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Illuminating a System-Based Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Illuminating a System-Based Initiative

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Illuminating a System-Based Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lateral Transfer Initiative Lourdes Hospital Binghamton, NY. Knowledge Transfer. Smart MOVES A SYSTEM-BASED APPROACH TO SAFE PATIENT HANDLING. Lights!. Adoption & Critical Elements. Sustaining Success. Risk Analysis/Loss Analytics

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Illuminating a System-Based Initiative

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Presentation Transcript

Lateral Transfer Initiative

Lourdes Hospital Binghamton, NY

Knowledge Transfer




Adoption & Critical Elements

Sustaining Success

Risk Analysis/Loss Analytics

Senior Leadership support & accountability

Nursing Driven

Development of Safe Patient Handling Committee

Dedicated Program Manager

Funds Allocated for Equipment and Education

Policy for accountability and sustainability

Monitoring the success & challenges of Early Adopters

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Safe Patient Handling Education & Training
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Removing Obstacles and Barriers to Success
  • Formulating an Action Plan
  • Reviews Based on Accountability/Improvement

Illuminating a System-Based Initiative

  • Maintaining the wellness of Ascension Health’s workforce requires SmartMOVES - a Safe Patient Handling Program and System-Based initiative. We will:
  • Develop a focused approach and a working plan to begin the SmartMOVES process
  • Facilitate integration of SmartMOVES throughout our Health Ministries
  • Provide support through all levels of SmartMOVES adoption

Process Change


New Associates




Ascension Health is the largest Catholic and largest nonprofit healthcare provider in the United States, operating in 20 states and the District of Columbia – with 60 acute care facilities and over 100,000 associates.

Injury and Claims

Ascension Health is the largest Catholic and largest nonprofit healthcare provider in the United States, operating in 20 states and the District of Columbia.


Action Plan


To Senior Leadership

Continuous Improvement

To Frontline Care Givers






Examples of Success From Several of Our Ministries

Product Change

Gathering a Multi-Disciplinary Safe Patient Handling SmartMOVES Team

Administration PT/OT Worker’s Compensation

Direct Care Associates Infection Control Education

Employee Health Radiology Falls & Pressure Ulcer Human Resources Facilities & Biomed Bariatric Team

Safety Officers Supply Chain Environmental Services

Designate a Safe Patient Handling Program Manager

Provide leadership to the multi-disciplinary team

Establish and monitor success & challenges

Spread Campaign

Engage all stakeholders to assure a successful culture change

Train Super Users

Unit based trainers will implement and sustain SmartMOVES

Equipment Selection

Quality, customer service, educational support, and cost

Equipment Training

Initial and on-going training by the equipment vendor & facility-based educators

Focus Strategy

One patient care area at a time

One process at a time: lateral transfers, vertical lifts, or repositioning

Focus on continual improvement

Policy and Procedure Development

Reflects individual and management accountability

Promotes a safe work environment for associates and patients

Remove Barriers Quickly

Highly visible team with good communication and follow-through

Celebrate Small Successes

Implementation is a culture change -don't become discouraged!

Utilize Knowledge Transfer Techniques

An interactive web-based Knowledge Center with monthly Lunch & Learns, resources, ListServ, & Toolkit

Picturing SmartMOVES

  • We elicited the help of ministries with existing safe patient handling programs
  • We collaborated with our Nursing Clinical Excellence Team and Chief Nursing Officers
  • We utilized recommendations from the VA Safe Patient Handling Program
  • We partnered with equipment vendors

SmartMOVING Forward

  • Illuminate the relationship between associate safety and patient safety
  • Link safe patient handling with decreasing falls and pressure ulcers & improving bariatric care.
  • Monitor results and learn from SmartMOVES“Early Adopters”
  • Spread SmartMOVES throughout Ascension Health
  • Evaluate and review products, equipment, and services
  • Maintain & expand the SmartMOVES Knowledge Center
  • Develop effective implementation strategies to incorporate Safe Patient Handling


Spreading Culture Change

  • We created a starting reference/communication portal called the SmartMOVES Knowledge Center
  • We support SmartMOVES through Monthly Lunch & Learns and a Listserv
  • We devised an essential Toolkit to provide a road map to Health Ministries initiating SmartMOVES


  • VA Safe Patient Handling and Movement Program
  • ANA Handle with Care Campaign
  • AOHP
  • Equitable Safety Group
  • Ascension Health SmartMOVERS & Shakers”