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Budgeting and Financing

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Budgeting and Financing. Child Protection Funders Group. Donors Funders Group. The Presentation focuses on three major areas related to child protection funding. 1. The experience of Oak Foundation grant making to promote child protection work in the region.

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budgeting and financing

Budgeting and Financing

Child Protection Funders Group

donors funders group
Donors Funders Group

The Presentation focuses on three major areas related to child protection funding.

1. The experience of Oak Foundation grant making to promote child protection work in the region.

2. The role of the child protection Funders group to increase and coordinate funding for child protection work in the region.


Private Foundation relative advantages are,

  • 1) flexibility that allows to use quickly adjust funding to contextual change,
  • 2).Patient capital which allows to invest in long term process of social change
  • 3).Tolerance for Risk, which allows to invest in new ideas and unheard voices to leverage other bigger funding once the projects become effective
  • 4).Independencewhich allows convening platforms that help bridge between government, communities and private sectors.
budgeting and
Budgeting and …..
  • Oak Foundation grant making strategies are the followings that determine the grant making,
      • 1. National level grant Making: The focus countries for Oak Foundation grant making are Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.
      • 2. Regional level grant making: Regional project funding incudes Kenya and supported inter-country program development.
      • 3. Multi-country programs incudes South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe Zambia the two Sudan's in addition the other four countries.

New five years strategic plan focusing on

1. Addressing the Sexual Exploitation of children

2.working with men and boys

3. supporting systemic approaches to the protection of children.


In consultation with our partners we have developed a strategy called Learning/Action partnership which plan to bring critical actors program, research and media to plan and develop programs in a coordinating manner to address child protection issues.


Child Protection Funders Group

In 2009 Foundations discussed and the importance of global alliance of private Foundation on child protection issues to coordinate their work.

A steering committee of private Foundation established In 2011 to propose concrete actionable steps for joint initiatives.

  • The objectives of the Child Protection Funders group are,
      • a. To make child protection a more significant global priority.
      • b. To move away from a narrow focus of child protection sector
      • C. To support where all sectors play active role in the protection of children..

Priority areas of Funding ..

1.Preventing and protecting children from violence

2.Strengthening system for family –based care and reducing dependencies on the institutional care.

3. Supports the shift towards holistic and system based approaches to child protection


In 2012 five private Foundations travel to Tanzania to assess the situation and coordinate their approach. They and met senior government officials, UN , bi-lateral organizations and civil society actors.

The foundations identified broader are of interventions and consultation process is underway to coordinate their work in Tanzania..


Program support

1.The evaluation challenge fund with the aim of developing an evidence base for preventing and protecting children from violence.

2. The work on child protection national system strengthening and this conference has the contribution of the donors funding collaboration.