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A Professional Fraternity

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A Professional Fraternity Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. Since you have chosen the profession of Pharmacy, It is important to further develop your person, as well as your knowledge. Becoming a fraternity member is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

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a professional fraternity
A Professional Fraternity

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.


Since you have chosen the profession of Pharmacy, It is important to further develop your person, as well as your knowledge.

Becoming a fraternity member is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

Oldest & Largest Pharmacy Fraternity

Founded May 30, 1879

Russel Military Academy

New Haven, Connecticut

70+ collegiate chapters

44+ graduate chapters

Co-Educational Fraternity

Kappa Psi


Who are Kappa Psi?

  • 60% of Deans from Colleges of Pharmacy
  • 75% of Presidents of APhA
  • 65% of Presidents of other pharmacy organizations
  • Kappa Psi Brothers can be found
    • In every state and major city around the world
    • Practicing in every area of pharmacy

Kappa Psi Specifics

  • Chapter By-Laws
    • Conform to the National Constitution
  • 9 Provinces (regions)
    • Meet once or twice yearly
  • Grand Council Conventions
    • Held Every Two Years
    • Boston, MA Aug 7-11, 2007
    • Clearwater Beach, FL Aug 4-8, 2009
  • 8 International Officers
  • Official quarterly publication: The Mask

Kappa Psi Values

  • Fellowship
  • Industry
  • Sobriety
  • High Ideals

Kappa Psi Awards

  • Foundation Scholarships
  • Scholarship Honor Certificates
  • Scholarship Tray Award
  • Asklepios Key
  • Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award
  • Most Improved Chapter Award
  • Frank H. Eby Award
  • Grand Regent’s Letter

What is a Professional Fraternity?

  • All the benefits of fraternal affiliation
    • Voluntary bond of united brotherhood
  • Plus, the opportunity for attainment of greater professional competency and achievement within one’s chosen field
  • Requires scholastic achievement
  • Encourages continued scholastic pursuit

Professional Fraternity Benefits

  • Pharmacy Involvement
  • Promotion of your profession
  • Community service projects
  • Extracurricular Social Activities
  • Scholarship and Awards
  • Lifelong bonding and friendship

What is Rushing?

  • Process of obtaining new members
  • Allows prospective members the opportunity to learn about the fraternity before deciding to pledge
  • Allows the Brothers to get to know the prospective members and decide if they have similar goals
  • Pledging starts once rushees have accepted bids.
  • Rushing & pledging periods are campus specific.

What is pledging?

  • Learning period where you “pledge” loyalty to the fraternity through a tentative membership
  • Pledge education of the chosen fraternity
    • History
    • Rituals
    • Ideals
  • Experience the true meaning of fellowship with
    • Fellow pledges
    • Prospective Brothers
  • Fosters devotion to the fraternity

Pledging Kappa Psi

  • KY is the epitome of Brotherhood & Fellowship.
    • Brotherhood begins to develop during pledging.
  • Learning the ritual and history of the fraternity
    • Strengthens commitment & appreciation of fraternity
  • Pledges should be prepared to work hard for the betterment of the Fraternity and pharmacy, rather than the expectation of personal gain.
  • Pledging is part of what makes us a fraternity.


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. has outlawed any act which might be classified as hazing, for these acts have no place in an organization of professionals and mature individuals.

Kappa Psi pledges do not relinquish their moral or religious ideals, social or legal rights, political beliefs or their family or personal relationships.


Potential Costs

  • Membership dues vary among chapters
  • Standard national initiation fee
    • Includes a subscription to The Mask
  • Nominal, national monthly per capita dues
  • Possible chapter house dues
  • Possible chapter social fees

XX Chapter Template

  • School
  • Founded
  • All male or CoEd (when chapter went coed)
  • Current membership
  • House info (if applicable)
  • Recent awards/honors

XX Chapter Faculty

  • List Faculty Members

XX Chapter Officers

  • Regent- Jane Doe
  • Vice Regent- John Doe
  • Etc.

XX Chapter Activities

  • List Activities
  • Professional Events
    • Blood Drives
    • Ronald McDonald House
  • Philanthropy
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Etc.

XX Chapter Activities

  • Fundraising
    • Pizza sales
    • Pharmacology notebooks
  • Social
    • Back to School BBQ
    • Etc.

