battle of trebia 218 bc and lake trasimere 217 bc n.
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Battle of Trebia (218 BC) and Lake Trasimere (217 BC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Battle of Trebia (218 BC) and Lake Trasimere (217 BC)

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Battle of Trebia (218 BC) and Lake Trasimere (217 BC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Battle of Trebia (218 BC) and Lake Trasimere (217 BC) . Carthaginian Victories!. Battle of Trebia (River): Commanders. Rome Scipio Sempronius. CARTHAGE WON! Carthage has few causalities. Rome had an estimated 20,000. Carthage Hannibal Mago -Hannibal’s brother.

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battle of trebia river commanders
Battle of Trebia (River): Commanders





Carthage has few causalities.

Rome had an estimated 20,000.



Mago-Hannibal’s brother

sempronius mistake paraphrase in notes
Sempronius’ Mistake (Paraphrase in Notes)

Scipio was still recovering from his wounds but Sempronius was "impetuous and headstrong." Sempronius began making plans to engage Hannibal in open battle before the more senior Scipio could resume command. Sempronium disregarded Scipio’s caution not to attack with untrained men.[8] Unfortunately for Sempronius, Hannibal was aware of this, and prepared to take advantage of Sempronius' impetuosity.

the beginning the trap paraphrase in notes
The Beginning-THE TRAP! (Paraphrase in Notes)

On the following morning, Hannibal sent the rest of the Numidiancavalry beyond the Trebbia to harass the nearby Roman camp and then retreat. The idea was to lure the Romans into a trap where Mago’s regiment could attack. The Carthaginians rode up to the gates and discharged missiles at the men on duty. As expected, Sempronius sent out the Roman cavalry to drive them off, and shortly afterwards sent out 6,000 javelin-throwers, the light-armed infantry, to cover the formation of the main line of battle behind them.

hannibal s strategy paraphrase in notes
Hannibal’s Strategy (Paraphrase in Notes)

When Hannibal’s Gallic spies told him the Romans were ready to do battle, he sent the best infantrymen and cavalrymen for a special mission. This detachment of 1,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry under the command of Hannibal's younger brother, Mago, were instructed to conceal themselves in the underbrush of the water-course under the cover of night, and prepare an ambush for the Romans.

battle formations
Battle Formations

Hannibal quickly formed his army with infantry in the center and cavalry and war elephants on the flanks. Sempronius approached in the standard Roman formation with three lines of infantry in the center and cavalry on the flanks.


the battle paraphrase in notes
The Battle….Paraphrase in Notes

On the flanks, the Carthaginian cavalry, making use of their greater numbers, slowly pushed back their Roman counterparts. As pressure on the Roman cavalry grew, the flanks of the infantry became unprotected and open to attack. Sending forward his war elephants against the Roman left, Hannibal next ordered his cavalry to attack the exposed flanks of the Roman infantry. With the Roman lines wavering, Mago's men sprang from their concealed position and attacked Sempronius' rear. Nearly surrounded, the Roman army collapsed and began fleeing back across the river.

battle of lake trasimene commanders
Battle of Lake Trasimene: Commanders



Guess what?! CARTHAGE WON!

Carthage started with 50,000 men, and had an estimated 4,000 causalities.

Rome started with 40,000 men, and had an estimated 20,000 casualties.



the beginning paraphrase in notes
The Beginning…(Paraphrase in notes)

Flaminius took command of Sempronius' (loser’s) army, and was reinforced by new legions. He moved south to defend a position closer to Rome. When Hannibal found out, they followed.

Moving faster than the Romans, Hannibal's force passed Flaminius and devastated the countryside—trying to egg the Romans to battle. Hannibal worked to encourage Rome's allies (friends) to turn their back on Rome by showing that Rome was unable to protect them.

Unable to draw the Romans into battle, Hannibal moved around Flaminius' left and maneuvered to cut him off from Rome. Under increasing pressure from Rome and angered by Carthaginian actions in the area, Flaminius moved in pursuit.

the trap paraphrase in notes bold
The TRAP! (Paraphrase in notes--bold)

Hannibal planned a massive ambush along the lake's shore. The area along the lake was reached by passing through a narrow pass to the west which opened to a narrow plain. To the north were wooded hills with the lake to the south.

As bait, Hannibal established a camp which was visible from the pass. Just to the west of the camp he deployed his heavy infantry along a low rise. On the hills extending west, he placed his light infantry in concealed positions.

Furthest west, hidden in a wooded valley, Hannibal formed his Gallic infantry and cavalry. These forces were intended to sweep down on the Roman rear and prevent their escape. As a final trick, on the night before the battle, he ordered fires lit in the Tuorohillsso the Romans wouldn’t know the exact location of the camp.

The next day, Flaminius approached the pass, ignoring advice to wait, he goaded his men forward.

the battle paraphrase in notes1
The Battle (Paraphrase in notes)

Once Hannibal lured all the Romans onto the thenarrow plain, the Carthaginians emerged from their positions and attacked. Riding down, the Carthaginian cavalry blocked the road east sealing the trap. Streaming down from the hills, Hannibal's men caught the Romans by surprise and prevented them from forming for battle. Separated into three groups, the Romans desperately battled for their lives.



Who was the Roman commander at the Battle of Trebia?

Name one similarity between the two battles in Hannibal’s battle strategy.

Name one similarity between the two battles in the Roman’s battle strategy.