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3 Apr 12 PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Apr 12

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3 Apr 12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NETPDTC Hosting Support for AIM Tools Peg David, NETPDTC N621, Tech PM Roy Hoyt, NETC N74 Functional PM/Resource Sponsor Bruce Bare, NETC N62 AIM Team: Tiffany Dombrowski, AIM PM / Ron Zinnato / Jamie Stewart. 3 Apr 12. Overview.

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3 Apr 12

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NETPDTC Hosting Support for AIM Tools Peg David, NETPDTC N621, Tech PMRoy Hoyt, NETC N74 Functional PM/Resource SponsorBruce Bare, NETC N62AIM Team: Tiffany Dombrowski, AIM PM/ Ron Zinnato / Jamie Stewart

3 Apr 12

  • Central Site AIM I/AIM II implementation for all NETC Centers plus non-NETC communities
  • CPM Rel 5.0 hosting at NETPDTC
  • Implementation Issues
aim central site hosting at netpdtc
AIM Central Site Hosting at NETPDTC
  • NETC N74, N6, and NETPDTC have a plan and schedule to migrate most AIM content andprocessingto NETPDTC Citrix Metaframe-based servers thru end FY12
  • Benefits Include:
    • Simultaneous access by geographically dispersed Center and contractor personnel for collaborative development and maintenance
    • Support for future centralized enterprise data mining for reuse, repurpose, and reference (R3)
    • Significantly faster access to software updates
    • Potential for automated workflow
aim central site implementation
AIM Central Site Implementation
  • Points of contact:
    • NETC N74: Leslie Desenburg
    • NETPDTC: Peg David/Virginia Lovett/Chris Stark/Charlie Odom (Metaframe Sys Admin)
    • AIM team: Ron Zinnato/Steve Wicinski/Jim Ferrall
  • Implementation resources including planning document templates and narrated help videos available on AIM information Web page:
  • AIM Central Site Hosting at NETPDTC
schedule and center pocs
Schedule and Center POCs

* TBD Date - CNATT/CSFE Migration to AIM 5.0

center transition planning
Center Transition Planning
  • Kick-Off Meeting with each Center POCs
  • Centers review/assist draft Transition Plan, roles and responsibilities, POAM, Test Plan, Q/A’s
  • Identify data transfer method; data quantity
  • Review and understand ESS/CITRIX Account Creation Process – Form, SAAR, Center IAM role
  • Review templates, lessons learned, forms, user guides – all found at:
aim central site edmz standup
AIM Central Site – eDMZ standup
  • Current NETPDTC central site migrating to eDMZ; benefits AIM as whole when Application migrates to NOLA eDMZ
  • Centers/data on central site will migrate inside the eDMZ
  • Functional Test Plans will be done; code freeze, Production Release Reviews prior to go-live
  • ‘ESS’ CITRIX accounts transition to ‘NTSS’ CITRIX accounts; no new form required; Centers will validate their users/info on spreadsheet ; PM office to maintain SAAR repository
  • Remaining Centers if any have not transitioned by go-live – will transition directly into eDMZ w/ NTSS accounts
aim edmz milestone timeline
AIM eDMZ Milestone Timeline

3 Jul - Complete NETPDTC IA Doc Build and review

05 Oct Complete ODAA Review and Receive ATO

04 Jun - Complete Server builds/all Scans and STIGS

19 Mar - Start Server Builds

25 July NETC IA Review

Server Builds and Security Test

(19 Mar – 04 Jun)

Note: IATT will be 11 Apr – 04 Jun

NETPDTC IA Doc Build/Review

05 Jun – 3 Jul

(22 Work days)

NETC IA Review

05 – 25 Jul

(15 Work Days)

