ocean t idal energy in japan n.
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Ocean T idal Energy in Japan

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Ocean T idal Energy in Japan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ocean T idal Energy in Japan. 11720255 Takuya Mitamura. Tidal Power. The tide is created by gravitational tugs from the moon and the sun. They are a powerful force along the shore.

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ocean t idal energy in japan

Ocean Tidal Energyin Japan

11720255 Takuya Mitamura

tidal power
Tidal Power

The tide is created by gravitational tugs from the moon and the sun. They are a powerful force along the shore.

Tidal power is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity. This is one of the technology used as a natural energy resources like solar and wind power.

<Tidal power plant has been made in many countries.>



generation of tidal energy
Generation of tidal energy

Tidal power uses difference of tidal range.

Occur that tidal range changes

Open a dam and water flow

Turbine rotates

Get electricity



Fuel is not required,

Project the output exactly.


Cost performance is bad.

Difficult to establish.

In Japan, there is a large tidal range as the Tsugaru,Kanmon and Naruto Strait. But there is no better place to establish a large scale tidal power plant.

Tidal power is not expanded in Japan yet.

nova energy co ltd

It is a venture company established in MAY 2007 and located in Hyogo. This company has been conducting research and development of new energy.



research in kanmon strait
Research in Kanmon Strait

Kitakyusyu started to develop tidal power plant with a company or university in this year.

The speed of the tide is fast : Max 4.8m/s

This research has not commercialized yet. And it is difficult to use widely in Japan.

If tidal power is available widely in Japan. We can reduce the emission of CO2.

thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention