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Breakfast in America

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Breakfast in America 17, rue des Ecoles, Paris - Tél: 01 43 54 50 28 Métro: Cardinal LeMoine or Jussieu Group ES1.D Arshjit Singh Joseph Schultz Jose Sanchez Shinji Nagakura Chih-Heng Chen Project objective

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breakfast in america
Breakfast in America

17, rue des Ecoles, Paris - Tél: 01 43 54 50 28 Métro: Cardinal LeMoine or Jussieu

Group ES1.D

Arshjit Singh Joseph Schultz Jose Sanchez

Shinji Nagakura Chih-Heng Chen

project objective
Project objective
  • Study an emerging business as compared to a traditional established company
  • Why:
    • Just opened, facing current legal, logistical and HR issues in setting up and expanding business in France
    • Lots of interaction with French customers on a daily basis
    • High involvement of founder, management, employees and investors in understanding the French culture
    • Recruitment challenges for expansion
bia the story
BIA – The story
  • Founded on January 4th, 2003 by American Craig Carlson who has studied and worked in France for several years
  • Replicate the charm of the local mom&pop establishment
  • Remembrance to the roadside diner - a place where you could stop in at any hour of the day or night… where you were always guaranteed a good, hearty meal at a reasonable price…  where you could pass the hours away chatting with friends…  where everyone was welcome...
bia the goals
BIA – The goals
  • Breakfast in America aims to bring the uniquely American roadside diner experience abroad, where everyone -- young and old, local and foreigner -- can have a reasonably priced, high-quality meal at almost any hour of the day or night
  • The One Year Plan:To have BIA, Paris established with a large and diverse clientele.  To increase profits on a monthly basis as word spreads of this unique restaurant
  • The Two Year Plan:Expand by opening up one more BIA in Paris as well as BIA diners in other French cities with high student and tourist populations, such as Toulouse or Montpellier
  • The Five Year Plan and beyond:To franchise in other countries and cities in Europe, such as BIA, Berlin, BIA, Amsterdam, and BIA, Madrid
  • Our long-range goal is to have a chain of Breakfast in America diners throughout Europe and Asia which still retain the quality and ambiance of a “Mom & Pop” establishment
why france
Why France?
  • Founder, Mr. Carlson gained intimate market knowledge of Paris during his stay as a student
  • Did market research and determined that there was adequate demand for an American Diner in Paris
    • From Americans living or visiting Paris
    • From Europeans familiar with America
    • From Curious Parisians and Europeans
  • Mr. Carlson preferred the quality of life in Paris and wanted to settle in it
company values
Company Values
  • Provide clients with an authentic American Diner experience with attention to all details including:
    • Atmosphere
    • Menu/Food choices
    • Music
    • Service
    • Pricing
    • Operating Hours
company s products
Company’s Products
  • Typical American Diner Food
    • Breakfast anytime
    • Burgers, sandwiches and salads
    • Bagels
    • Big sizes
  • Authentic Diner Service—outgoing friendly attitude
  • American Music
company s clients
Company’s Clients
  • Americans missing home
  • Non-Americans who have visited America
  • Young French customers familiar with America through films and television
  • Old French customers curious about the exotic nature of the restaurant
constraints adaptations
Constraints & Adaptations
  • Labor Laws
  • Operating Hour Restrictions

(municipal laws)

  • Taxation
  • Product
  • Tipping
benefits of france
Benefits of France
  • Fresher products, more naturally grown, less processed
  • Low niche competition
  • Tourist heaven
  • Large American community
  • Big potential for expansion
  • Positive experience
  • Some initial struggle with laws and regulations
  • High potential for franchising and expanding the business concept
  • We would like to thank Mr. Craig Carlson founder and owner of Breakfast in America
  • References
    • Company’s Website

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