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The Global Learning Programme

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The Global Learning Programme. FAQs for GA members. What is the Global Learning Programme (GLP)?.

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what is the global learning programme glp
What is the Global Learning Programme (GLP)?

The GLP is a ground-breaking new programme which supports teachers to help their pupils learn about the challenges our world faces, their role within a global society, and think critically about with issues such as development, poverty, globalisation interdependence.

The programme is based on a peer-to-peer model, sharing expertise in Global Learning through a national network of GLP Expert Centre schools. Watch the GA websitefor updates and opportunities to get involved.

Secretary of State Justine Greening launches the GLP at St Mary Star of the Sea School, Hastings (DfID image)

what are the key glp themes
What are the key GLP themes?

The GLP key themes are knowledge:

  • of developing countries, their economies, histories and human geography;
  • of the basic elements of globalisation;
  • of different ways to achieve global poverty reduction and development, and the arguments around the merits of different approaches;
  • and understanding of the concepts of interdependence and sustainability.


  • enquiry and critical thinking about development and development issues.
what are intended glp outcomes
What are intended GLP outcomes?

As a result, the programme will:

  • help young people understand their role in a globally-interdependent world and explore strategies by which they can make it more just and sustainable;
  • familiarise them with concepts of interdependence, development, globalisation and sustainability;
  • move them from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality;
  • stimulate critical thinking about global issues;
  • promote greater awareness of poverty and sustainability,
  • and enable schools to explore alternative models of development and sustainability.
what opportunities are there to get involved wales and england
What Opportunities are there to get involved (Wales and England)?
  • Use the new-look Geography Quality Marks to self-evaluate your standards and provision. Global learning is a strong theme in both Primary and Secondary Quality Marks.
  • Access Global Learning resources: Use the GLP site to access a wide range of resources and CPD opportunities
  • Develop Global Learning in your curriculum: Use the curriculum frameworks to review and integrate essential knowledge aspects of Global Learning into your planning
  • Improve your knowledge and skills through GA courses and conference: We will put on a series of face to face and online courses over the course of the project, and offer a Global Learning pathway through the annual conference
what opportunities are there to get involved glp england
What Opportunities are there to get involved (GLP-England)?
  • Join the programme as a GLP Partner School:register for the GLP to support the development of Global Learning in your school; join a CPD network with others
  • Get your school accredited as a GLP Expert Centre: share your expertise in Global Learning with other schools by becoming an Expert Centre at the hub of a CPD network
  • Become a GLP Lead Practitioner: use the GLP Teacher Evaluation to recognise and develop your own expertise in Global learning
  • Access the GLP Innovations Fund: the Innovations Fund allocates grants to support small action research projects in Global Learning
  • Apply for a grant to support transition projects (state schools in England): The GA has a number of £500 grants to support work on Y6-Y7 transition; we also plan to share case studies with the membership. Download more details and an application form
  • Work with GA Geography Primary Champions (in England): Geography Champions have some funding to offer support to teachers through local networks, to develop subject knowledge and curriculum – making. Contact Paula Owens
  • Book a visit from a Development Ambassador to talk to older students, through RGS-IBG
what is the role of a glp partner school
What is the role of a GLP Partner School?
  • Appoint your own GLP Coordinator
  • Complete the Whole School Audit (WSA) to establish current practice; this generates a school action plan
  • Join a network of other GLP Partner Schools managed by your Expert Centre
  • Attend four terms of CPD twilight sessions hosted by the Expert Centre
  • You can also access further CPD from local and national providers, funded through the e-credit strand of the programme. 
what is the whole school audit
What is the Whole School Audit?
  • The GLP Whole School Framework is designed to support schools in improving global learning for pupils. It helps schools recognise where and how they can embed global learning more deeply as they move through the programme.
  • Review, Action Plan, Carry Out, Link (eg to PGQM), Review,

Apply ...

  • If the School Action Plan shows your school is at the developed/embedded stage against the majority of GLP criteria, apply to become a GLP Expert Centre.
what does an glp expert centre ec do
What does an GLP Expert Centre (EC) do?
  • Recruit a network of between 15 and 23 Partner Schools in your local area.
  • Host half-termly twilight support sessions to introduce them to the Global Learning Programme (GLP).
  • GLP will provide support financial and other support including LP training.
  • EC will arrange and deliver the eight half-termly twilight CPD sessions, act as ‘hub’.
  • GLP Expert Centres get funding of between £3375 and £5175
what is an accredited glp lead practitioner
What is an accredited GLP Lead Practitioner?
  • Professional recognition for leading global learning in your school.
  • Self-assessment against the ten key criteria for the role
  • GLP Expert Centre Lead Practitioners are funded
  • GLP partner schools can also take part in this scheme by covering the cost of GLP Lead Practitioner accreditation from the SSAT (The Schools Network Ltd ): £325 per applicant excluding VAT
  • Valid for 3 years.
what is the innovation fund
What is the Innovation Fund?
  • Grants for a total of up to 50 studies
  • For educators working in state-funded schools in England
  • Produce an original piece of school-based research on a global learning theme
  • Each study can be funded up to a value of £500
  • The final report should be between 3000 and 5000 words long.
what is the transition project
What is the Transition Project?
  • Run by the GA
  • KS2 – 3 project based on global themes (must be geography in there!)
  • Primary and secondary schools (KS2-3)
  • £500 per school paid at end of school year on receipt of evidence of work undertaken
  • £500 x 25 grants available each year of the GLP Paid to SCHOOLS only
  • You can work with 1 – 3 schools.
glp accreditation or geography quality mark first
GLP Accreditation or Geography Quality Mark first?

Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM) and

Secondary Geography Quality Mark (SGQM) both support the GLP Whole School Framework.

  • If you have a QM it will help you evidence that you have achieved certain GLP criteria
  • Similarly, your GLP Audit will support your application for a QM.

You can do either first.

how do primary secondary geography quality marks fit
How do (Primary / Secondary) Geography Quality Marks fit?

The PGQM and SGQM, like other awards, offer evidence that schools have achieved some Global Learning Criteria (as set out in the Whole School Framework).

  • What kind of a match do the QMs give you?

We colour coded how well the QMs supported the GLP criteria for PGQM Silver Level andSGQM.

Find out more about the new QM frameworks here

  • My school’s got the SGQM – does that mean we’re also in the GLP?

No: the two programmes are separate, but complementary: we’ve made it easy to join the GLP, but you must still register.


You’ll find most of what you need on:

  •; for example > Find support > maps