Operational/Functional Test and

Prod Readiness Review

05 Jul – 15 September

  • Effort includes new server builds:
    • Average builds/STIGS/SCANS - 50 days
    • 2 SQL DB Servers for SQL DB clusters (Physical); 4 ESX Host Upgrades for VMWARE Farm; 1 CPM Web Interface Server (Virtual); 5 AIM Citrix Servers (Virtual)
      • Interim Authority to Test (IATT) period 16 May – 10 AUG
aim i rlo performance issue
AIM I RLO Performance Issue
  • Identified potential login issue - CPU utilization – consensus: does not represent performance issue
  • Identified disconnect issue with EDE update by AIM I ‘super’ user – saturating system, breaking after 4.5 hours; conducting stress test with realistic data this week
  • Affects traditional AIM I and ‘may’ affect LO module; debugging code being added, duplicate process(es), see impacts – isolate coding and/or configuration issues
  • Testing to see if applicable to CSCS AIM I processes; test with both Columbia-hosted production version of CPM & re-pointing via .ini file to NETPDTC CPM test instance
  • NETPDTC: deploy Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 (64-bit) Enterprise Edition to legacy and eDMZ servers; allows additional CPUs and memory to be added as needed; handle more load per server
  • Establish performance baseline; compare/contrast baseline configuration with identified mitigations for current environment and planned eDMZ
aim certification and accreditation
AIM Certification and Accreditation
  • NETC/ODAA treating Central AIM as ‘new’ System standing up inside eDMZ
  • As such, Interim Authority to Test (IATT) granted for 16 May – 10 Aug 2012
  • eDMZ has dependency on CSA Accreditation Plan; ATO imminent Apr timeframe
  • As IATT test period draws to close, C&A package, STIGs, SCANs, mitigations, POAMs are updated, and any other deltas added – for ODAA submission for full ATO approval
implementation issue noforn nnpi
Implementation Issue: NOFORN NNPI
  • Affects primarily non-SWS undersea community – NAVSEA 07TR, SLC, SLC learning sites
  • Stringent data handling controls for unclassified No Foreign Dissemination Navy Nuclear Power Information, mandated by NAVSEA 08
  • NETC/NETPDTC standing up SLC enclave on TRANET_C (NAS PCOLA) to host: ref matl, e-library, IETMs, NNPI content, course curriculum info, AIM content, NNPI/NOFORN, used by SLC DETs
    • How does this fit into AIM program from enterprise view?
    • Requirement to host AIM Application on TRANET_C? For SLC / others?
    • Is TRANET_C interim option until NOLA data center migration?
  • SSC New Orleans (NOLA) currently certified for NOFORN data
cpm hosting at netpdtc
CPM Hosting at NETPDTC
  • NETC N74/N6 and NETPDTC in process of migrating production version of CPM to NETPDTC
    • NETPDTC installed test instance of CPM Rel 5.0 on new server; conducted formal GAT as arranged by AIM SSO
    • Full IA Certification & Accreditation process underway by NETPDTC/AIM team; IATT in hand may allow .com ports to open during eDMZ test period; full IATO/ATO allows .com access
    • CeTARS Web service, AIM enterprise data environment Web service, and PPP Repository integrated into CPM on NETPDTC server
    • Production CPM remains hosted by AIMEREON until ODAA grants IATO/ATO for NETPDTC hosted eDMZ
cpm hosting at netpdtc cont d
CPM Hosting at NETPDTC(cont’d)
  • Benefits Include:
    • Enterprise production hosting and support vs. current contractor environment with limited server configuration and bandwidth
    • Leverages NETC domain sys admin, database management, and information assurance expertise at NETPDTC
    • Co-located with rest of NETC enterprise IT applications and off-site COOP support
    • Secure access from both .mil and .com domains
cpm hosting pocs
CPM Hosting POCs
  • NETC N74: Leslie Desenburg
  • NETPDTC: Peg David / Virginia Lovett / Bob Rayburn (Web Apps BH/CPM assist)
  • AIM team: Ron Zinnato / Steve Wicinski / Jamie Stewart / Jim Ferrall
non netc implementation
Non-NETC Implementation
  • 1 Oct 11 - SSP TRIDENT AIM I Central Site instance transitioned from NAWCTSD to NETPDTC – fully operational - AIM I and LO Module production work
  • NAVSEA 07TR AIM I Central Site instance TBD per decision on support for NOFORN NNPI data
  • Other interested communities:
    • Navy Medicine
    • NAVSPECWARCEN (hosted by NAVSOC)
    • NAVRES
    • DANTES
    • Regional Maintenance Centers – Norfolk / San Diego
implementation issue privilege levels
Implementation Issue: Privilege Levels
  • 5 levels implemented in AIM II per CNATT request
  • 3 levels implemented in AIM I per SSP request
  • CPM-style role/privilege structure in queue for discussion development for AIM I/AIM II based on CNATT working group ACR and new software task order
  • All user communities need to review current business process and adapt for Central Site environment
  • Many lessons learned from CNATT AIM II and SWS AIM I implementation including request for 6th level in AIM II to support limited contractor visibility into AIM production instance
implementation issue ancillary data
Implementation Issue:‘ancillary data’
  • Prospective users have requested NETPDTC establish an ‘ancillary data’ (i.e., not really AIM stuff) storage area in conjunction with their AIM I/II Central Site instances
  • Need better definition of how ‘ancillary storage’ will be used and NETC N6/N7 approval of business process and IT infrastructure loading
  • Also may be impacted by resolution of Information Assurance Category 1 issue mitigation for Metaframe systems
implementation issue initial discussions jobs server approach
Implementation Issue – Initial Discussions: Jobs Server approach
  • A number of processes in AIM I/II take a long time to complete: e.g., Trainee Guide print preview, large course export, large course import
  • Current NETPDTC implementation requires Central Site user to remain logged into Citrix session with CAC inserted in local workstation until process completed
  • Jobs Server concept developed by NETPDTC and AIM teams would permit user to begin long-running process, transfer process to Jobs Server, end Metaframe session, and then log back into Metaframe later to retrieve product of long-running process completed on Jobs Server