Province I

  • Chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Eastern New York, and Rhode Island
  • 4 Collegiate Chapters
  • 6 Graduate Chapters

Boston Graduate

Boston, Massachusetts

Central New York Graduate

Endicott, New York

Connecticut Graduate

New Haven, Connecticut

New York Graduate

New York City, New York

Providence Graduate

Kingston, Rhode Island


Massachusetts COP


University of Connecticut

Beta Delta

Albany College of Pharmacy

Beta Epsilon

University of Rhode Island

Albany Graduate

Albany, New York

Province I Chapters


Province II

  • 11 chapters located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia
  • 2 meetings per year
    • Spring and Fall Assemblies
  • Involvement Awards
  • Province Philanthropy
  • Province Leadership

Beta Eta

University of West Virginia

Beta Kappa

University of Pittsburgh

Beta Omega

Temple University

Delta Epsilon

Duquesne University

Delta Omicron

Wilkes University

Harrisburg Graduate

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

New Jersey Graduate

Newark, New Jersey

Philadelphia Graduate

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Graduate

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pocono Graduate

Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

West Virginia Graduate

Morgantown, West Virginia

Province II Chapters


Province III

  • Chapters in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia
  • 9 Collegiate Chapters
  • 5 Graduate Chapters
  • 2 meetings per year


Virginia Commonwealth University


Medical University of South Carolina


University of Maryland

Beta Xi

University of North Carolina

Gamma Xi

University of South Carolina

Delta Kappa

Howard University

Delta Lambda

Campbell University

Delta Xi

Shenandoah University

Epsilon Delta

University of Appalachia

Buies Creek Graduate

Buies Creek, North Carolina

Maryland Graduate

Baltimore, Maryland

North Carolina Graduate

Durham, North Carolina

South Carolina Graduate

Columbia, South Carolina

Virginia Graduate

Richmond, Virginia

Province III Chapters


Province IV

  • Chapters in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
  • 9 Collegiate Chapters
  • 5 Active Graduate Chapters
  • 2 meetings per year
    • January
    • June
  • http://province4.org

Gamma Zeta

Samford University

Gamma Sigma

University of Florida

Gamma Phi

University of Georgia

Gamma Psi

Mercer University

Delta Gamma

Auburn University

Delta Iota

Florida A&M University

Delta Rho

Nova Southeastern University

Delta Upsilon

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Delta Omega

South University

Auburn Graduate

Auburn, Alabama

Georgia Graduate

Atlanta, Georgia

North Florida Graduate

Tallahassee, Florida

Southeast Florida – Bahamas Graduate

Southeast Florida & the Bahamas

Tampa Graduate

Tampa, Florida

Province IV Chapters


Province V

  • Chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Western New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin
  • 12 Collegiate Chapters
  • 11 Active Graduate Chapters
  • 2 meetings per year
    • Host chapter rotates
  • www.kappapsi5.com

Province V

  • Province Philanthropy Project
    • Pediatric Health
  • Province Awards
    • Chapter of the Year
    • Traveling Trophy
    • Best Slideshow Presentation
    • Philanthropy Participation
    • Excellence Awards


The Ohio State University


Purdue University


University of Kentucky


University of Illinois Chicago

Beta Lambda

University of Toledo

Beta Upsilon

Butler University

Beta Phi

University of Cincinnati

Beta Psi

University of Wisconsin Madison

Gamma Iota

State University of New York

Gamma Chi

Ferris State University

Delta Nu

Midwestern University Chicago

Mu Omicron Pi

Wayne State University

Ada Graduate

Ada, Ohio

Buffalo Graduate

Buffalo, New York

Cleveland Graduate

Cleveland, Ohio

Central Michigan Graduate

Big Rapids, Michigan

Province V Chapters

Cincinnati Graduate

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus Graduate

Columbus, Ohio

Detroit Graduate

Detroit, Michigan

Illinois Graduate

Chicago, Illinois

Indiana Graduate

West Lafayette, Indiana

Kentucky Graduate

Louisville, Kentucky

Wisconsin Graduate

Madison, Wisconsin


Province VII

  • Chapters in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas
  • 14 Active Collegiate Chapters
  • 9 Active Graduate Chapters
  • Central Office located in Province VII
    • Richardson, Texas

