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Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R PowerPoint Presentation
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Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R

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Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R. This talk. About „Enhanced Publications“ Links between Publications and underlying data significant for research conduct About „ Compound Objects“ Focused , activity for Germany DFG project ECO4R led by the hbz Cologne

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Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Enhanced Publications, Linked Data – Experiences From ECO4R

    2. This talk • About „Enhanced Publications“ • Links between Publications andunderlyingdatasignificantforresearchconduct • About „Compound Objects“ • Focused, activityfor Germany • DFG project ECO4R ledbythehbz Cologne • Usingsemantic web aspragmatictool

    3. Enhanced Publications

    4. links betweenpublicationsanddataexist

    5. however, nosystematicormachinere-usable links…

    6. same article, evenmoreenrichedwith links

    7. Leadingtoontology-baseddata

    8. …. withevenmoredataattached

    9. anotherexample, linkingdatatopublication

    10. but noreferencetodata in publication

    11. and in the repository world? Also supplements.

    12. and partly complex structures – not represented appropriately…

    13. a repository-based publishing system with supplements…

    14. and complex internal structures

    15. Enhanced Publications • Precious, existingpatternsofscholarlyresourcestobe ‚liberated‘ forre-use • Currentlynowaytosystematicallyrepresentthesepatternsforre-use • Expressing „expectations“ ofhumans • Concepts!!!

    16. Compound Objects

    17. Semantic Web / LOD a possible way to represent enhanced publications? • Yes • machinereadable web-representationofcompoundobjects • No • datamissing • not designedfor human concepts • serviceprovidersaremissing

    18. Eco4R – an exploration activity • How to support existing concepts in human reasoning? • How to make opaque or unstructured content in existing repositories (rather than catalogues) visible and re-usable? • focus Germany (OpenAIRE and Netherlands not shown here) • Which existing vocabularies and ontologies can be re-used? • What could be linked to other existing LOD data sources? See also: „Report on Enhancing Interoperability between existing Open Access Publication Infrastructures“

    19. Eco4R Approach Services Enhanced Publications Machines Humans Data

    20. Pragmatic Data Model Approach in describing „Enhanced Publications“ • Based on OAI-ORE • To semantically describe the aggregative publication entities • Finding a compromise “Frbr Aligned Bibliographic Ontology” • Extends the FRBR entities (Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item) with more specific classes (e.g. JournalArticle, WebPage, SupplementaryInformationFile) • Complement to other ontologies in SPAR (Semantic Publishing and Referencing), which can describe a whole publishing workflow

    21. Data Model Instance

    22. Implementations done in ECO4R – I • Support of the data model by plugins in two fundamentally different repository platforms: • OPUS – most used platform in Germany, simple architecture with numerous limitations in file-handling • The 1st ORE support for this platform • Fedora – rather complex system, fine granularity in access modes, file management, versioning, audits • Refactoring of existing ORE implementations, compliant with the latest specification

    23. Implementations done in ECO4R – II • Plugins neither need modifications of the internal repository data model nor the repository user-interface • A pragmatic way for making repositories linked data compliant • Authors of publications are not bothered • Overlay Journal – prototype as a prove of concept • Research project: operation not part of the plan

    24. Overlay Journal as proof of concept • OAI-PMH Harvesting of ORE ResourceMaps • Persisting in a Triple-Store • Processing for the Overlay Journal (Broker) • Storing results in MySQL • Visualization for end-users • SPARQL interface for service providers

    25. Work in progress

    26. Re-Use Aspect demonstrated • Placeholder for User-Interface Screenshot Work in progress

    27. Discussion

    28. Benefits for Linked Data compliant Aggregators • Descriptions of (Enhanced) Publications are compliant with web standards • Linking and enrichment by using terminology services, for e.g. • DDC, PND, Organizations (, Projects (rkb-explorer) • Reliable links to e.g. full-text and datasets, when publication entities are semantically described • Improved retrieval interfaces by provision of a SPARQL endpoint

    29. KO criteria for enforcing Linked Data Services • Interoperability: after the experiments and prototypes – which ontologies, vocabularies will survive ? • What about the maintenance of all the ontologies, vocabularies ? • Availability, Reliability and Quality of terminology services, SPARQL-Endpoints etc. • A fundamental requirement regarding the complex linking character of the Semantic Web

    30. Enhanced Publications as LOD – a possible way with ‚concepts‘ are starting point << ORE / FABIO << Repository PlugIns << Enhanced pub.s as starting point << Demonstrator • Yes • machinereadable web-representationofrelations • No • datamissing • not designedfor human concepts • serviceprovidersaremissing

    31. Plans • Open Source Release of the OAI-ORE repository plugins • Further developments for Dspace, Eprints? • Using the CARPET platform & DINI/OA-Netzwerk as hosts to further discuss and circulate the “Enhanced Publication” paradigm in Germany • Conceptualization (SKOS?) • linking to Enhanced Publication Developments in the NL • embedding in in EU (OpenAIREplus, euroCRIS) • Building aggregators (BASE?)

    32. Thanks For Your Attention • The Project Team Members • Anouar Boulal, Jochen Schirrwagen, Martin Iordanidis, Andres Quast, Jan Schnasse, Friedrich Summann • Web-site: • Wiki: