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The best treks in Himachal Pradesh

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The best treks in Himachal Pradesh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Himachal Pradesh is beyond doubt one of the most verdant and naturally beautiful states in India. the most popular hill towns, like Shimla, Dharamsala, Dalhousie and Manali, it is also a favorite among adventure seekers, particularly trekkers. There are many treks in the state that originate from Manali and Dharamsala. Here are some popular treks of himachal.

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the best treks in himachal pradesh

The best treks in Himachal Pradesh

The best way to experience the beauty of Himachal is to trek

the state of h imachal pradesh has a lot to offer
The state of Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer when it comes to the serene landscapes of the mountains and valleys. When you say goodbye to all the luxuries you have earned and you give away all your strength to nature instead of huge glass buildings. We present you the best treks of himachal that are worth breaking a sweat for. Lose yourself to nature with these scenic trekking trails of Himachal Pradesh.
hampta pass trek
Hampta pass Trek

The trail that begins from the rambagh circle in manali will fill you up with the sceneries of lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains in the backdrop and the variety of flora and fauna throughout its journey. The carpet of snow covering the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges makes the scenery even more pleasing to the eyes. 

The trek of 26 km that can be easily covered in 6 days.

kareri lake trek
Kareri lake Trek

The kareri lake settles amidst the majestic dhauladhar ranges. The melting snow from the ranges is the main source of cobalt blue waters of the lake. For this easy graded trek, you have to begin your journey from the ghera village

The trek of 34 km can be covered in 2 day

patalsu peak trek
Patalsu peak Trek

Even though the maximum altitude gained in this trek is 13451 feet, it is rated challenging as it involves peak climbing. It originates from manali and takes 5 days to complete.

bhrigu lake trek
Bhrigu lake Trek

The scenery of bhrigu lake trek begins from the base camp in manali. Nestled in the upper kully valley and east of rohtang pass, this trek will give you various landscapes of kullu, solang valley, and rohtang pass.

In the four days, this trek will require you to cover the distance of 45 km

malana village trek
Malana village Trek

This 5 km trek can be covered in 1-2 hour depending on your body strength. 

Malana is a small village that has kept itself away from all the materialistic development that people in cities die for. This very fact makes this place unique and beautiful beyond measures.

pin p arvati trek
Pin Parvati Trek

If you have ever thought of trekking to be a cake walk, Pin Parvati trek would prove you wrong by challenging your nerves. The struggle with the moody weather, rugged mountains, and the testy climb on the freezing terrains,

The 100 km trek that requires you to dedicate 10-11 days.

kheer g anga trek
KheerGanga Trek

Kasol is one place in Himachal Pradesh where you can escape away from the bustling life of cities. The sceneries of fierce KheerGanga, green Parvati valley, pleasant breeze brushing your face and the tranquility in the ambiance that you miss out in the metropolitans.

This 12 km trek that requires 5-6 hours.

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