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ADVENTURE TEAM PRESENTS. F. U. N. B. A. S. E. D. -. TEAMBUILDING OPTIONS. “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” – Mia Hamm.

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“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” – Mia Hamm


15 years of experience in creating and coordinating corporate teambuilding

Fully mobile and safe

From 10-2000 people catered for

1 hour to a full day

Professionally facilitated

Ideal for all levels of fitness

Deliver fun and learning based outcomes

First aid and safety provided

As strenuous as you require



The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a fun participative event which can be used as an effective way to get to your conference or venue.

Lies, deception, clues and intrigue, following clues given to you in any form or manner - your objective is to find the finish line, defuse the bomb and SAVE THE WORLD!

Survivor Challenge

You’ve seen it first on TV, great explorers have used it, and now we give you the chance to show your true survival instincts. It has nothing to do with physical strength but plenty to do with attitude and the will to succeed. To be a true survivor, you must really want to survive…this is your opportunity to unleash your natural instinct.


Welcome to the 4camp teambuilding challenge!

Each camp is unique and will test the teams ability in various situations; water, land, air and intellect. The teams will rotate in a round robin fashion, allowing everyone to participate fully in all 4 exhilarating activities.


This brand new concept begins with briefing on the mission. Everyone will don their protective kit and paintball weapons let the battle begin. A variety of missions are available to test the teams ability to plan and execute.


Big inflatable obstacles, lots of water, bubbles and action. Ideal for a half day of fun and laughter!

Looney Games

How looney can you go!? Teams and individuals will be put through a series of “Looney” activities which will have them catapulting chickens through the air, snorkeling through mud and many more crazy events!

This is a great event to get people out of their comfort zones and working together as a team to be the looniest of them all!

Race Rampage

This ½ day or full day event is strategically arranged so that everybody has the opportunity to participate at any level they wish. The activities are designed to allow those who wish to show their “Rambo” & “Rambette” tendencies and those wishing to use more brain than brawn to show their talents. Every activity is a RACE! From Xumbug’s to 3 legged race, to potato sack race and more, this is a Grand Prix never seen before!





“Good to Great” Ubuntu Business Challenge

The “Good to Great” Ubuntu Business Challenge is a simulating experiential exercise that allows the team to work through a series of tasks and activities that result in “income” for your team or company. It is a great way of helping a team understand the interaction of strategy, tactics, execution and team dynamics.

Pop Stars

A microphone, a prompt, your choice of song and the stage is yours! It’s time to end your “singing in the shower” days and show the audience what you’re made of!

MMI: Murder Mystery Investigation

MMI is an evolutionary new product which exposes intellectually based teambuilding at its best! It is designed to test a team’s ability to overcome overwhelming situations and solve complex problems.

DNA, blood, clues, finger prints, hair, tyre treads, interviews, lab tests, autopsy results, a policeman, 5 suspects and a very strange morgue receptionist, all for more intrigue!

Movie Making

The project based event is designed to ensure the delegates are kept busy, have fun, but most importantly, learn from their experience. Everyone plays an important role in the creation of your masterpiece. The learning will be based around the experience of putting together a movie, be it a short one.

It’s all about being creative, planning, coordinating, laughing and being unique. The evening can end with a “glamorous” Oscars evening.


Why an advert? Adverts can be an absolute nuisance to watch, but when a good advert comes along, we cant help but appreciate the creative ideas, planning and execution of the advert that has us either inspired, shocked, emotionally touched or laughing our heads off! This is your opportunity to take a product and turn it into something special that will be filmed by our professional camera crew and played back to the group in the evening at the exciting award ceremony dinner.

Restaurant Competition

An Ideal teambuild event that results in a meal to remember. In a crowded street, there are many restaurants to choose from. What will make your one special? It’s about the food, the service, the ambience and most of all the experience.

Drumming and / or Gum Boot Dancing

Interactive drumming and developing an “orchestra” comprised of various different instruments It’s great fun and can be combined with Gum Boot Dancing.

We provide the boots, you supply the energy. The show finale will showcase your talent.






