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The large campus is surrounded by water. PowerPoint Presentation
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The large campus is surrounded by water.

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The large campus is surrounded by water.
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The large campus is surrounded by water.

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  1. The United States Naval Academy is located in Annapolis a small city of 36,000 people who is the capital of Maryland. The academic program includes courses in engineering, science, mathematics, humanities and social science. This is designed to provide a broad-based education that will qualify the students, named midshipmen, for practically any career field in the Navy or Marine Corps.

  2. Since 1845 more than 60,000 young men and women have successfully completed "four years by the Bay" And every summer new opportunities and challenges begins for 1,200 young men and women from all 50 states and beyond. The midshipmen complete a four-year immersion program that educates them not only in the classroom, but also aboard sailboats and on the athletic fields

  3. The large campus is surrounded by water.

  4. The Naval Academy is open to the public. The first stop is at the Visitor Center. The Structural Engineer for the building was Dan Calistrat the author of this presentation.

  5. The building is located immediately near the Chesapeake Bay and its glass windows provide a nice reflection of the bay.

  6. Near the visitor center there is a nice promenade along the Bay.

  7. The program of education includes strenuous physical exercises. The Halsey Field House is a very large gym for these purposes. The sport rivalry with the Army is well reflected in this banner

  8. The most monumental building in the campus is the Bancroft Hall home to the entire brigade of midshipmen. It contains 1,700 dormitory rooms with nearly five miles of corridors.

  9. Most of the building is open to the public however the living quarters are off limit. A sample dormitory room is open to show how the midshipmen live, two in each room.

  10. Bancroft Hall and midshipmen at noon meal formations exercises


  12. Ball Room and Assembly Hall

  13. The statue of the Indian Warrior Tecumseh stands watch in front the Bancroft Hall

  14. The Museum has many exhibits all related to the Naval Academy

  15. Sword collection

  16. Many ship paintings and models

  17. The fire looks real

  18. Many silver presents received by the Academy

  19. A collection of coat buttons that were used during the years.

  20. A beautiful chapel was dedicated in 1908. The chapel performs numerous weddings the day after graduation, the midshipmen are not allow to marry when they are students.

  21. Interior of the chapel. The stained windows were designed by Tiffany.

  22. In the center of the campus is beautiful park that has a memorial named Mexican Monument who is surrounded by four cannons.

  23. Michelson Hall and its twin Chauvenet Hall house the Division of Mathematics and Science.

  24. The Herndon Monument is a tall grey obelisk. It is the site of the famous "plebes-no-more" ceremony, where the plebes (first year students at the academy) all work together to climb the greased monument and replace a plebe "dixie-cup hat" on top with a midshipman hat. This is the official end of the plebe year and comes as a great relief to all the first year students.It is not an easy task. This year it took 1 hour and 32 minutest.The longest time was more than 4 hours.

  25. After graduation the students toss their hats into the air. They will receive new type of hats they will wear as officers in the Navy.

  26. Photographs and Presentation Dan Calistrat