car transmission maintenance guide extend the life of your transmission n.
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Transmission Maintenance - Easy and Simple Tips! PowerPoint Presentation
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Transmission Maintenance - Easy and Simple Tips!

Transmission Maintenance - Easy and Simple Tips!

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Transmission Maintenance - Easy and Simple Tips!

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  1. Car Transmission Maintenance GuideExtend The Life of Your Transmission

  2. IMPORTANCE OF AUTO TRANSMISSION MAINTENANCE Transmission is one of the most important components in your automobile. However, many people do not know how to properly take care of their transmission! If you’re among the one, who doesn’t know what the transmission needs to run better and last longer, don’t worry; A plus Transmission Specialist is here for you. They have compiled the top transmission care tips to help your transmission go farther:

  3. TIP #1 • Regularly check your parking lot for leaks. A leak can be the first sign of your car breaking down. • Check the transmission fluid level regularly. A low level might be due to leaks. • Change the transmission fluid after approximately every 10,000km, before it becomes dark or dirty.

  4. TIP #2 • Stop and go traffic, hilly terrain, hot weather, or towing can build up excess transmission heat causing fluid to be lost, damaged, or both. • Have the transmission linkage and other adjustments checked periodically. Especially after the vehicle has been in an accident or has had any major engine work performed.

  5. TIP #3 • Be aware of any unusual noises or vibrations coming from your vehicle, and have any problems checked right away in order to avoid causing serious transmission damage. • Check your transmission fluid level. Always make sure your transmission has enough transmission fluid, and that that fluid isn’t dirty or burnt smelling

  6. TIP #4 Take your vehicle for a complete physical checkup at least once a year. This should include all safety components such as lights, brakes and steering. Remember that a poor running engine or certain transmission problems can be a safety hazard.

  7. THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO • Don’t Downshift To “Brake” At Traffic Lights. • Don’t Place Shift Lever in Drive or Reverse when engine is at “Fast Idle”. • Don’t Use Your Shift Lever Instead of Your Brake. • Don’t Rock Your Car in Sand or Snow. • Don’t Drive Until The Engine Warms Up

  8. A Plus Transmission Specialist Repair Shop in Houston – Full Service Transmission Shop! Whether it is time for regular preventative maintenance, or time for transmission repair, just visit A Plus Transmission Specialist, the leading transmission repair shop in Houston. For more details, Call 713-766-4866 Visit