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Kindred The Storm

Kindred The Storm

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Kindred The Storm

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  1. KindredThe Storm VOCABULARY AND NOTES

  2. Journal Entry 1 (Cycle 3) What people, objects, activities do you see in this image? What is happening in this story? How does it make you feel? Answer in SEVEN complete sentences.

  3. Journal Entry 2 (Cycle 3) Think of a character in Kindred. How does this character reflect their environment? How has this character evolved over the course of the novel because of their environment? Has it been a positive or negative change? Answer in SEVEN complete sentences.

  4. The StormVocabulary and Notes: Set 1 Take notes as directed!

  5. Lebanon “I turned on the radio and found a news station tuned right in the middle of a story about the war in Lebanon.” (pg. 196) The Lebanese Civil War was a war in Lebanon between the Christians and the Muslims, lasting from 1975 to 1990 and resulting in an estimated 120,000 fatalities.

  6. South Africa “The news switched to a story about South Africa – blacks rioting there and dying wholesale in battles with police over the policies of the white supremacist government.” (pg. 196) From 1948 to 1994, South America’s National Party enforced a system of racial segregation in which the rights of the majority blacks were denied and the white minority ruled (Dutch, German, French).

  7. Apartheid Apartheid: the state of being apart Nelson Mandela: • first elected South African president (1994 – 1999) • served 27 years in prison starting in 1957 for encouraging people to overthrow the National Party • fought against apartheid.

  8. Malaria “As I slapped at my ear, I remembered, finally, what the ague was. Malaria.” (pg. 203) Acommon infection in hot, tropical areas that is spread by mosquitoes and can be cured if treated. *ague – fever that makes you shiver *dengue – infection spread by mosquitoes

  9. Crop Rotation “Apparently, even in this time, planters practiced some form of crop rotation.” (pg. 211) The practice of growing crops alternately on the same land to preserve nutrients in the soil.

  10. Laudanum “You give her the laudanum when she needs it and she won’t give you much trouble.” (pg. 217) A medicine made of alcohol and opium *opium: a powerful illegal drug that is made from a type of poppy flower

  11. The StormVocabulary and Notes: Set 2 Take notes as directed!

  12. Journal Entry 3 (Cycle 3) So far in Kindred, we have encountered many themes, some of which include: the innocence of childhood, the power of education, the horrors of slavery, interracial relationships, historical events, medical advances. What theme interests you the most? Why? How does the theme develop over the course of the novel? Answer in SEVEN complete sentences.

  13. Miasma “Doc says it’s something in the air that spreads ague – something of bad water and garbage. A miasma, he called it.” (pg. 204) A heavy cloud of something unpleasant or unhealthy.

  14. Coffle Behind the men walked several women roped together neck to neck. A coffle – slaves for sale.” (pg. 221) Atrain of slaves or animals fastened together.

  15. Brevity “I didn’t want Rufus having to face some creditor that I had angered with my twentieth-century brevity – which would come across as nineteenth-century abruptness, even discourtesy.” (pg. 227) Using few words to say something. synonyms: concise, short, compact

  16. Vindictive “She might be that vindictive if she knew of her husband’s temporary interest in Tess.” (pg. 222) Showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you synonyms: vengeful, revengeful, unforgiving, resentful, bitter

  17. The Rope and EpilogueVocabulary Take notes as directed!

  18. Journal Entry (EXTRA CREDIT) Notice that Octavia Butler started Kindred on Dana’s birthday. Dana’s last trip back to the antebellum South is on the nation’s birthday, July 4th. This is no accident. What do you think Butler is trying to say about political identity verses individual identity? How do you define your political identity? How do you define your individual identity? Answer in at least SEVEN complete sentences.

  19. Gangrene “Or that if I didn’t die, I’d have some grisly side-effect – like gangrene.” (pg. 241) The decay of flesh that occurs in a part of the body that no longer has blood flowing to it.

  20. Prerogative “Insulting me was her prerogative.” (pg. 250) Aright or privilege. synonyms: entitlement, right, privilege, advantage, due, birthright

  21. Erratic “And Rufus was Rufus – erratic, alternately generous and vicious.” (pg. 260) Acting or changing in ways that are not expected or usual : not consistent or regular.

  22. Kindred 1. having similar or common qualities, origin, etc. 2. related by blood or marriage