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SSDS Risk Management & Air Charter International Evacuation solutions and support capabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SSDS Risk Management & Air Charter International Evacuation solutions and support capabilities نحن نرحب بكم ونتطلع دوماً لخدمتكم. WWW.SSDS.CO.UK. Company presentation

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SSDS Risk Management &

Air Charter International Evacuation solutions and support capabilities

نحن نرحب بكم ونتطلع دوماً لخدمتكم


  • SSDS Risk Management is a privately owned UK/ UAE based consultancy licensed to provide national & international services. SSDS is a full service company offering and providing a comprehensive range of risk & crisis management solutions and consultancy specializing in risk identification, mitigation and management supported by realistic effective solutions specifically tailored to the environment you are operating or conducting business in.

  • Our expatriate management teams are supported by multinational personnel specifically chosen from a variety of backgrounds for their individual fields of expertise with extensive experience in different environments and cultural awareness, so whenever SSDS risk management provide support services to a company operating in a remote location or difficult circumstances SSDS can provide realistic tailored solutions led by location experienced consultants.

  • All SSDS risk management personnel are highly qualifies, operationally proven and are hand chosen for specific projects depending on the location.

  • Air Charter International presentation

    Air Charter International isheadquartered and based in Dubai since 1994, Air Charter International specializes in the provision of Executive jet charters, Cargo charters, Passenger Travel, Medical Evacuations and helicopter charters.

    We operate worldwide, 24/7, many times in countries where there is instability due to political developments, natural disasters and poor infrastructure.

    What can you expect when contacting Air Charter International:

    Delivery of fast and reliable solutions

    Value for money by using a uniquely tailor made business application

    Professional and ethical business standards with a consultative approach

    24/7 dedicated sales team available

    Full operational support

    Air Charter International is NOT an airline; we are a global aviation solutions provider

    Joint Statement

    In today’s world, risk appears in a variety of complex and continuously evolving forms with very few situations ever the same. The escalating risk to commercial companies operating in remote, challenging and post conflict countries has increased dramatically. As development increases within countries in Africa the Middle East & Asia, so does the criminality and risks to your personnel and facilities.

    Evacuation planning is a priority in crisis management and is essential to all commercial companies operating in environments with safety and security concerns. Air Evacuation Services has been utilized extensively to evacuate personnel caught up in ongoing conflicts saving lives and a company’s reputation.

    Companies fully prepared by implementing an evacuation policy to cover both their security & medical situations will benefit by the knowledge their personnel are being provided the highest standards of care, given the environment the company is operating in. Having an evacuation contingency in place will also affect the company financially as the companies’ personnel & K&R insurance will decrease substantially.

    New Evacuation packages

    • Location & Ground Assessments

    • Air Evacuation (Security & Medical).

    • Air Evacuation (With a Ground Support Team)

    • Pre-evacuation ground support team

    • Evacuation contingency plan assessment and design

      All evacuation contingency plans are designed & tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the clients project or business.

    1- Location & Ground Assessments

    Option One: (Primary)

    Air Charter International can conduct an Initial location assessment .

    A detailed location assessment can highlight all the requirements for an air evacuation from the nearest location to the nearest airport, including safety and security concerns around the airport etc.

    Option one: (Secondary)

    As part of the evacuation location assessment we can conduct a ground risk & feasibility assessment at the companies’ location; providing focused detailed information on areas that will require further attention, identify any vulnerability or action needed to be taken to allow the evacuation of the companies’ personnel to the agreed evacuation point- with limited or no obstacles if a decision to evacuate all of the companies personnel has been made.

    2 - Air Evacuation service (Security & Medical)

    As one of the regions pioneers in evacuations, Air Charter International has a long tradition in dealing with security and medical emergencies across the 4A region. The company has established itself as the priority choice for efficient evacuation services to companies in need of advanced and rapid emergency transport.

    Together with SSDS Risk Management we have created a comprehensive range of evacuation services in response to the growing requirements of our clients and our individual members operating in problematic and remote regions. By combining our expertise and invaluable local knowledge Air Charter International & SSDS Risk Management offer all our clients a tailor made solution.

    Air Charter International has access to an extensive range of fixed wing and turboprop aircraft for security or medical evacuations. Depending on our client’s operational location, the emergency and the situation on the ground, ACI can provide the aircraft knowledge to suit the client’s requirements allowing a rapid response that is effective and follows a strict code of conduct in promoting a duty of care to its clients.