Lock Down

Like the program Prison Break, It’s time to see first hand what it’s like to be shackled up and serve some “prison time” of your own! Like all convicts… you have to work hard and be well behaved AT ALL TIMES!

As hard-headed, devoted “prison wardens” we make it our soul duty to keep the team on their BEST behaviour and working hard towards their requirements for parole approval… in retrospect, teams will work hard to get the team free from “prison” and together they will work towards a common goal.

Community Development Programs

One of the fundamentals behind a successful organisation is the legacy it leaves behind, or its footprint. Believe it or not, very few will remember companies for how much money they made! They will however be able to relate what significance you made to the world around us or the communities we serve.

For this reason, we have developed a program that allows teams to “kill two birds with one stone”, and allow for our greater purpose to be served as well as allow our own people to develop alongside this

Ice Sculpting

Create chemistry within your team and experience the amazing artistry of Ice Sculpting! We teach you the technique, we supply you with the tools… the rest is up to you!

Why sculpting? … Cause you never really know your team until the ice breaks!


You can dance, you can sing, you can do anything… It’s time to end your “singing in the shower” days and show the audience what you’re made of!

This exciting talent show is similar to the Pop Stars event, however, there are NO limitations, from singing, cheerleading, poetry, acting, dancing and more…. ANYTHING GOES! As long as you come up with something unique that intrigues and entertains the group, you’re set to go!

Laser Pigeon Shooting and / or Pulse Ranger

A great way to relieve yourself from the day to day stress we can easily obtain in the work environment. Laser Pigeon Shooting can be played in many ways, but ultimately set the gun, ready, aim and fire!

Pulse ranger gives you the chance to aim your gun at someone without hurting anyone like in Paintball. The shot will be detected outdoors amongst the bush, giving you an exciting environment to play in and a fantastic game to play with!

Yes We Can!

The central thinking to our “Yes we can” program is based around “purpose and meaning”, from which the team will develop a passion and pride in their future roles in the Team. People will only work interdependently if they see a reason to do so! Thus, the team members will often need to be shown where the benefits of interdependency can be found. This is best shown in practical exercises that will allow them to participate and learn by “doing”.






Judge & Jury

Ever had to defend yourself in court? Now’s your chance to let the truth come out and justice prevail… the Catch is … you’ll love every second of it!

The Safari Game show

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through southern Africa!

You and your team mates will jump into your very own “taxi.” You will designate a “driver” and “navigator” from the team and make your way through the many wonderful places in Southern Africa. Think quick and listen properly!

Turtle Racing

After a day’s conferencing or teambuild, what better fun than to select your ninja turtle and race against other rampant turtles. A 1-2 hour “gambling” and racing activity.

The Bold and the Brainy

Its always nice to get a group of people together in the evening and have a night of fun and games… but it’s better with bigger games, bigger groups and interactive diversity in-between.

This exciting evening option is designed not just to play 1, BUT 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…… 10 well-known games in one unforgettable event. You don’t have to be the most intelligent person on the face of the earth and you most definitely don’t have to be good lookin’… all you need to do is think quick and act BOLDLY.

Cocktail Competition

Everyone likes to enjoy a drink in the evening, especially when the workforce is around… but now you have the chance to create, try and test on others, your very own concoction in our exciting cocktail competition

The competition will be organized in such a way that each team must barter for ingredients, create a cocktail, dress to the theme of their cocktail and present the end result to the group.

Other Chilled – Out Teambuilding Options for the Evening

1. Pop stars

2. Spotlight

3. Restaurant Competition

4. Interactive Drumming and / Or Gumboot Dancing



  • The following can be arranged at an additional cost:
  • All our options can be videotaped, photographed and presented to the group in a DVD, CD or organised presentation.
  • We can arrange prizes and corporate gifts to compliment any of our activities!

“As our main focus is to assist and help develop Teams, all our activities have briefing and debriefing sessions to ensure that maximum benefit from the activity performed is received by the teams”


  • To help you plan for your next team build…
  • The budget is dependent on;
  • The number of delegates
  • Location and venue
  • Equipment requested
  • The activities involved
  • Guides and facilitation
  • Transport costs
  • Safety and First Aid assistance

Contact us for more information or a customised quote