rsa and rcg photo identification card n.
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  2. Existing arrangements • RSA commenced 1995 • RCG commenced 2000 • RTOs purchase blank certificates from OLGR at $15 each • RTO awards certificate following successful completion of approved RSA or RCG course

  3. Certificates used as evidence of competency and are perpetual (no renewal process) • Licensed venues must retain copies of certificates for each person employed to perform liquor or gaming-related duties

  4. Reasons for PIC introduction • 2009 ICAC investigation - ‘Operation Columba’ • April 2010 - Deloittes engaged to conduct a fraud and corruption risk assessment of RSA/RCG regime

  5. Issues raised • Lack of security, portability, reliability and durability of paper qualifications • Inability to verify certificate content against a database of RSA and RCG qualified personnel • Recommendations included better record-keeping and issuing photo IDs

  6. Solutions • Replace paper certificates with photo card • Create licensing records for all RSA/ RCG events and participants, ie: • RTOs; • Trainers • RSA/RCG courses • Cardholders • Data to be held in Government Licensing Service (GLS) database

  7. Online lodgement of courses & student details by RTOs • Interim certificate generated by RTO • Student presents at Australia Post outlet for identification check and photograph

  8. Advantages For students • Durable and portable evidence of RSA/RCG competency • One card for both competencies • Ability to update details, such as address or add additional competencies • Card replacement available through OLGR

  9. Convenience of using Australia Post outlets to lodge card application • Pay once for course and card

  10. For RTOs • Reliable, streamlined business process for recording students, courses and for issuing certificates (can be reproduced on demand) • Ability to export student and course data • Interim certificates produced as required – no need to bulk purchase blank certificates

  11. Extended approval periods moving from an annual to 3-yearly renewal cycle • Increase in course demand through: a) card renewal process (requiring refresher training or retraining); and b) requirement for certificate holders to retrain to obtain photo card

  12. For Industry • Will not be required to keep copies of paper certificates for employees • Reduced risk of fraudulent qualifications being used by staff • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements

  13. For OLGR • Heightened capacity to conduct activities to monitor and evaluate industry compliance • Automated and efficient renewal process • Ability to introduce retraining or refresher training as part of renewal process

  14. Ability to easily introduce and add new competencies • Central register of accredited personnel accessible by OLGR compliance staff & NSW Police (in real time) to determine validity of cards and competencies

  15. Will be issued by OLGR (on behalf of CLAGCA) to all successful candidates of approved RSA/RCG training courses Will be valid for 5 years Photo competency card

  16. Process overview

  17. Current position • Recent survey conducted to ensure correct and reliable data entered into GLS • Final system testing underway • Go Live date set for 22 August 2011

  18. Challenges • Parallel system in operation (with paper certificates) • Phasing out paper certificates • Credit card payments only

  19. The Cost • Cost of RSA competency will be $70 • RCG will cost $30 – students will need to present at Australia Post once only • So both competencies can be obtained for $100 for five years

  20. System Requirements • The online system uses a web-based interface requiring: • an Internet connection; • a compatible browser - Internet Explorer 8 and above, Netscape, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all supported through both PC and Mac platforms • a printer

  21. Communicating the Changes • OLGR liquor + gaming magazine & e-news • OLGR website • Letters and factsheets for RTOs • Information & training sessions for RTOs • Helpdesk number & dedicated email address for support

  22. Flyers will be provided to RTOs to distribute to students which explains the steps they need to take to apply for the photo card. • Liaison with other stakeholders including NSW Police, industry associations, licensed venues, recruitment agencies

  23. Demonstration • CTO portal for scheduling & lodging courses.

  24. Q & A