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Preserving Our W orlds

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Preserving Our W orlds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preserving Our W orlds. Local products. Primar y School Bezrucova Trencin, Slovakia. March 2010.

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Preserving Our Worlds

Local products

Primary School Bezrucova

Trencin, Slovakia

March 2010

Trencin region is famous for its industry and agriculture products. Trencin is a big fashion centre. We have a textile factory and a clothes factory. Trencin is called a town of fashion. We also make shoes in our region.
  • We have a chemical production, engineering industry and a big machinery. We produce glass and furniture in Trencin region. We have sugar and diary factories and we breed fish around Trencin.
Sugar factory
  • Sugar factory in Trencianske Teplice is one of the biggest sugar producers in Europe. Sugar is made from sugar beet there. It produces 1.6 million ton of sugar a year including icing sugar, granulated sugar, lump sugar and grape sugar.
  • This factory is 110 years old.
  • In our region there is a big dairy factory. It is not far from Trencin in Nove Mesto. The factory produces more than 100000 litres of milk a day. More than 200 people cooperate to make a dairy products. Except of milk they also make yoghurts, ice cream, cheese including special Slovak sheep cheese called „bryndza“.
Our Ponds
  • Around Trencin there are nice ponds. Our class went to see fish breeding in one of them. We could see carps, pikes, trouts, mackerels and salmons. At this place people can catch their fish, gril it or buy a raw fish for Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.
  • When the weather is nice families come to a restaurant and eat grilled fish.
Clothes factory Odeva

Trencin is the town of fashion. There are three big factories connected with fashion – Merina, where cloths are made, Kara with its fur production and Odeva, where clothes, especially suits for men are made. Odeva was founded in 1957. It is one of biggest clothes companies in Slovakia. Each summer the big exhibition of fashion is held in Trencin. Fashion companies from all parts of Slovakia come to Trencin to present their clothes.

textile factor y
Textile factory

Merina is a textile factory, which was opened 103 years ago in Trencin. In 1913 there were 520 people employed and in 1950 it was 3,331 people!

There were produced cloths like cotton ,elastic fiber ,polyester ,in recent years cloths for car blankets.

They were exported to countries like Germany ,USA, Polland and so on....



Kara factory producesfurcoats,furcaps, jackets, trousers. Kara is nearly sixty years old.Furcoats are made from animal fur, like rabbit,fox or nutria.Lots of people do not like wearing animal fur, they prefer artificial one. We agree!

Lednicke Rovne
  • The small town Lednické Rovne is located on the right bank of the river Váh. It is world famous for itsblown glass production which was founded in 1892. It is one of the the last glass manufactures in Slovakia. Their exemplairs are stored in the Glass museum, which was opened in 1988. There is an exposition of glass products from the 17th century up to now.
Continental Matador Rubber

Continental Matador Rubberis a rubberplant.

The seat of company Matador is in a small town Púchov about 20 kilometresfrom Trenčín.

Itstarteditsproduction 60 yearsago.

Companyproducestyresforcars, vehicles, specialtyres and conveyorbelts.

Main clientsof Matador tyres are: Volkswagen, Škoda, Krone, MAZ, KAMAZ and Tatra.

Theirtyres are usedall over theworldmainly in: Germany, GreatBritain, France, GreatBritain, CzechRepublic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, RussianFederation, Romania, Belarus, Italy, Austria, Spain, China, India.

The Company has almost 2000 employees.