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WORK PACKAGE 2- FINAL RESULTS WP2 Seminar / Baltic Master II Partner Search The 19th of Dec., 2007 Prepared by Jakub Piotrowicz. w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g. WP2: Safe Transportation at Sea Response to the unique character of the Baltic Sea.

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w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

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WP2 Seminar / Baltic Master II Partner Search

The 19th of Dec., 2007

Prepared by Jakub Piotrowicz

w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

wp2 safe transportation at sea response to the unique character of the baltic sea
WP2: Safe Transportation at SeaResponse to the unique character of the Baltic Sea

- The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most heavily trafficked waters (more

than 2 000 vessel movements per day);

- Level of sea transport and use of sea and coastal zones are dramatically

increasing (shipping, fishing, offshore wind power plants,oil drilling);

- It takes up to 30 years to renew the water of the Baltic Sea;

- One large spill can disrupt sea and shore life over many miles and years.


Baltic Master Work Package 2 ”SAFE TRANSPORTATION AT SEA” was lead by Maritime Institute in GdanskWork Package 2 of the Baltic Master was focused mainly on: - The Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) and Associated Protective Measures (APMs);- Local and regional priorities and a vision of the PSSA framework for the Baltic Sea in 2020;- Traffic monitoring solutions ;- Issues of improving maritime safety (navigation, traffic separation, training of crew, oil-spills handling);- Places of refuge;- Port waste management.

wp2 in numbers
WP2 in numbers
  • - 18 active and supporting Partners from 4 countries:
  • Sweden (10 Partners), Poland (6 Partners), Germany (1 Partner), Finland (1 Partner) plus renowned external experts;
  • - 12 reports and case studies;
  • - More than ten WP2 meetings including seminars on safe transport, navigation, PSSA and Professional Development Courses on ICZM;
  • - 3 large traffic monitoring workshops;
  • - Several project presentations for national and international bodies.
wp2 in numbers reports and case studies
WP2 in numbers – Reports and case studies

- Vision of PSSA 2020 (lead by Region Blekinge/Maritime Institute in Gdansk)

- Regional and local priorities on PSSA (lead by Maritime Institute in Gdansk)

- PSSA in the Baltic Sea- overview (World Maritime University)

- Inventory of measures and needs in respect of education and training of seafarers, equipment and technology improvements, onboard vessels transporting dangerous goods in the Baltic Sea Area (Kalmar Maritime Academy)

- Risk analysis models on the area of the Baltic Sea

- Ship safety on southern and western Baltic Sea

- Integrated model of navigational safety on the Baltic Sea

- Vessel safety in Poland's largest harbours (all by Maritime University of Szczecin)

- AIS for small ships (Maritime Office in Gdynia)

- Future of traffic monitoring centres (Maritime Office in Gdynia)

- Places of refuge in the Baltic Sea (Kalmar Maritime Academy)

- Sludge and waste handling in medium sized ports (Port of Kalmar)


WP2 PSSA Reports- major contents

  • Analysis of threats related to sea transport;
  • Description of the chosen valuable Baltic sea areas - ecological, socio-economical aspects;
  • Legal aspects of maritime protection;
  • Definition of existing APMs, proposal of new APMs implementation;
  • Recogniton of local priorities and experienceswithin PSSA (interviews with regional representatives);
  • Situation of The Baltic Sea Area in comparison with other PSSA areas.

Experiences from the WP2 (1)

Reccomendations of maritime safety improvment by:- enforcing current legal regulations in the field of PSSA; - efficient implementation and execution of law; - taking new safety measures;- developing systems for safe transportation;- organizing joint monitoring scheme;- raising awareness and knowledge about the Baltic Sea and PSSA;- effective collaboration and innovation.„Prevention is the best way of minimizing threats at sea. It includesenforcement of regulations related to environmental protection, construction of safer vessels, improved sea pilotage, obligatory monitoring.”


Experiences from the WP2 (2)

- There is a strong need to improve the education and trainingof seamen (issues of fatigue, knowledge of languages, emergency manoeuvring etc.);- Vessels equipment should be standardized (AIS, Global Positioning Systems, autopilotes);- Procedures concerning port waste management and ballast waters handling need to be uniformed;- Each Baltic state needs to have clear regulations concerning places of refuge.


Experiences from the WP2 (3)

- Further protective measures arenecessary to eliminate and reduceshipping related impacts;- Measures decided on the level of EU, IMO and HELCOM willnot have the desired effect if they are not implemented anduniformly enforced at the different levels by all Baltic Statesincluding RUSSIA; -Existing APM – Baltic ‘Areas to be avoided’ list shouldpreferably include all the present and planned offshoreprotected areas;- The influence of local communities on the improving maritimesafety should be increased, the knowledge about PSSAneeds to be disseminated in more effective way.

thank you for your co operation
Thank you for your co-operation

and see you in the Baltic Master II !

Mrs Urszula Kowalczyk

Maritime Institute in Gdansk

Head of Economics and Law Department

Baltic Master WP2 Leader

+4858 301 16 41

Jakub Piotrowicz

Maritime Institute in Gdansk

Baltic Master WP2 Manager

+4858 301 16 41