Akoya bandit orbitvision
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Akoya - Bandit OrbitVision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Akoya - Bandit OrbitVision. Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering and Applied Science. Erin Beck Justin Char Lane Haury Cash Carr. Goals: Simulate the complete Akoya-Bandit camera-to-radio system Photograph LED array as it would appear on Akoya in daylight

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Akoya bandit orbitvision

Akoya - BanditOrbitVision

Washington University in St. Louis

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Erin Beck Justin Char

Lane Haury Cash Carr

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • Goals:

    • Simulate the complete Akoya-Bandit camera-to-radio system

    • Photograph LED array as it would appear on Akoya in daylight

    • Photograph the Earth as it would appear to the Akoya Earthside camera

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • Akoya - Bandit:

  • Bandit is a 4 kg service vehicle housed within Akoya, a 25 kg parent satellite. On orbit, Bandit will undock from Akoya, navigate relative to it while completing simple to complex tasks, and redock.

  • Bandit navigates by observing a pattern of LEDs on Akoya’s surface and calculating position.

  • Two cameras aid navigation:

    • BanditCam: b/w camera that photographs LEDs, from which software determines position

    • AkoyaCam Dockside: color camera looking at Bandit from the dock, used for backup sighting of Bandit

  • One additional camera:

    • AkoyaCam Earthside: color camera to photograph Earth

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • SHOT II:

  • BanditCam:

    • Photographs sample LED array (b/w)

    • Transmits locally over 900 MHz radios, simulating the link between Bandit and Akoya. Then transmits over 2.4 GHz radios to ground, simulating the link from Akoya to ground.

  • AkoyaCam Earthside:

    • Photographs Earth horizon (color)

    • Transmits directly over 2.4 GHz radios to ground.

  • Accelerometer:

    • We hope to have an accelerometer as a secondary position sensor on Bandit. SHOT II includes one accelerometer; we are measuring its sensitivity.

Akoya bandit orbitvision

Mass: 1.62 kg before tape

Power: 20 1.5V Li batteries (72 W-hr for components, 18 W-hr for heaters)

Radio frequencies: 900 MHz at 100 mW, 2.4 GHz at 1 W

Balloon attachment: 1/4 inch threaded brass rod through center, attached with washer and nut on each end

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • Drop Test

  • Stair Pitch Test

  • Whip Test

  • Cooler Test

  • Table Test:

    • Photographs successfully downlinked across the table

    • At 115200 baud, we receive one 360x240 b/w image in ~30 sec or one 360x240 color image in ~80 sec.

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • Demonstrate end-to-end feasibility and functionality of Akoya-Bandit OrbitVision system.

  • Radios: Operate without interfering with each other

    • Lab test showed no interference. We could use the exact same system at higher power on orbit.

  • BanditCam: See LEDs. We may not be able to distinguish different shades as different colors, but we expect that the 100 millicandela Super Blue LEDs will be most visible.

  • AkoyaCam Earthside: We receive clear long-distance images, currently in one color only.

  • Accelerometer: The manufacturer claims extreme sensitivity, but it is unproven. We expect some readings, but have no prediction of magnitude.

Akoya bandit orbitvision

  • Internal layout of components Akoya-Bandit OrbitVision system.

  • Mobile Ground Station User Interface

  • End-to-end demonstration of BanditCam

    • Includes the following components and their connections:

      • BanditCam

      • 900 MHz transmitter and receiver

      • Frame Capture Board

      • Atmel (ATmega128)

      • 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver

      • MGS computer