsten dekoster
Kirsten DeKoster

My name is Kirsten DeKoster, and I am your Colorado HOSA State Vice-President of Publicity. My greatest interest has always been in the medical field and my future goal is to be a radiologist. I am going into my senior year of high school at Arvada West and my second year at Warren Tech North. I am an outgoing, thoughtful, imaginative, young mind ready to make a difference! My sport is snowboarding and my past time is hanging out with my friends. I am also associated with NHS and NTHS, and volunteer at least twice a week, most of the time at Lutheran Hospital. I soon hope to be a nurse assistant. I am a hard worker and like to stay busy!

For HOSA right now I have made this newsletter! I will also attend a June 3rd presentation and I helped come up with the HEALTH Day name! My favorite HOSA event so far was the 2011 State Conference, because of all the new people I met and experiences I had! This year's competitions I was in were Medical Math and Medical Reading. My medical Reading group won first place at state and will be attending nationals! But I am most excited to increase HOSA membership this year! Email me at any time at with any HOSA publicity ideas or questions! :)

jesse leazenby
Jesse Leazenby

My name is Jesse Leazenby. When I get out of school I am going to become a fire-medic, also I want to become part of a hotshot crew for wild land firefighting. My hobbies are mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming, hunting, baseball, and just about anything else out doors. I also love hanging with friends and working on cars and trucks. My favorite quote is, “Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get in to but hard to get out of.” I want to be in the health care field because I love to help people, and I will always be able to find work in the health care field.

2011 2012 calendar
2011-2012 Calendar


  • Newsletter


  • 3 – Volunteer Building Workshop
  • 14-17 – CTSO Training
  • 22-25 – NLC


  • Newsletter


  • School Presentations


  • School Presentations
  • Newsletter
  • 10 – JDRF Walk (CO Springs)
  • 11 – JDRF Walk (Denver)
  • 17-21 – WLA (Washington Leadership Academy)
  • October
  • School Presentations
  • 7 – HEALTH Day (Cortez)
  • November
  • TBD – Fall Leadership Conference (Denver)
  • Newsletter
  • December
  • January
  • Newsletter
  • March
  • 8-10 – State Leadership Conference (Loveland)
2011 nationals june 22 25 hilton anaheim anaheim california
2011 NationalsJune 22-25 – Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim California
  • Congratulations on placing at State Leadership Conference!! You’re about to have a FABULOUS time in Anaheim, California – site of the 2011 HOSA National Leadership Conference!! Over 7,000 people from across the country will be attending.
  • While I know you probably will enjoy some sun and Disney. Please take advantage of what NLC offers:
  • General Sessions
  • Competitive Events
  • Educational Symposiums
  • Healthcare Exposition
  • Dances
  • Colorado HOSA State Meetings
  • Also, remember to trade your pins with other states. This is a great way to meet new people from across the United States.
  • A couple of reminders:
  • Remember to wear the “official uniform” to the general sessions. This includes a black or navy blue suit, white shirt, closed toed shoes and a maroon or navy tie for the boys.
  • Remember to bring the guidelines to your Competitive Event Orientation. These can be found online at
  • Remember to study, study, study and practice, practice, practice.
  • Be on the lookout for an NLC Preview E-Magazine on the National HOSA website. Are you a friend of Colorado HOSA on Facebook? That’s another great way to stay connected and know what’s going on at National Leadership Conference!!
  • Let’s show the rest of National HOSA how AWESOME Colorado HOSA can be!!
  • -Jen Staley