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LoTTIE kit , what is it? ?. Lo : Low T : Tech T : Tools for I : Inclusive E : Education. LoTTIE , what does it mean??. Every school in LPS has LoTTIE kits as a resource for the teachers and students, but what does LoTTIE mean??.

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LoTTIE kit,what is it??

Lo low t tech t tools for i inclusive e education

Lo: Low

T: Tech

T: Tools for

I: Inclusive

E: Education

LoTTIE,what does it mean??

Every school in LPS has LoTTIE kits as a resource for the teachers and students, but what does LoTTIE mean??

Find out more on their website: www.onionmountaintech.com

What’s in the kit??

Reading Helper

The Reading Helper is a flexible reading guide with a built-in colored filter. They come in many different colors. The filters are see through, and simply tint the color of the paper/text. The Reading Helper can be used as a reading tracker, or at a filter for students that require/prefer specific colors.

What’s in the kit??


The Page-Up is used to hold paper vertically. It can hold up to 20 pieces of paper at a time. It comes in two sizes, regular and mini. Its also small enough for a student to easily carry between locations.

  • Examples for use:

  • Use to prop up a rough draft while the student is typing the final copy

  • Use to hold reading material vertically

What’s in the kit??

Grotto Grip

This grip places the fingers in a natural ergonomic position. It lowers the need for increased pencil pressure and can therefore alleviate hand fatigue. The grip is structured so that once the fingers are properly placed, they cannot revert back to an immature grasp.

What’s in the kit??

Master Ruler

The Master Ruler provides access to all units of measurement (inch, ½ inch, ¼ inch, 1/8 inch, etc…), but allows you to isolate the measurements. Each unit of measurement is printed on a separate clear overlay so that they can be viewed together or in isolation. This tool allows you to decrease distracters by isolating them, but also allow for comparison of units.

What’s in the kit??


The Voice-Over is a simple voice recording device. It will record one message, up to 10 seconds.

  • Examples of use:

  • Record daily homework

  • Provide scheduling instructions such as, “Before you go home, remember to get your notebook, put it in your backpack, get your lunchbox, and your boots.”

What’s in the kit??

Time Timer

This visual timer lets you see how much time is left. The bright red disk disappears as time elapses. Great for students who do not know how to tell time. An optional auditory signal can be used to signal the end of a session. Use the Time Timer to signal transitions, break down tasks into smaller chunks, or to indicate the end of a work time.

What’s in the kit??

E-Z Edit Paper

  • Use for editing: students write on the white lines and the “editor” writes on the yellow.

  • Use the yellow lines to add information/revise

  • The lines are numbered which makes it easy to reference a comment back to a

  • specific line of text.

Talk to these people within your school:

LCP:  Claudia Lawson, Margaret Seymorian

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Bowman:  Lauren Kelly, Kathy Abou-Rjaily

Estabrook:  Kay Slusser

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Hastings:  Bonnie McCall, Susan Campbell, Jessica Jannace, Susan Grubbs, John Harney

Clarke:  Erin Maus, Hallie Wells, Felice Zinderman

Diamond:  Hallie Wells, Felice Zinderman, Lisa Flori

LHS:  Paul Tiernan, Mike Doherty