Province VII

  • 1 Meeting per year
    • Host chapter rotates
  • Province Philanthropy Project
    • Recently granted a wish with Make-A-Wish
    • Currently Kappa Psi for Life
      • Raising money for St. Louis YMCA
  • Province Awards
    • Chapter of the Year
    • Most Improved Chapter
    • Man Mile Award
    • Best Chapter Report


University of Kansas


University of Tennessee-Memphis

Beta Rho

University of Mississippi

Gamma Theta

University of Missouri Kansas City

Gamma Omicron

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences

Gamma Pi

Saint Louis College of Pharmacy

Gamma Omega

University of Arkansas Medical Sciences

Delta Beta

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Delta Delta

University of Houston

Delta Eta

Xavier University of Louisiana

Delta Theta

Texas Southern University

Delta Pi

Texas Tech University

Epsilon Beta

University of the Incarnate Word

Epsilon Epsilon

Texas A&M Health Science Center

Kansas City Graduate

Kansas City, Missouri

Louisiana Graduate

Monroe, Louisiana

Oklahoma Graduate

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Saint Louis Graduate

Saint Louis, Missouri

Southwestern Graduate

Weatherford, Oklahoma

Tennessee Graduate

Memphis, Tennessee

Texas Graduate

Austin, Texas

Province VII Chapters


Province VIII

  • 8 Collegiate Chapters in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota
  • 2 meetings per year
    • Business meeting Saturday
    • Themed costume parties on Friday and Saturday
  • Involvement Awards
    • Traveling Trophy
      • Highest percentage of chapter at business meeting
    • Golden Peanut
      • Most entertaining chapter report
    • Other Graduate Brother awards

Province VIII

  • Peanut Gallery
    • Province VIII Graduate Development Committee
    • Encourages graduate participation
    • Awards the “Golden Peanut”
  • Health Promotion and Education Project
    • Community service in cardiovascular health
      • Blood pressure screenings
      • Cholesterol screenings
  • Province Philanthropy
    • Benefit families in need
      • Ronald McDonald House
  • www.kappapsi8.org


University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Beta Nu

Creighton University

Beta Sigma

North Dakota State University

Beta Chi

Drake University

Gamma Epsilon

University of Nebraska

Gamma Kappa

South Dakota State University

Delta Zeta

University of Iowa

Delta Psi

University of Minnesota Duluth

Iowa Graduate

Des Moines, Iowa

Minnesota Graduate

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nebraska Graduate

Omaha, Nebraska

North Dakota Graduate

Fargo, North Dakota

South Dakota Graduate

Brookings, South Dakota

Province VIII Chapters


Province IX

  • Chapters in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico
  • 8 Collegiate Chapters
  • 4 Active Graduate Chapters
  • 2 Meetings per year

Beta Gamma

University of California San Francisco

Gamma Nu

University of the Pacific

Gamma Rho

University of New Mexico

Gamma Upsilon

University of Arizona

Delta Sigma

Midwestern University College of Pharmacy–Glendale

Delta Tau

University of Southern Nevada

Delta Phi

University of California San Diego

Epsilon Gamma

Western University of Health Sciences

Arizona Graduate

Tucson, Arizona

Los Angeles Graduate

Los Angeles, California

Pacific Graduate

Stockton, California

San Francisco Graduate

San Francisco, California

Province IX Chapters


Province X

  • Chapters in British Columbia, Montana, Oregon, and Washington
    • International Province
  • 4 Collegiate Chapters
  • 3 Active Graduate Chapters
  • 1 Meeting per year
    • President’s Day Weekend

Beta Omicron

University of Washington

Beta Pi

Washington State University

Gamma Eta

University of Montana

Delta Mu

University of British Columbia

Montana Graduate

Missoula, Montana

Portland Graduate

Portland, Oregon

Seattle Graduate

Seattle, Washington

Province X Chapters


Top 10 Reasons to

Pledge Kappa Psi

Promotion of your profession

Philanthropy opportunities

Education to the community

Scholarships & Awards

Fellowship & Fun


Top 10 Reasons to

Pledge Kappa Psi

Networking, Networking, Networking

Be a part of a lasting tradition

Lifelong friendships

Professional growth & leadership

Kappa Psi is for Life

a person becomes a brother of kappa psi for life not just the duration of his her college years

A person becomes a brother of Kappa Psi for LIFE, not just the duration of his/her college years.