    3 - Air Evacuation (With a Ground Support Team)

    Partnered with SSDS Risk Management Air Charter Internationals’ capabilities now include ground security escort teams (SET) deployable at short notice to coincide with the arrival of the evacuating aircraft.

    Our teams are experienced & highly trained for evacuation in remote & problematic locations specifically tailored in size to our client’s requirements and the number of personnel being evacuated.

    Our security escort team compositions range from all-expatriate staffed teams to a combination of expatriate and local nationals if required.

    Depending on the emergency our teams range from a two man team up to ten man teams depending on personnel required on the ground and how many locations are being evacuated and the threat level in country at the time and your specific requirements.

    4 - Pre-evacuation ground support team (Security)Air Charter International offers a unique pre-emptive solution by supporting our clients when and where they require assistance. Our ground support team service is effective, a pre-emptive security measure deployed to either take full responsibility of the companies’ security requirements or to assist our clients in country security managers before any situation has escalated to the point of evacuating company personnel thus minimizing our client’s exposure to any increased threat.  Air Charter International ground support team personnel are specifically chosen with demonstrated operational experience tempered with mature experience in both foreign and domestic requirements, with a wealth of experience from providing ground support in some of the world’s most challenging environments.Our security specialists are highly trained professionals who retain the knowledge, skills and ability to operate under extreme  circumstances and are always fully equipped and prepared to assist our clients in countries or regions deemed high-risk due to a security situation or increased threat to the clients operation.

    5 - Evacuation contingency plan design

    To effectively protect your personnel and business and to be fully prepared, you need to implement a system to pre-empt any potential threat or safety issue.

    This contingency management system is efficient and effective through six divisions:

    • Safety- risk and/or medical assessment / analysis

    • Design a contingency plan specific to requirements & recommendations

    • The Implementation of the Plan and System

    • Security enhancements ( if required )

    • Support and training

    • Crisis management, response & evacuation

      Our highly experienced consultants can design a full set of contingency plans specific to your business or operational requirements, we will then implement that plan and support you through the whole process.

      Our consultants will provide the required assistance through monitoring and training your personnel to be fully efficient and maintain the contingency management system through regular assessments and upgrades if required.


    Jointly SSDS Risk Management & Air Charter International have extensive and first hand experience in the evacuation of people out of areas like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and problematic countries in Africa to include Egypt. We achieved to find solutions to obtain permits in all these countries through our vast network of specialists.

    Air Charter International has provided aircraft charters for well known reputable companies like Canadian Nexen Yemen, Honeywell, KBR, ING Bank, Nokia, Royal Dutch Shell, G4S, United Nations (UN) etc.

    Air Charter International, along with its Special Security Defense Partner, will always operate one step ahead, providing the services required by integrating effective solutions that can be quickly implemented, minimizing the areas of venerability in your business or operation.

    This allows you to fulfill your objectives without interference, safe in the knowledge that if a potential threat is detected or a situation arises, it will be addressed correctly, and effectively.

    Air Evacuation solutions

    “ A guarantee to have access to an aircraft operated by an Aircraft Operator at 3 different Levels of Emergency for the purpose of evacuation flights out of the environment you are operating or conducting business in”

    Level 1: First Right of Refusal

    Guaranteed aircraft availability for 1 Month (Renewable) with a lead time of 36 hours. No permits are obtained at this level and permits cannot be guaranteed

    Level 2:Aircraft on 24 Hour Standby

    For the sole use of your company (Renewable) Permits for flights in and out of operating country are obtained at this level.

    Level 3:Immediate Activation of an Evacuation Flight

    Adhoc or of an aircraft on standby by contacting Air Charter International. The lead time for deployment is 12 hours or less, subject to obtaining permits quickly.

    Overview inclusions and exclusions charter prices


    Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance, Catering, Passenger TaxAll other Operational costsPositioning/Re-Positioning of the Aircraft from its base and backObtaining of landing and over-flight permits (Included in Charter Price under Level 2 & 3 only)Air Charter International Operational SupportFor the Medevac Aircraft the Doctor, Nurse, ICU Unit and other Medical Equipment


    Obtaining of landing and over-flight permits (Only Excluded from Charter Price under

    Level 1)


    Level 1: USD 20,000- 30,000 per month

    Level 2: USD 10,000 – USD 15,000 per 24 Hrs

    Level 3: Costs depend on choice of Aircraft, due to variable number of passengers.

    You are welcome to contact us anytime if you need advise or wish to discus a project or in the event of an escalating situation or emergency.


    DUBAI , UAE. PO BOX 487177


    EMAIL: [email protected]

    TEL: 0097144319149

    Mobile: 00971502808924

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