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Internal Social Network For Employees, Enterprise Social Network

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Internal Social Network For Employees, Enterprise Social Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many companies around the world are implementing social networks to promote collaboration amongst their employees, resulting in a positive impact on increasing their productivity. Visit at :\n

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The Importance of Internal

Social Network For


Get your people to work

as One!


Internal Social Networks for employees help in boosting collaboration amongst

numerous teams scattered across various geographical locations. Learn about the impact

of this upcoming tool on productivity of enterprises.

Over the past decade, the evolution and growth of the social media in our lives has

drastically changed the way we live, learn and communicate with each other. With social

media affecting nearly all aspects of our life, it has also penetrated the corporate world

with introduction of Internal Social Network For Employees, helping boost

collaboration and communication amongst the work force.

Many companies around the world are implementing social networks to promote

collaboration amongst their employees, resulting in a positive impact on increasing their

productivity. Often companies leverage on various aspects of their intranets, to create

internal social network for employees, helping the companies in the following ways :

Better understanding amongst employees

An internal social network is a tool for employers to better understand their employees,

as well as for employees to understand their peers and seniors, by helping them to

connect, learn, share and grow. It allows for open communication inspiring creative

dialogues across levels, generations and geographies. The management as well as

employees understand capabilities of their team members as well as other employees,

and hence get inputs to resolve their technical issues from the right resources.


Boosting employee confidence and satisfaction

Remote workers can communicate and collaborate from any geographical location

through their mobile apps of internal social networks. Also an internal social network

puts everyone on an even footing, and gives the entire team the chance to contribute and

share their ideas without feeling intimidated by more vocal team members, giving

employees from different seniority levels the chance to make suggestions to people

higher up in the work chain.

Transparent communication channel

Like any social channel which we use at personal level, the internal social network

encourages employees to express themselves, by facilitating two-way communication

between the organization and employees, which is faster, more open and more personal

than conventional means of contact. The platform is actively used to serve as a source of

support from a number of functions such as HR, IT department, and other service desks.

It abandons constrictive hierarchies, making it possible for employees to discuss their

ideas on anything, from their professional passion to personal interest with anyone, thus

making this channel the most transparent one.

Increased engagement for better productivity

The internal social network tends to enhance transparency throughout the business

establishment, wherein employees are invited to comment freely on any aspect of the

organization that concerns them, be it existing policies or part of discussions that


Visit at :

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