positive behavior interventions and support n.
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Positive Behavior Interventions and Support PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

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  1. Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

  2. Why PBIS? “The goal of Positive Behavior Support is to create a safe, civil and productive school.” -Randy Sprick • Reduce barriers to learning • Increase motivation to achieve • Planned attack through Positive Reinforcement

  3. The more effective a Tier 1 system is, the less of a need for Tier 2 or 3 interventions…

  4. Numbers

  5. “Get Your SPIN On” Success Pride Integrity Nobility

  6. SPIN Bucks… School-wide incentive Catching Kids Doing Good

  7. Ratio of Interactions • Plan to interact at least three times more often with each student when they are behaving appropriately, rather than misbehaving. • Plan to interact at least sixteen times more often with students that have disabilities or students who are at-risk when they are behaving appropriately, rather than misbehaving. 3 : 1 ratio 16 : 1 ratio 7

  8. Making the Most of 3 to 1 Make eye contact Use behaviorally specific language Provide immediate feedback Acknowledge appropriate behavior often

  9. STOIC Structure/organize the areas Teach students how to behave responsibly in the area Observe student behavior (supervise!) Interact positively with students Correctcalmly, consistently, and immediately in the setting in which the infraction occurred

  10. RulesVs.Procedures (CHAMPS) The purpose of rules is to set boundaries or limits Rules are unchanging and set school wide. No more than six rules at a time. Each teacher holds different expectations. Procedures concern how things are done and are statements of student expectations. Procedures and routines teach what students are to do or work at. Classroom management plans have procedures.

  11. Hurricane Rules… Be courteous and respectful Be prepared and responsible Be on time Keep hands, feet, body parts, and objects to yourself

  12. Clever Quote

  13. Academics affect behavior…Behavior impacts academics! Based on review of 11,000 studies spanning 50 years, researchers determined… the most important factor governing student learning is classroom management. Margaret Wang, Geneva Haertel, & Herbert Walberg, 1994

  14. Classroom Management All the things a teacher does to organizestudents’, space, time, and materials is so that student learning can take place. Students want a well-managed classroom...because a well-managed classroom gives students security. There are no surprises and no yelling in a classroom where everyone knows what is happening and everyone respects each other.

  15. If You Want a Behavior, You Have to Teach It! • Prepare, prepare, prepare • Teach expectations • Model Behavior “Look like” • Acknowledge students who demonstrate the skill • Regularly communicate with students and parents • Greet students daily • Avoid confusion and wasted time • Teach Routines

  16. CHAMPs are Classroom Procedures • CHAMPs Template: • Conversation • Help • Activity • Movement • Participation • Success




  20. Class-wide Motivation System

  21. Faculty/Staff Expectations • Everyone is expected to maintain vigilance in upholding school wide expectations (Matrix) • All Faculty/Staff were asked to monitor their interactions with students- -At least 3 to1 positive to negative interactions • Everyone is expected to pass out 20 SPIN Bucks a week • Teachers are expected to explain in detail their classroom procedures using the CHAMPs Template (minimum of 8 posted in classroom) • Each teacher is expected to initiate a class-wide Motivation system.

  22. “Get it Right” Zone

  23. Denim & Dollas(ers) Fundraiser • Money is used to buy incentives for faculty and staff based on SPIN buck drawings • Faculty and staff will be allowed to wear denim on Wednesdays with payment of: • $60 per • -OR- • $35 per semester

  24. Alma Mater Hail to Sam Houston High Proud we shall always be Honor and loyalty To thy fair name Although the years may pass Thy love with us shall be Ever a memory SAM HOUSTON HIGH!