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Best in France NTT Europe Paris Branch PowerPoint Presentation
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Best in France NTT Europe Paris Branch

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Best in France NTT Europe Paris Branch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best in France NTT Europe Paris Branch. Group ES2.b Georgios Filiopoulos Gianni Huaman Mikito Kuroki Sameer Narula. December 2003. Agenda. NTT Group & NTT Communications NTT Paris Branch Why NTT came to France? Company’s Clients Customer’s Needs Company’s Values Company’s Products

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Best in France NTT Europe Paris Branch

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Presentation Transcript

Best in FranceNTT Europe Paris Branch

Group ES2.b

Georgios Filiopoulos

Gianni Huaman

Mikito Kuroki

Sameer Narula

December 2003



  • NTT Group & NTT Communications
  • NTT Paris Branch
  • Why NTT came to France?
  • Company’s Clients
  • Customer’s Needs
  • Company’s Values
  • Company’s Products
  • Constraints in France
  • Organizational Structure
  • Adaptation to France
  • Essential Advice
  • We thank

NTT Communications

Address : 1-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,

Japan 100-8019

Capital : 211,650 million yen (as of March 31, 2003)

Employees : About 7,450 (as of March 31, 2003)

Business : Domestic and international telecommunications services



Paris Branch

Date de création : mai 1991 sous le nom de NTT France.

Directeur général : Yôsuke SEKI


  • What's its business
  • To sell international data services for corporate customers
  • International data networks in France : FR, ATM, IP/MPLS, ILL
  • To support Japanese Companies in France (IT, Network engineering )
  • What are its key figures
  • Sales 4,224,306 Euros (2002)

Why NTT came to France?

  • Company approach to international growth
  • Target : to become a ‘Global IP services Company’.
  • In Europe : to be the ‘Asian carrier of choice’ for European multinational companies
  • To be the preferred carrier of Asian companies for their European network
  • Where else did it consider
  • Leader in Asian market, rapid growth in the Americas & Europe
  • Presence in the UK, France & Germany due to existing customers
  • Why was France a key target location
  • France is one of the leading countries in Europe, its economy one of the largest (among the top six in the world)
  • Global customers are here (eg. Toyota)

Company's clients

  • Who are the company's clients?
  • Japanese multinational companies in France
  • The number of business customer : 190 companies
    • Toyota Manufacturing France
  • Other American, Asian, European multinational companies
  • French multinational companies (Arcstar)
  • How will a French presence help or hurt the company's ability to satisfy client demands?
  • Close support and direct contact for offices/HQs in France will help the company satisfy client demand

Customer Needs

  • Control of IT of overseas subsidiary from headquarter in Japan
  • VNP
  • IT Security
  • Multi language support (English / French / Japanese)
  • Application development such as Groupware
  • Save cost of IT

Company’s Values

  • What are the core values of the company that may or may not fit with perceived French values?
  • Fits well : attention to service and long-term relationships with the customers
  • (as opposed to Anglo-Saxon ‘short-termism’ and ‘hard sell’ approach)
  • How did company manage to instill its values in the French unit?
  • Multinational & multicultural team (50:50 French : Japanese)
    • The culture is a unique amalgamation of French and Japanese
    • All Japanese employees speak French and many French speak Japanese
    • French employees with job experience in Japan and/or Japanese spouses

Company’s Values (continuation)

  • Dedication to service and global end-to-end support
  • Trilingual Help desk : language(English, Japanese, French)
  • One stop solution from cabling to application development
  • Multi system vendor
  • Japanese high level of IT technology is very useful for French companies
  • Very high level commitment to customer service (unique experience for companies in France)

Company’s Products

  • What products are produced in France?
  • They do not sell products but services : International data services designed by Tokyo, locally delivered services for SI (consulting,…)
  • Arcstar : NTT Communication network brand

From “Overview of Paris Branch”


Constraints in France

  • What are the principal constraints that the company foresaw before coming to France?
  • In terms of HR, the strong existence of French unions represents a factor to take into account
  • Because of French Unions, NTT France seems as a big decision having more than 50 employees in France (highest limit of employees before having a Union in a French company)
  • How do these constraints differ with their other locations?
  • In the European region NTT has developed different business practices and rapport with its customers
  • NTT does not realize whether the differences between its European subsidiaries are cultural or not

Organizational structure

  • The number of employees : 30
  • 2 of them are expatriates. Others are French
  • Many French workers have working experience in Japan
  • Organization
  • * Sales Support
  • * Project Management * Engineering
  • * Technical Sales Support * Technical Team


Iléana WALBAUM, Responsable Administrative worked for French embassy in Tokyo.

Hervé LEREAU, marketing director, he worked in France telecom Japanese branch


Adaptation to France

  • Conditions of work follow French law - Convention collective –
  • Two types of employees
    • Cadre & non-cadre
      • Ranks A, B, C, D are non-cadre
      • Ranks E, F, G, H are cadre
    • 70% of salespeople are non-cadre
  • Follow a special formulae which ends up making work hours paid at 37 hours a week
  • 12 days a year off
  • Training in UK and France
  • Initially had a Japanese bonus system, now French (13 month system)
  • Perks include restaurant tickets, carte orange etc.

Adaptation to France (continuation)

  • Communications policy in office
  • Generally, French and Japanese are common languages
  • The aim of this communication policy is to avoid misunderstanding by using English, which foreign for both Japanese & French workers
  • English is used only in simple e-mail correspondence

Adaptation to France (continuation)

  • Recruiting
  • Head hunting
  • Personal contact
  • Use recruiting company
  • Desirable talents
  • Language skills (French / Japanese /English)
  • Working experience in Japanese corporations
  • Engineering skills
  • Management skills

Adaptation to France (continuation)

  • Training Program
  • Technical training is held by outside expertise
  • Accounting training (French accounting)
  • Specialized Accounting software usage taught in the UK
  • Japanese Language lessons (for free, every week)
  • Compensation menu
  • Basically, compensation menu is based on French law (13 Salaries, 25 Calendar days for vacations, 35 working hours a week, and so on).
  • Food tickets (every day 7 euro support)
  • Transportation reimbursement (percentage of Carte Orange)
  • No extra bonus for Overtime (Japanese workers of NTT France are more flexible to work overtime  cultural issue)

Essential Advice

  • Advice to other companies in this sector
  • concerning use of France as a location
  • Compared to corporations in other countries, French corporations want to have long-term relationship with its business partner.
  • BUILDING TRUST is quite important in France.

From Hervé LEREAU, sales director


We Thank

Yosuke SEKI

General Manager

90, Avenue des Champs – Elysees 75008 Paris 01 4076 0660


Sales Director

90, Avenue des Champs – Elysees 75008 Paris 01 4076 0660


Responsable Administrative

90, Avenue des Champs – Elysees 75008 Paris 01 4561 5508


Our Team

Mikito Kuroki

Sameer Narula

Georgios Filiopoulos

Gianni Huaman