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Canterbury Development Corporation Workforce Development

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Canterbury Development Corporation Workforce Development. Skill s. “A well educated and skilled and adaptable workforce is an essential ingredient in producing a successful economy in the 21 st century.

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skill s

“A well educated and skilled and adaptable workforce is an essential ingredient in producing a successful economy in the 21st century.

We must also ensure that the specific skills which are needed in our potentially world class sectors are available in NZ. Skill shortages can be a major barrier to firms expanding.”

difficulty of funding staff
Difficulty of Funding Staff

Source: New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

labour as a main constraint on expansion
Labour as a Main Constraint on Expansion

Source: New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

research mismatch professor paul spoonley project leader lmdrp
Research: Mismatch(Professor Paul Spoonley, Project Leader - LMDRP)

Demand Side

  • Employer Expectations including pre - employment qualifications and tacit skills
  • SME’s ability to attract and recruit employees
  • Information Flows between Industry/ Employers and training/education providers and their intermediary agencies (employment agencies)
  • Understanding current and future labour demand especially for sectors struggling either because of conditions or growth
research mismatch professor paul spoonley project leader lmdrp1
Research: Mismatch (Professor Paul Spoonley, Project Leader - LMDRP)

Local Issues that Impact (Employer Research)

  • Increasing numbers educated without being responsive to employers or aggregate regional labour market demand – misalignment
  • Concern about appropriateness of current training and education
  • Concern about generic/tacit skills of job seekers including ability to communicate, safety and health, work ethic, computer literacy, personal attributes such as tidy appearance
  • Low unemployment – 3.6% NZ, 3.1% Canterbury
  • Skill shortages
  • Emergence of semi skilled labour shortages
  • Initiatives tend to focus on supply side issues
  • Demographic changes – (Aging pop, ethnicity &

baby blip)

  • Youth Transition issues
  • Lack of Demand side measures
  • Lack of robust Labour Market Information
  • Mismatch of capability to opportunity
canterbury development corporation
Canterbury Development Corporation

As an EDA our unique point of difference is the combination of both Economic Development and Employment Services.

Economic Development, Research Science and Technology and Employment Development

economic development demand side initiatives
Economic Development Demand Side Initiatives

Economic Development

Business Services

Research Science & Technology



BIZ Programme

Business Start Up


Ultralab South







Outdoor Apparel

employment development supply side initiatives
EmploymentDevelopmentSupply Side Initiatives

Employment Development




Outside the


Work Projects


Workforce Development

workforce development
Workforce Development

…is based upon the idea that an accurate understanding of the local labour market, shortages, gaps and recruitment difficulties, and effective strategies to fill these gaps, will be the basis of strong future economic and job growth.

workforce development 3 key areas
Workforce Development3 Key Areas:
  • Labour Market Information and Demographics
  • Skills and Training Aligned with Industry Requirements
  • Workforce Aligned with Regional Development Strategy
regional labour market information
Regional Labour Market Information
  • Employment Snapshot
  • Canterbury Job Vacancy Monitor
  • Sector Skills Analysis
  • Apprenticeship Campaign
pilot sector skills analysis
Pilot Sector Skills Analysis

Employment change, 2000-2004

(Source: Statistics NZ Business Demography Statistics)

  • Poor perception of Apprenticeships
  • Complexity of information
  • Anecdotal examples in the local community
  • Parental influence on career choice
  • Graduation ceremony’s
  • Marketing and Communication
the apprenticeship campaign
The Apprenticeship Campaign
  • Promoting the benefits of apprenticeship
  • Providing easy-to-access information about apprenticeships for young people, their families, employers, schools and the wider community
  • Increasing the uptake of apprenticeships

the apprenticeship campaign1
The Apprenticeship Campaign
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Contact person in region – phone or email
  • Simplification of pathways to generic information
  • FAQ
  • Referrals to ITO’s, Industry reps and Training providers
  • Bomb the Malls, Schools and Community Centres
the apprenticeship campaign where to from here
The Apprenticeship Campaign Where to from here?

Contact us as to how you would like to interface with this campaign – linkages,

ideas, meshing of initiatives, timing and support …..