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Thursday 18 th April. WRITING TO ARGUE. Objectives:. To develop an understanding of the features of an argument. By the end of the lesson you will…. be as good as Vicky Pollard at arguing!.

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Thursday 18th April


  • To develop an understanding of the features of an argument.

By the end of the lesson you will….

be as good as Vicky Pollard at arguing!


Writing to argue is very similar to writing to persuade and advise because you are trying to make the reader do something/ agree with something.


When writing to argue, like when writing to persuade, you need to include certain language devices. Some of which are similar to when writing to persuade.

language devices for writing to argue
Language devices for writing to ARGUE…
  • Challenge: In pairs, try to unscramble the following language devices. Some of these you will have used when writing to PERSUADE.


writing to argue language techniques
Writing to ARGUELanguage techniques

= new language device.

  • elriotarhcnisequot
  • luerfo ether
  • petierinot
  • sctfa
  • noiniop
  • toeeivmgnuelaga
  • tuqeormof an txeper
  • taeconed

Write your own argument about one of these topics:

  • Packed lunches are better than school dinners
  • More school trips
  • Going to college is better than getting a job

Use as many language techniques as you can.

arguing against school uniforms

Dear Head of Education,

I am writing today to express my belief that school uniforms should be abolished in Schools today. Although I understand that uniforms represent schools and are the same for everyone, what about if a disaster was to happen? What if we had to recognise everyone and had to give a description about what they were wearing?

I am sure you will agree that uniforms are now a part of history and that pupils should be able to wear their own clothes to school as it would certainly save parents money.

Last year, it was estimated that the average family spent £150.00 per month on new school uniform.


Emphasise your points through repetition.

Eg: I think school uniforms in schools should be kept and are definitely worthwhile. They are worthwhile because they are the same for everybody. They are worthwhile because they help students to focus. They are worthwhile, most of all, because they represent the school.


You can invent facts. They make your argument more believable and backs your opinions with EVIDENCE.

Since the introduction of school uniform in schools in Arizona, the number of exclusions and detentions decreased by 15% in six months.

use expert opinion

Eg: The recent Minister for Education, Ed Balls, said “ uniforms in school are a must. They must never be abolished and serve a great purpose”.

Use expert opinion

If you can quote or refer to an expert, it adds weight to what you are saying:

use real life examples anecdotes

E.g.: Uniforms can really focus you and improve performance. In my own school, I believe that the school uniform brings us all together and enables us to represent our school.

Use real-life examples (anecdotes)

Your audience can relate your point better if you give examples from your own experience, or from real life:

use emotive language
Use emotive language

Use plenty of positive/negative adjectives to describe your opinions more vividly:

Wearing school uniform infringes on expressing my identity, it is extremely oppressive to be told what to wear for five, long years.

vicky s advice on what not to do
Vicky’s advice on what NOT to do!

WHATEVER! I’m a good arguer

Do not be rude/offensive in your argument.

Do NOT make your argument completely one sided- you need to consider the other points to the argument and say that you understand and appreciate them.

Do not use slang- your writing must be formal.


1. Revise features of an argument

2. Find and read examples of arguments

for a writing test for Monday 22nd April.

p lenary

To summarise, what are the three vital elements of an argument?

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