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11月22日写作点题 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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11月22日写作点题. 张贝贝. 1、Parents do not understand their children as well as they did 50 years ago. 2、 In 20 years from now on, students will not use printed books any more. 让步转折

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  • Admittedly, the past few years witnessed the increasing popularity of e-books, which has led to the decline of prinbted books.
  • Despite those advantages possessed by e-books, it does not necessarily prove that printed books will disppear among students because of is unique yet irreplaceable pros.
  • There is a series of disadvantages of using printed books, the most obvious one of which is that they are not eco-friendly.
  • Apart from the above mentioned environmental issue, printed books are also quite inconvenient compared with e-books.
  • Last but by no means the least, printed books are predicted to fall into disfavor for the reason that they are money-consuming.
  • There is a series of advantages of visiting museums when we want to learn about a foreign culture, the most obvious one of which is that it is time-saving as well as convenient.
  • Apart from the above mentioned pro of visiting museums, it also enables visitors to have a more impressive and enjoyable experience compared with surfing the Internet.

5. Getting advice from friends who are older than you is more valuable than getting advice from friends of your own age.

Sometimes, advice from friends older than us can be more valuabole, especially the advice related to how to behave well in society.

Nevertheless, some suggestions from peers might be more useful, especially those associated with fashion and high-tech.


6. As life becomes more complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

Celebrated ones
  • Those without major achievements
Young people have to acquire academic knowledge of subjects even if they are not interested.
  • Young people have to adapt themselves to society immediately after graduation
  • Young people have to follow social convention and they are saddled with burden from both family and work.
12 Compared with the people who live in cities, those who live in villages or farms are more satisfied with their lives.
14 Today people cannot buy products based on information in their advertisements because advertisements are less honest than before.
16 Colleges or Universities should offer more courses to prepare students for the future before they start working.
Admittedly, courses related to career are quite beneficial to students, especially for juniors and seniors who will enter the job market soon.
  • Nonetheless, occupation-related courses by no means necessary for some students, especially for those who plan to further their study after graduation or freshmen and sophomore.
17 It is not necessary for university students to attend classes as long as they can pass their examinations.